Minecraft, But We Can Swing Like Spiderman

Datum objavljivanja: 21. Pro 2019.
Minecraft, But We Can Swing Like Spiderman. A trick using leads, arrows, invisible bats, velocity, and more, makes it so that we can play survival Minecraft without mods and swing like spider-man.
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This isn't really a challenge, it's just a fun thing we added to vanilla Minecraft (this isn't like every mod ever). It was surprisingly difficult to use and we ended up killing ourselves many times, but it's still fun to jump around and fly through the air like Spiderman.
this was on Minecraft 1.14 not Minecraft 1.15. If you want more content like this drop a like :)
This was sort of inspired by Jelly's "Playing as THE FLASH in MINECRAFT!" as "Playing as THE SPIDERMAN in MINECRAFT!" although those are with mods.
This isn't your typical Minecraft, But challenge.


  • This one is not actually a challenge, it's just an interesting really cool change to Minecraft. Should we do an occasional video like this? Let me know :)

  • What if... Minecraft but our damage is randomized? So you can take no damage, 3 hearts or all of your hearts😂 I think that’d be kinda funny

  • Tolong gw nyasar

  • 3:37 you can see the temple they missed

  • loll

  • 13:00 George I think your voice quit working there 😳😳

  • 12:20 please pleaseee PLEASE PLEASEE PLEESSAEEE!!!!!!!

  • dream: this will make Minecraft so easy. uses the swing: dies. dream: ok lets never do this again

  • Eny body here the Andy Griffith theme 😂

  • Usually after a long Terraria binge, switching back to Minecraft just leads to me wishing I could do this.

  • Minecraft, But We Can Swing Like Shingeki no Kyojin

  • We need to show dream stans this video

  • This vid proves that dream isn't used to dying lol

  • there is a lot of yeet

  • I want a manhunt but each player has his own superpower. Dream has spiderman, maybe give George magneto powers, and idk what else

  • *Minecraft Speedrunner vs Spiderman*

  • Attack On Titan Minecraft Version

  • how do you swing without mods??????

  • FFS, why not just break the whole tree instead of leaving half of it floating in the air?

  • Minecraft = just cause

  • biome: jungle george: the forest is on fire

  • Dream is swinging with a sword it's attack on Titan not spiderman!

  • Hay dream u missed a jungle temple.

  • Uhh how do you craft it

  • He did not destroy he’s computer like he promised

  • try to speed run in rlcraft

  • Why i am in love just because of his voice

  • Anime fans: ATTACK ON TITANS Marvel fans: SPIDER MAN me: ... rope.

  • I'm the unknown portion of your analytics.

  • This reminds video reminds me of when he said “I’m Spider-Man bitches”

  • 3:38 "i dont see anything" THERE WAS A TEMPLE IN THE BOTTOM LEFT!!!

  • Whats the code?????????????

  • Spider man spider man

  • How to do it pls

  • If I had a nickel for every time dream burnt in lava i would have 2 nickels... thats not a lot but its still weird that it happened twice

  • Did anyone see him miss that temple in the air

  • imagine using an elytra while doing this

  • Do u have to have sword in hand to shoot

  • Aot but without the titans

  • 9:21 That's a dream pig if I ever seen one 😂😂😂

  • Dream in manhunts: *mLg pRo* Dream anywhere else:

  • When you are a Mobile Legends player..... you'll sing _soaring to the sky, we're so high like fanny_ I AM NOT ADVERTISING MLBB... JUST SAYIN'

  • 12:13 That golden moment...

  • one log is exactly one sword

  • This is more like a massively souped up batman grapnel than spiderman swinging.

  • 11:29 10iq lollllll

  • they are struggling finding for food while i see the whole ocean full of food

  • Attack on titan be like:

  • 1:29

  • i think you dead 10 times

  • yours worst time again but actully fine for me befor was i fan at treigaming but now iam fan at you

  • You should make a video with fall damage turned off

  • Dear

  • No one: Dream: *...Read more*

  • That spider web thing is pretty much better than the elytra


  • …spider man? Dfq he be doing a Levi Ackerman

  • Dream didn’t know that he said I will be Easy but then he raged so why he say easy

  • Those who subscribed freed the end

  • Cool now you don't have to build up in to break the end crystals anymore you can just swing up to 1 break it swing to another break that one ETC. This is really cool.

  • someone payed the patreon and can give me the download link?

  • so an elytra but way better.

  • It’s good with Spider-Man it’s just y’all spawned in the worst place

  • When will dream do a face reveal? I’m literally dying

  • Where is the plugins he used

  • It annoys me they didn't see the temple

  • hello

  • 13:01 Why does he sound like bad boy halo

  • Hi Dream

  • Why did george sound so down

  • HRwikirs be like:(in a very bored voice) this is so much fun...

  • i rage when i see the jungle temple they missed at 3:40

  • SpiDeRMaAnInvAdEsMyworLd!!!!!!! SuPErcrEePy

  • Oh

  • Challenge:Actually do a minecraft series with this installed and just do stuff like in the dream smp

  • Make it play the ps2 Spiderman pizza mission music when you swing

  • "oh god, uhhh, please, please i'm burning, pleeeease i didn't- i click- i misclicked noooo please, PLEASE, *PLEASE, P L E A S E!* what the hell i burned so long!" *kettle noises*

  • Why don’t u do a man hunt but the hunters are spooderman

  • Soo cool

  • Im gonna like this video

  • “I’m gonna break my computer if I die one more time” 2 more minutes later, *dies calmly”

  • How where!

  • No mods but plugins

  • Attack on Minecraft

  • I guees Dream man and george man has ended

  • *insert me humming AOT S1 opening* YEAGER!

  • who else noticed the jungle temple when he went up after the dead end cave

  • 2:51 he do be zoomin tho

  • manhunt but we are spiderman

  • nothing nuh go suh

  • More like creative mode but u can die

  • Spider Dream Spider Dream does what ever a Spider Can

  • 12:12 *thinking he gonna survive, playing around* "pleasE" "pleaSE" "pleASE" "plEASE" "pLEASE" "PLEASE" *"PLEASEE"*

  • like in comment's

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  • Can you please send me a discount code?

  • Challenge: "Minecraft but we can only move around by swinging like spiderman" no wasd movement, just the swinging

  • This is the first dream video I’ve ever watched and the first Minecraft video I’ve watched all I can say is your leaving a good reputation :)

  • how can we do please dude :(

  • I don’t know