Minecraft, But Three People Control One Player...

Datum objavljivanja: 5. Svi 2020.
Minecraft, But Three People Control One Player... this was super hilarious...
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This is a new Minecraft but, 1.14 challenge that we have decided to try. We try to beat the game, while I am stuck together with my 2 friends. One can break blocks, one can attack, and I control where we move. It's like those challenges where one person has the mouse and one has the keyboard, except with 2 people

If this video gets 200,000 likes we'll do it again!
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a new challenge. This video was structured very similarly to my other video "Minecraft, But Item Drops Are Multiplied Every Time...", so you may notice those music and content themes in this video.


  • As you can see in the thumbnail! George is top Sapnap is middle And Dream is bottom Sorry not sorry.... XD

  • hi


  • 5:01 did they just run passed iron on the ceiling?????

  • 5:06 snapnap: being a mom to dream Dream: omg

  • Dream: “SAPNAP KILL THE PIG” Sapnap: “NO” George: **trying to kill da pig**

  • 8:43 water gone rogue

  • The new dare devil isborn

  • 😂😂get it fan

  • I'm a big fan

  • Dream: *sneezes* George and Sapnap: OMG WE ARE GONNA DIE DREAM NO TIME FOR SNEEZING AHHHH

  • I love how George always forgets HE is the one breaking blocks

  • Well who is the crafter and who scrolls down them things in your hotbar......... everybody??

  • Mmm dream yummy yummy lollll

  • Can u play three people control 1 player but it's in the nether? ( U cant leave the nether )


  • Dream is like british 3:13 part I'm going there

  • This made me laugh

  • Who said the spoon hahah im laughing at it and i loved when dream do hunter vs speedrun

  • 12:38 “I’m clicking-a”

  • You should add another person to control the item switching

  • I love when the scream “DREAM!”

  • Gorge and sapnap:DREAM simultaneously Dream:😂

  • They should do a manhunt but two hunters are in the same body but Dream and other people are in the same body too so it would be a duo battle

  • dream is the eighth dworf 21:30

  • Its so cute when dream place christmas music when he finds diamonds

  • 3:14 sapnap and George: DREAM Me: dying of laughter 🤣🤣

  • Play minecraft in vr and look at 8:41 the water is only one block its not spreding

  • Dream big brain

  • this was 2 days after my 10th b-day

  • Sapnap: refuses to kill baby pig Also Sapnap: *murders everyone’s pets*

  • where's our little whole ... im dead

  • Dream: "does anything risky that has a high chance of death" Sapnap and George: *DREEEAM!!!*

  • Here's just some funny moments :D 3:15 5:41 12:43 16:30

  • this is by far my favorite video

  • All the times Sapnap and George yell dream: 3:15 3:40 10:22 12:24 25:09


  • George has to personalities is this video EAT FIGHT

  • You know what would be so cool? If they did this challenge but with two teams. George, Sapnap, Dream on one team or as one person and on the other Bad, Wilbur, Quakity(or whatever)

  • Technically it's 3 players, controlling 1 character

  • Isnt attacking and breaking the same button though?

  • Sapnap didnt killed baby pig but he killed Mr. Squeegee ?

  • Sometimes their fav word is shouting DREAM

  • I am definitely not watching this for the third time... I love how excited sap gets at the beginning when he can kill the cows and chickens 😂🥰

  • ..."are you inside me right now ?".... I'm dying 🤣

  • george - breaking, holding sapnap - attacking dream - moving

  • 3:16 DREAM!!!

  • Sapnap here: No I won’t kill the baby pig, there is no reason for that! Sapnap on the Dream SMP: I am gonna kill every pet and every animal on the server

  • sapnap! sapnap! ah there's so many mobs

  • gg

  • WTF

  • I love how George says "Muffin them" when Sapnap's killing the blazes (11:19)

  • I just love the part when dream is sneezing and sapnap and George were like ??!!WHY ARE YOU SNEEZING!!??

  • Dream and Sapnap: **CELEBRATING BECAUSE THEY BEAT THE ENDER DRAGON** George: “EAT!!!” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Nobody: Definitely nobody: Sapnap: WHY THE HECK ARE YOU SNEEZING LMAO

  • Them: DREAM!! Dream doing the same thing he does to outrun them in the manhunt series

  • E-

  • Dream: sneezes George and Sapnap: EUFGFIHDOAJWOWIWOAK!1!!1!1

  • team work


  • No one: Dream: plays christmas music when finds diamonds even tho this video was posted in may

  • Urban Meyer

  • Its so funny when Dream knows what he's doing and then George and Sapnap are like "Dream!!!!"

  • No one noticed the first water bucket just sitting in one square only partially contained by TALL GRASS.

  • You in Minecraft when you only find a baby mob: *needs to eat but can’t kill adorable things*

  • exdream team work what its like to be dream: "Scary"

  • dreamuh

  • their laugh reminds me of those da vinky twins on tiktok

  • Dream team makes some great schemes schemes.

  • A summary: 😡❗DREAM❗😡

  • 18:42 gave me a heart attack GEEZ

  • 14:58 I’m dead 😂

  • 22:29 Wth did that zombie just drop a potato

  • go in the dream guys B)

  • I love when they al scream DREAM at the same time

  • *C H A O S*

  • XD

  • Lets g-owo

  • Dreaming Claying

  • Drrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!

  • dream you thought you are a gunius then you are wrong

  • And a ✨spoon✨🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Thhree people control one player but RV

  • Sapnap and Geore: *just playing minecraft* Dream: parkour

  • Dream Don't Think That Is Easy Its Hard What If You Stuck And You Don't Know How To Kill EnderDragon

  • Playing Christmas song in May


  • what three player


  • I am Indian I also love you

  • The Picture in the front be like: move like snake move like snake

  • rip headphone users DREAMMMMMM!!!!

  • In 2026 U crossed 187M subs Iam from furture That means mr beast hit 164M subs and pewdiepie hits 177M subs and T series hit 209.8M subs it means U will be the second most subs.

  • you are suppose to be the one who sould hit right? becuase ur good at PVP

  • 19:04 Dream,Sapnap, and George abusing a silver fish

  • "DREEAM!" XD

  • 1:17 it’s *moo moo meadows* *oh yeah, nostalgia time*

  • anyone notice the zombie dropped a potato 22:29

  • George: Oh, Iron. George,Dream,Sapnap: WOOOOOOOW!

  • sapnap: I'm not killing a baby pig also sapnap: *kills every pet in dream smp*