Minecraft, But We Can Only See One Chunk...

Datum objavljivanja: 15. Ruj 2020.
Minecraft, But We Can Only See One Chunk... This was INSANE! We couldn't even see where we were going...
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This is a custom coded 1.16 survival challenge. My friends and I try and beat the game while not being able to see outside of the chunk we are in. The chunks aren't being deleted or falling, but they are invisible! This is a custom coded mod by us. This was super intense, and insanely funny and fun.
Can we beat the enderdragon?
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  • Lol moser Bactria

  • Monsieur Bacteria 🤣🤣🤣

  • The llama and the skeleton fighting lmao 💀

  • 4:10 George's face..

  • y

  • if i see a good three video i sub because im new 🙂🙂

  • Sapnap: your mother is a - Editor: snapity napity

  • Dream:There is a chicken, roast him George and sapnap:you are ugly,you are stupid , small Me:😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • George: That's a lot of DAMAGE!

  • dream: oh! your here!! sapnap: giggle~ *hi dream!*

  • "Let's kill him. What is he gonna do? Survive!?" That was a lot funnier to me than it should've been lmao

  • Fun fact dream is the best minecraft player in the world

  • Minecraft but it’s an rpg basically

  • Mrbeast: donating 1000$ if you’re subscribed Monsuier bacteria: if people subscribe i rob them

  • there are so many gems in this video... 19:37 it just keeps getting better

  • Why didn't they just look at their coordinates to find each other when they were lost?????????

  • "Sapnap discovered the floor was lava" Me: *Oh did he now?*

  • He stealing Technoblades line “kill the orphans “

  • I’d like to see “Minecraft but you can only see the block you’re looking at.”

  • Bring back tommy

  • 15:07 their singing made George fall into lava

  • It is confirmed.... *That Dream screams like a girl when he sees a creeper*

  • this whole video is just them meeting each other for the first time every 2 seconds

  • lol

  • (15:18) loool

  • Whats the name of this song at 10:48??

  • Didn't anyone notice that it was snowing in the Nether?

  • I swear they were high while making this

  • Dream: There's a chicken, Roast him ! Literally roasted 15:39

  • * sapnap has entered the chunk * * sapnap has left the chunk *

  • I like how everybody had a stroke when the realized they were on a mountain

  • 9:18 he shows his face

  • sped

  • C H O N C K

  • GeorgeNotFound: if you sneeze your gay. Me: *sneazes* no, no, No, NO!!

  • You are awesome

  • Qm é brasileiro diga oi

  • Render distance lower than 5

  • George Calmly: Ah it’s killing me.

  • This is my favorite part lol 7:27 The way he’s like a bro to them, made me smile.

  • "we are getting so close to ten million"

  • i love this video sm


  • Dow with this mod speedrun or manhunt

  • Do a Minecraft manhunt like this

  • I know you want to press it 19:18

  • George: *GaSp* what!? This witch has infinnite health! DREAM!!! Dream: 🤣😂

  • Dweam.

  • 22:03 Sapnap’s got ohmwrecker’s laugh.

  • No one: George: ROASTY TOASTY!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lol

  • This made me laugh

  • Mr beast: makes rewind 2020 Monsuirr bacteria : makes future 2021 People: wait....thats iligal

  • Video idea "Minecraft speedrunner vs 4 hunters but we can see only one chunk"


  • 18:48 Avatar

  • Monsier Bacteria

  • I'm a minecraft guy!

  • i cant imagine how sketch this was like wtf

  • Wait guys what if Mr beast cures somebody of cancer😂😂

  • Perfect Friendship-

  • My minecraft when I log in be like:

  • 11:32 when you see dream for the first time

  • "Look! There's a chicken! Roast him!"

  • 2021

  • Man hunt this lol

  • Hey dream you sound like mrbeast/ jimmy

  • Congrats on 16million

  • Things really derailed as the video progressed

  • What were they on this video

  • What is happening with his air bubbles at 3:30

  • The opposite of mrbeast would be mrkeep because mrbeast gives away thousands of dollars because he has an addiction to it- but mrkeep keeps stuff and if you give him something he always says yes

  • We will ‘nether’ find this: Monsieur Bacteria (or will we?) Also I wanna sEe a skeleton fighting a llama

  • At night it looks like they’re on the moon also “THERES A CHICKEN ROAST HIM!” Your stupid! Your small! Your ugly”

  • Dream need’s 1 million likes

  • Dream-First try to jump in the water- -dies- Everyone-oh no And then there is OOOP wait I forgot the name but he said "Oh ThErEs FiSh

  • is it me or does dream sound lie sydoesminecraft? (yea im probs deaf oops)

  • 😵🤣😂🤣😂🤣😅🤣🤣😅🤣😅🤣😂🤣😅

  • 18:25 laugh matches the beat

  • 1000 FPS on

  • 10:26 When mom sees your internet history and she says to explain

  • I from Russia

  • 1:25 sapnaps giggle is god tier

  • 7:48 😂😂😂😂👌🏻

  • 4:27 I cant stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂

  • “Monsira bacteria” -Georgenotfound

  • Dream stuttering when he is almost dead is just funny 😂😂 Example: 10:26 A fight to make your 2021 more better: 21:40

  • I love it when sapnap says hi *giggles*

  • Ok 1v100

  • seeing only 1 chunk: Everyone: The nether is very dangerous if you're only seeing 1 chunk, you might fall into lava. Dream: I have Gapple. End: What about me?


  • When dream got to a new chunk a ad loaded so dream found ad-ore, The most rare ore you never heard of

  • Its kinda like telepoting

  • Oh god there really is a Monsieur Bacteria now

  • Am I the only one who been subscribe to dream sense he had like 100 subs?idk how many when I sub

  • If you get 20 subscribers can you show us your face

  • Your not CLOSE to 10M subs...YOU HAVE 16M!OMG OMG OMG

  • Dude why was this video of all videos the one that had the most laughs like it wasn’t even just one fit of laughter, I think having only on chunk shown makes you and your friends high 😂


  • dude just reached 16 mil