Minecraft, But We Are Stuck Together...

Datum objavljivanja: 5. Sij 2020.
Minecraft, But We Are Stuck Together... We can't leave each others side.
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This is a new Minecraft but, 1.14 challenge that we have decided to try. I try to beat the game, while I am stuck together with my friends. We can't leave each other's side. It's extremely hard and we had a lot of laughs. I love doing these challenges.
If this video gets 30,000 likes we'll do it again!
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a new challenge. This video was structured very similarly to my other video "Minecraft, But Item Drops Are Multiplied Every Time...", so you may notice those music and content themes in this video.


  • LOL 0:33 I actually wasnt subscribed

  • George NOOOOO - Famous last words by green man

  • Czy jest tu ktoś z polski?????

  • Dream the tea kettle back at it again lol

  • Dream at 3:18 DuDe wHo SuCkEd -Dream 2021

  • 1:56 even now he's the pet killer

  • I got an idea:minecraft but we have to stay 6 blocks apart

  • 3 milion subs part 2

  • *Social distance'nt*

  • "aha-ah Alright guys," 😂 I loved that so much lol he's like "ya bro so today we coded it that..."

  • good dream yes frends georgenotfound and sapnap

  • This looks like saw

  • Notice me dream

  • hello to anyone who has come back for nostalgia i can’t believe it’s already been a year since this video

  • 2:34 “You call me snapmap again and we’re gonna have issues”

  • im gay and fat

  • so true

  • they should've made beds lmao

  • This vid was like coronavirus with social distancing but the opposite

  • fbi wants to know your location

  • How does this have fewer views than Dream’s subs?

  • MAN LISTEN ME!!Russian HRwikir fixeye steeling your content!!! Watch he's video Майнкрафт но мы склеены

  • idea: Minecraft, but everyone is invisible (including mobs)

  • do a face reveal then we will sub

  • Lava GG

  • lol you posted this on my birthday

  • pov. its 2021 and the discriptios says 30k and they will do it again meanwhile it has 403k

  • 4:20 ooo

  • "You guys are so slow" You're the speedrunner.

  • If u don’t do ur face reveal my friend knows karate I will let her beat u

  • "Y r u so slow, snapnap?" SnapNap lmfao

  • The fact there was also a creeper at spawn🤣😂

  • Sapnap: *falls one block* Dream and George: *GASP*

  • i love your sister

  • Around 15:56 you can see georenotfound's Minecraft skin's eye color

  • Alternate title : snap map makes a stupid iron pick dream walks out of the barrier like he’s about to go to a candy shop George is just George and they are opposite social distancing.

  • Dream: has 4 hearts Also dream: IM ON ONE HEART!!!

  • ˝OH MY GOD OH MY GOD IM ON ONE HEART!˝ Fun Fact: Dream was lying he was actually on TWO hearts.

  • do challenge Minecraft but you always have blindness, (actually kinda scary)

  • Dream: OMG Im on 1 heart!!! hes on 2 hearts

  • Dream: lets all chill for a minute George: LEETS GOOOO YAYYYYYYAAAA * proceeds to fall in lava and almost kills dream *

  • When team bonding goes tooo far

  • Y didn't u just play follow the leader. It would have been way easyer

  • 🦋

  • Betty White

  • he says he is on 1 heart when he is on 2 hearts 10:20 to 10:30


  • Team Alex


  • Minecraft, but im Stuck

  • Did he say Randy Orton its John Cena

  • pou music has me dead

  • He was actually on two hearts

    • I’m probably the one Person who will interact with this comment


  • amazing video *I love your videos all time dream*

  • Dream was speedruner But i am not a speedruner

  • Minecraft but we stick wat the hell

  • What ever i want

  • i like drem

  • handcuff more like bodycuff

  • I just realized I never put my notifications on XD

  • I love when Dream just starts playing Pou's music in the background, gives me nostalgia

  • COVID 19 likes this guy

  • Nobody dream falls in lava comes out 2 and a half hearts "Guys iam on one HEARTS!"

  • 2:24 :D

  • wow

  • i love you Dream

  • Now it's Reversed Social Distancing

  • Cr7??

  • kinda like when dogs get stuck with each other

  • Anti-social distancing

  • Drem frefire

  • Minecraft but we don’t have an inventory

  • *Ahe- alright guys*

  • 8:52 *tommyinnit did not like that*

  • nice Andy Griffith music

  • "you're better then ksi after george said 3%3=1 LMAOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Omg 😂😂

  • Corey Johnson

  • Ernie Boch, Jr

  • Dream so do you find to

  • Siegfried and Roy

  • Three teens who are although friends, are different in ways. SapNap: A noob at bedwars Dream: A master of speedrunning George Not Found: although the shortest, the oldest of them. They did it!

  • When your mum says to social distance when you go out with your friends Her: don't ignore the rules You: ok I promise When your out and your mum can't stop you

  • Can you guys do this on 2021? Again pls

  • I unsubed because you rigged the mob vote

  • Does Dream know how to count his hearts....? The answer is no.

  • 🤫

  • 10:00 a girl laugh?

  • 4:17 i thought the screen was gonna pause on Georges avatar and the music was gonna get louder LMAO (only bc he said 3 divided by 3 is 1 which is obvious-)

  • Who is watching this in 3:00 Am.

  • Sapnap: Georgebeenfound! Me: OK HERE’S WHAY HAPPENED! George got lost, and when Dream and Sapnap found him they decided to make a forcefield around them all so George can’t run away from them cause he knows they’ll all die! We all caught up? Great!

  • 1:59 fox screaming

  • dream on 2 hearts: IM ON ONE HEART

  • poor them i feel bad cause they could not complete Minecraft without sticking together

  • Dreams really chill about it

  • 0:35 no

  • Play bedrock edition dream it has no sweaping edge

  • I know jelly already did that BUT EARLY ER

  • I could rewach this video 10 million times and it would still not get old