Minecraft, But We Are Stuck Together...

Datum objavljivanja: 5. Sij 2020.
Minecraft, But We Are Stuck Together... We can't leave each others side.
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This is a new Minecraft but, 1.14 challenge that we have decided to try. I try to beat the game, while I am stuck together with my friends. We can't leave each other's side. It's extremely hard and we had a lot of laughs. I love doing these challenges.
If this video gets 30,000 likes we'll do it again!
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a new challenge. This video was structured very similarly to my other video "Minecraft, But Item Drops Are Multiplied Every Time...", so you may notice those music and content themes in this video.


  • Dreams favorite thing to say is "OMG IM 1 ❤️ HEART"

  • 8:10

  • drem

    • same

    • i like

  • Hey dream what's your real name?

  • why is noone talking about how 1.8 % of people are unone like you are eather subed or subed, there is no between.

  • George: Watch out, watch out... Dream: WATCH OUT WATCH OUT WATCH OUT *BOOM*

  • Dream: Guys why you so slow SNAPMAP George: I'm right behind you! Sapnap: If you call me Snapmap again we're gonna have issues >:( Dream: *laughs* What did i just call him? Sapnap: You called me Snapmap.

  • You can see three grown up men trying to beat the MC and then you hear the music from Pou...

  • George : Oh look foxes Sapnap: Lets go Kill them. THE BIRTH OF A SERIAL KILLER

  • no one: dream: puts text on screen for .1 seconds


  • dreams a sell out

  • sub to me

  • How can he be so good at coding?

  • Imagine doing this with random people 8 year olds: I have done nothing but stand for 3 days

  • 10:26 Dream 6000 IQ

  • So when did gorge get found

  • Reminds me why I hate ark survival

  • Snapnap Dream 2020

  • Gorege:3÷3=1 Dream: Wow you're already better than KSI

  • 1:29 ahahah

  • 10:05 Wasted🤣🤣🤣🤣Dream is a pro,bit every pro csn take their fails moment

  • dream: OMG OMG I'm on 1 heart me: ur on 2 ...

  • Why is there 1% unknown? Are they both subscribed and not subscribed at the same time?

  • I’ve subscribed ur subscribed Who’s tha madafaka

  • Dream: Only a *few* people are actually subscribed Also Dream: *Has 11.8M subscribers*

  • Dream: I'm on 1 heart! *He has 2.

  • Minecraft but your a close-range stand

  • this is basically the opposite of corona

  • Hey kinda like quarantine Were all stuck together

  • When I read the caption "stuck" I thought would be in the same block, all together 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • But how tho.

  • If cream, eraser the c change to d can be dream

  • Lol


  • I love how he uses the Andy and Griffitt show song in the backround

  • This is the oppisite of 2020

  • did anyone hear that he put music from a pou mini game around 4:28?

  • %1.8 people are in browse as guest 🤣

  • “Minecraft But We Want The Virus”

  • I guess corona virus is in the game.. But instead it's the opposite..???

  • drinking game idea take a shot everytime dream says hes on on heart, take 2 if hes not actually on one heart 😌

  • 10:24 that freak out tho XD I replayed that so many times

  • what the fox says :aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Sap'MaP' without you I wouldn't know witch way to go 💕 My little sappy nappy 😔💗

  • 10:24 when they all fell in dream was so scared he didn’t even speak

  • Short-Range Stands in a nutshell.

  • the sound is in poo the game

  • Forced teamwork.

  • 1:59 instead of deadlox it’s deadfox 4:44 georeg wid no bwim

  • The gold they passed that could've been turned into nuggets and traded for eyes of ender:

  • If dream had 100% of his viewers subscribed he would have...too many 😆😆

  • I’m the 10th thousand comment

  • This is giving me bad flash backs to ark online with friends

  • 11:00 we don’t talk about this moment enough

  • out of nowhere begins to play Pou's music

  • 3:54 I know some people know these meme

  • I swear Sapnap's skin is so cute especially when he just looks up like idk what about it itsjust so awwwwwwww

  • Dream: minecraft but we are stuck together... our goal is to beat the Ender dragon Me that even didnt beat the minecraft yet: o_O WhAt Is EnDeR DrAgOn

  • Omg! I saw georges EYES!

  • Do this but as a manhunt and a 2v3! PLEASE DREAM!

  • Make the same thing but players have to respect the 1 meter social distance

  • Ok sooo we calling sapnap napnap now?

  • Dream: has any less that 5 hearts Dream: IM ON 1 HEART

  • Dream: Why you so slow SapMap SapNap: You call me SapMap again we’re gonna have issues Me: *Scared* 😨

  • R.I.P social distancing

  • Oi

  • Oh no sorry my brother said that because I forgot to turn my iPad off :(

  • You are so poop dream

  • I like how at 4:18 George says: Three divided by three is one. And Dream replies: Congratulations you're better than KSI already..... *JJ wheezing noises*

  • Minecraft:digging straight down is against the law George every video:how about..... no

  • What’s this mod called?

  • EW MY GOD 7:26

  • Hey shitass wanna see my speedrun

  • I just found out that Dream's real name is Clay? omg?!

  • they should do “minecraft but we can get to close to each other”

  • “C’mon, GeorgeBendDown.” Sapnap, 2020

  • 5:13 why your using pou's music???

  • What the heck!? I watch this late. Btw, Haha When they say noooo at the End, I accidentally press another video, then I say Noooooo. Nope Nevermind 😑, NOOOO I WATCH THIS LATE

  • i dont know if i would take this over quarantine.

  • 2:33 Sapnap has lots of names but he hates snapmap

  • hey there

  • 4:16 music sounds familiar

    • @LucidityJo sadly no😂

    • The opening theme of Extreme Potato Counter from Neopets. lol If this is what you have in mind, I thought it too.

  • Dream for a second i thought you mine a diamond with a stone pick

  • Hahaha dream and sapnap and george they fall lava pooll hahaha

  • Dream: We coded Sapnap: Dream coded George: I coded

  • Play minecraft one block survival

  • 2:28

  • Imagine digging under the barrier

  • moment pou song

  • the double swords are giving me cursed letplay flashbacks

  • I laugh so hard when george screamed bc he fall into the lava LOL

  • That ending was perfect.. George *CLUMSY* as expected XD😂😅😥

  • alternative title: coronavirus but its opposite day

  • I meant badboyhalo

  • But where is bad

  • I see georg his face relavele eyes

  • the ed omg

  • “call me snapmap again we’re gonna have issues”