Minecraft, But The World Is Controlled By A Player...

Datum objavljivanja: 28. Vel 2020.
Minecraft, But The World Is Controlled By A Player... This was actually insane. What if normal Minecraft and Mobs were like this...
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This is a custom coded 1.14 / 1.15 survival challenge. My friend is able to actually control mobs and try and prevent me from beating the game. He can use all of their abilities like a creepers explosion and an endermen's teleport. Any creature / Monster in the game, he can turn into it. This was super funny and also super fun.
He also can control the entire world. He can make blocks fall with gravity (that aren't sand or gravel). He can change the time. He is the god of the Minecraft world.
Can I beat the enderdragon?
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Minecraft But challenge


  • By the way for this one we nerfed Creepers, Skeletons, and the Enderdragon so it is a little more possible :) Sponsored server IP: Dream.ArchonHQ.net

    • George is so dumb he Could have played the ender dragon 😂😂😂😂

    • Oof man I wish I could meet dream and do a vid with him

    • Should of nerfed the iron golem

    • Fuck u

    • I can still reply to this!? What a privelege!

  • 2020 in a nutshell

  • Water, earth, fire, air, world, Only Georgenotfound the world bender, master of all 6 billion elements can save the world but he decided to use the power for evil. only dream a green fella can make a video of him losing to the master of all elements

    • Also I want to see George’s pov

  • i want to see this in georges pov

  • Lmao their videos make my day it’s literally the funniest shit 💀

  • 23:54 i like how you can see him pause at the water bucket but then remember hes in the nether

  • Whoever dislikes is gay

  • Isn’t the title the definition of creative mode?

  • I'm interested to see how they coded this

  • *a l s o y o u s h o u l d s u b s c r i b e t o g e o r g e*

  • Alternate title, George learns to multitask

  • I want a George POV

  • Bruh underwater looks sick without the water

  • Aze

  • It's obvious he can drown as a dolphin. Dolphins are mammals.

  • Players in 2015: Mines wood normally* Players in 2020: Gets one log* Yeeeeeeey

  • Spoilers! Don't Click Read More Unless you're ok with that. | | | | | Dream: *Dies from fall damage with a water bucket in his hotbar*

  • Fun fact: use cauldron in nether to put out fire

  • This is not our minecraft god Dream Sapnap George These are our minecraft god PopularMMo Stampy Sky Dantdm

  • George :how are you so fast? Dream:cuz i am good Speach 100

  • Here's George trying to be like Moses hahahaha

  • George should be nicknamed JOJ

  • alternate title: I challenged god.

  • When that zombie started running at Dream in the beginning it was literally one of the most terrifying things that I have ever seen

  • 7:13 reeeaaam

  • The god of minecraft vs the god of minecraft

  • *happy music starts playing* *horse screams in pain after jumping into a pool of lava*

  • That jump from the fortress when dream was trying to get back to his portal got me so hype

  • Alternate title: Sethan, Gold Experience, and Echoes fused together vs Dream.

  • why do you always win is it rigged so you win

  • episode 1: speedrunner vs hunter episode 9398498: speedrunner vs god

  • how does he put so much effort in these vids but onl has 200 subs o-0

  • George pov whwre?

  • They should make a video of George’s point of view

  • I dream a tip if you press "b" with an item in your hand for example a shield it will instantly go to your left hand. A Save for us Brazilians everything for the best speed runner in the world. (:

  • how many times did you say "oh my god" ?

  • Walls, use walls.

  • B

  • what everyone thinks za warudo does: stops time what za warudo actually does:

  • Dreeeeeam maaan you actually don't need flint & steel to activate nether portal . All u need is a bucket of lava, some planks and one crafting table. It makes u faster

  • My daily dose of laughing 😂

  • george: I am the sapling master also george: they call me sapnap me: *hhhHHHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAAHAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH*

  • nub

  • Dream: MINECRAFT but the world is controlled by the player Me: ZA WARUDO!

  • 1:45 the call me sapnap

  • 13:46 Dream distracts George to let the food cook lol

  • Minecraft god vs minecraft god

  • Music @ 6:50?

  • "Can i beat the game while the God of Minecraft tries to stop me?" It's a clash of Gods, then.

  • Jesus Christ, I was just joking but, Dream *actually* almost beat God at the game lol

  • if i was gorge in the nether i would become a pigman n make dream hit the pigman n the pigman all of them is after dream

  • 31 16

  • 18:40 weeeee

  • 4:44 a chest!


  • How does he not survive the entire god damn Nether falling on him but one iron boy takes him out in like a minute 🤣

  • george: avatar of minecraft

  • This is probably my favorite vid

  • I wish we could see George's perspective

  • If Dream would have went to the End George could make the gravity fall to the darkness

  • Everytime I come back, you have more and more subscribers 😂

  • This is literally The Minecraft God vs. A Minecraft God

  • 27:30 never in my Minecraft life would I think this jump was possible

  • *i want to see this video from the George’s view*

  • Maybe you can have multiple people controlling the world

  • Let someone like Sapnap, Bad, or Ant do this

  • This was the first dream video i've watched; ah, *nostaliga*

  • This is the first vid I've ever watched from dream

  • Imagine George being a warden

  • now do it where george helps you beat the game.

  • Rematch

  • At 5:15 the strong hold was tgw

  • George: I'm sap nap *laughs* Dream: *laugh* Me:*dying from laughter and hits my head on the bed*

  • Well now we know what dream will sound like tied up because of all the screaming he has done with his mouth closed

  • George call Dream Daddy Dream and ill give you 100 thousand dollars :3 (you have to record)

  • Could he not have just turned on gravity in the end, killing you instantly?

  • Minecraft Matrix

  • That iron golem is going to haunt my nightmares

  • I hate that he breaks the bottom log instead of the second one lol

  • The entire nether escape sequence was absolutely legendary. 10/10 would collapse ceiling again.

  • I can imagine that this video is actually the ender dragon controlling the world, while Dream’s friend is actually locked in some sort of cage in the end, and Dream is actually trying to save his friend.

  • I'm just here bc i missed the mc championships stream and I'm crying in a corner T~T

  • Minecraft: the greatest game ever Dream: the greatest gamer ever

  • Minecraft but jojo reference is controlled by a player

  • I Like Dream Videos :3

  • I need a video from George’s perspective

  • -,- I would’ve died the first second

  • Do it again, please

  • i really wanna see this from Georges point of view

  • Dreams next video: "Minecraft but everything is everywhere all the time, see if I can beat minecraft while Im dead"

  • can you put a download link to this datapack/mod ?

  • Count the times he said "DREEEEEEEAAAMM"

  • i just got so much wood hotbar: *25 wood p,lanks*

  • If they had opposite roles it would go like ok guys toda- GEORGEWASNOTFOUND SUFFUCATED

  • (0:45) No, you did that, you broke the entire tree.

  • 13:53 can you say the music's name?

  • Ive never seen a guy be so happy about getting wood

  • There is only one god no god in Minecraft

  • when he died he had a water bucket why didn't he just mlg

  • Now I want to see Dream Speedrun VS 4 Hunters +God