Minecraft, But We Can Only See One Chunk...

Datum objavljivanja: 15. Ruj 2020.
Minecraft, But We Can Only See One Chunk... This was INSANE! We couldn't even see where we were going...
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This is a custom coded 1.16 survival challenge. My friends and I try and beat the game while not being able to see outside of the chunk we are in. The chunks aren't being deleted or falling, but they are invisible! This is a custom coded mod by us. This was super intense, and insanely funny and fun.
Can we beat the enderdragon?
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  • 9:58 ghenghis khan 1200 AD

  • I love your HRwiki videos

  • Hahahah monster bacteria

  • do a speed runer on this

  • 25:46 yaaaaaay

  • that chicken got called stupid and small and worthless and then burned alive and slaughtered... R.I.P chik

  • “Climb aboard Your mother is a ...”

  • Me 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • ive never laughed so hard 🤣🤣 opposite mr beast and greatest minecraft battles of history

  • its weird seeing sapnap and george not trying to kill dream lmao

  • “Slaughter the orphans” Dream 2020

  • Yeah, no. Can you really imagine how many villages they could go through !!!

  • 18:37 I just noticed, I think Dream called Sapnap a d*ck! LOL!

  • Crazy Challenge Idea : Pursue of the Perilous Fledgling. Classic ...3> hunters try to chase down a speedrunner while they have a compass (Snap, Bad boy George, Dream... etc...) The only difference is that one of the hunters is a dragon, from which the other hunters get to take a ride. However, the speedrunner has a Shulker Box, Elytra with mending enchantment coupled with a stack of firework rockets and 1 to 5 stacks of parrot spawn eggs with the on use-ability to become a parrot themselves. Each human hunter starts with one cookie that can kill the speedrunner if they successfully right-click while the speedrunner is elytra dive flying or is a parrot (But it won't work while the speedrunner is not functionally flight diving and otherwise not a parrot) and they win if they kill the speedrunner before the ender dragon is defeated. The only difference is if the speedrunner kills the hunter's dragon instead, then the speedrunner will win instead.

  • K

  • why does he make sword and then just use an axe i dont get it what was the point in making a sword

  • The llama was like the fire benders dyeing to the fire benders

  • wen you're internet is 5ms:

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  • 95 % of the video .funny and exciting gameplay.....5% of the video screaming DREAAAMM DREEEAAMMMMM XD

  • bruh if it was 80% viewers subbed he would have more subs than pewdiepie

  • FY

  • this is my favorite video of dream, they just leave the main topic and start talking about an alternative version of mr.beast, it's hilarious

  • Pov: ur an animal and you hear dream say oh theres animals

  • Me:has full netherite prot 1 Dragon:yeets me 10 times

  • 16:32 Sapnap: climb aboard, your mother is a-

  • Dream me chama para uma batalha contra o Felipe neto

  • Dream: we are so close to 10 million Next month: 11.8 Million

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  • Face reveal

    • stfu value his privacy let him live

  • I legit can’t stop laughing also someone made an account called monsier bacteria and i followed him VIDEO: destroying me beasts layer. OMGGGG I CANT- IM ON THE FLOOR

  • Now you know how it looks when you play on Nintendo switch

  • Fun

  • 13:00

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  • can i please make a minecraft world in the future with you?

  • How funny was this video tho😂

  • How are you how you became proest in minecraft

  • "there's a chicken, roast him" little did they know that chicken was a huge dream stan and after that he resented dream for the rest of his life

  • Dream: "we are getting so close to 10 million" Me: guess what, you have 11.8 million now

  • 15:15 funniest part of the video

  • when dream and george have a baby 4:35

  • No lag moment

  • all i do in minecraft is use redstone

  • Monseaur Bacteria.hahahahah.if that actually exist it would be soooo funny.

  • Manhunt but you can only see 1 chunk

  • minecraft manhunt but you can only see 1 chunk

  • hello i'm from brazil, i'm using the translator to communicate, i people that put portuguese subtitles in the video please, thanks for your attention!

  • Okay listen to me... Minecraft, But We Can Only See One Chunk + Manhunt

  • Did anyone else notice that George got Scottish during the end of the END BATTLE?

  • 6:32

  • Dream: *dies brutally jumping of a mountain* Sapnap: "Oh Theres Fish!"

  • I laugh so hard when its 3 in the morning im going to be in big trubble worth itinerant

  • How do this

  • i needed to fix the computer and Minecraft deleted E P I C


  • Play terraria dream

  • Dream: Subscribe We are getting so close to 10 Million Me: This was only six days ago and already at 11.8 Million subs.....

  • Sapnap: "sings little einteins theme song" Me: "ah... nostalgia" Sapnap: clime aboard... your mother is a h- Me: "me singing along"... WAIT WHAT

  • ive got an ad of this video what are the chance of that happening 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Nobody: Dream: puts dramatic music when the lama and the skeleton start fighting Also dream: this is the greatest battle ever 🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣

  • I feel like they been drinking xD

  • but why at 1:29, sapnap sounds like GOFFY from mickey mouse LOL

  • this is how i played with 2 render distance a long time ago.

  • this is the video on how STUPIDLY FUNNY the Dream Team is

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  • 3:54 it looks likes they are on moon in space

  • They are 10 million.


  • How about a manhunt with this?

  • I've been scrolling through the comments and I have yet to find someone comment this. Am I the only one that was literally DYING when Dream said, "ITS A CHICKEN. ROAST HIM!" and then sapnap goes, "Youre ugly!, youre stupid! youre small!" like...sapnap is my spirit animal. I love him so much.

  • Happy Halloween 🎃

  • I love how dream laugh or wheeze xD

  • This is how minecraft looks on my phone

  • This hurts my brain


  • Dream team: like Slogo,jelly, crainer: comment

  • Imagine minecraft manhunt vs speedrunner but you can only see on chunk 😰

  • 4:10 georges eyes? You can see it for a split second

  • My brother is your friend and heis also a youtuber

  • Can’t believe they got footage of me trying to minecraft

  • The witch was drinking potion of healing

  • Dream: There's a chicken! Roast him! Sapnap: You're ugly! You're dumb! You're stupid! You're small! Chicken: (┬┬_┬┬) Time stamp is 15:40

  • What my science teacher said when we were learning about fungi she said “ oh im going to marry a fun-guy“ get it?

  • Wait this is a problem

  • 14:52 felt like Brothers of the mine rejoice! Swing, swing, swing with me Raise your pick and raise your voice! Sing, sing, sing with me Down and down into the deep Who knows what we'll find beneath? Diamonds, rubies, gold and more Hidden in the mountain store

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  • If someone can see all chunks they’ll look stupid

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  • WHY YOR GRAFICS IS ON FAST???????????????

  • They were definitely on something this video

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  • I read the title and new this is going to be funny

  • george falling in the lava i died of laughter

  • Can we address how George and sap nap yell at dream like he’s their dad

  • hahA... MAKING MORE WOOD!!!!!

  • I love ur vids I watched all of them