Minecraft, But The Mobs Are Controlled By A Player...

Datum objavljivanja: 6. Vel 2020.
Minecraft, But The Mobs Are Controlled By A Player... This was actually insane. What if normal mobs were like this...
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This is a custom coded 1.14 / 1.15 survival challenge. My friend is able to actually control mobs and try and prevent me from beating the game. He can use all of their abilities like a creepers explosion and an endermen's teleport. Any creature / Monster in the game, he can turn into it. This was super funny and also super fun.
Can I beat the enderdragon?
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Minecraft But challenge



  • Super intelligent Don't know bout that one chief

  • Ahh can he control the wnder dragon?

  • Anyone tired of Pauls English comedy add?

  • the second he stepped in the end i went: “oh no”

  • Dream is legendary

  • Thats you.... Thats yoouuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What’s the background music called at 1:05

  • 12:24 why was that part so wholesome to me 😌

  • Can u do this again pls

  • The way the legs and arms were singing when George the wither jumped off the fortress LMAOOOO😂

  • Let's just pretend that dream didn't have a sword in his invintory when he did I love how he used his axe and not his sword

  • The Ender Dragon finally gets its revenge after 50 manhunts.

  • When dream will die Please leave me alone (repeat 6 times) When the hunters will die AHHHHHHHHH GEORGE HELP AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHATTTTTT

  • alternate title: local broccoli gets paranoid while his friend explodes repeatedly

  • 8:29 Jesus spider found!

  • George should’ve become a pig man so if dream fought back all the pig man would attack him

  • The death message was hilarious: Dream was killed by area effect cloud using magic 😆 🤣 😂

  • Dream: **shoots an enderman** Mojang: Wait. That's illegal.

  • Oh no dream dead:( The Power Of Ender_Dragon Mmm no The Power Of Herobrine

  • Never ask A girl her age, A man his salary *Dream how many worlds does he have*

  • Horp mod

  • :)🙂💰💴💵💶💷💸

  • 32:41 u could hear Dream slamming his keyboard and storming out the door 🤣

  • me playing minecraft with my friend while my mom is eavesdropping: yoooo brady lessss go we got in the nether! brady: oh nice thats cool 👍 me: im gonna pop shrooms im hungry. my mom: oh he is probably eating mushrooms. my friend 👁👄👁 u do know what that means dont u, holt? me: yea they are mushrooms! brady: no they are 💊. me: 👁👄👁 oh

  • Dream, can you do this again but you controlle the mobs.

  • If dream went to the village george should be the Iron Golem 😆

  • The scariest thing in minecraft is SPRINTING CREEPER

  • Dream: That's YOU That's YOUUUU Me: Sees a spider swimming through the water- That's kinds sus

  • dream you are soo immortal

  • 7:02 Return to monkey

  • whyd u say smart mobs george isnt smart

  • George "your done dream your done" me hovering my mouse over the video 5 min in

  • Everybody gangsta till de enderdragon real

  • Oh My god, Its so big! -Dream 2020 If your wondering what I'm talking about, here:10:30

  • im sorry did you say "super intelligent"....

  • Me: “Looking at the time while dream is in the stronghold” Yeah he is going to control the ender dragon gg dream you lose.

  • If dream just created a dog army...

  • prees like to revive dream

  • Dream you have to tam dogs so he can fight for you en you can win easy

  • Everybody gangsta till the creeper sprints😂

  • 1:31😶

  • Thanks for so much likes👍🏻👍🏻

  • the first time I see you lose

    • oh boy you're bout to see more

  • 9:57 Is it just me or seeing a creeper running towards you like that from a dark cave is just terrifying?

  • Hey did anyone know that there were actually 2 ended dragons?

  • 17:02

  • Did anyone else see two ender dragons

  • Dream: Enters the End George: *you fallen for my trap card*

  • George and sap nap are the mobs next time

  • Ooh ohh ahh ohh oh god yes no yes. Noooo please

  • What is the comands

  • george dragon was awesome XD

  • that'd be actually really scary if you saw a creeper marathon sprinting its way towards you.

  • How I discovered dreams channel

  • i wonder what George sees

  • Are you on a ad by “MCPE Mod Maker for Minecraft“ cause I just saw the ad right in this vid (im pretty new like ive been sub to you for months but i watched few of your vids so idk) pretty worried that they did the ad without your permission

  • 2 dragons


  • It's so lonely not hearing " com'here George~~~~~~~~~" littirlerly every 5 minutes😏😂

  • Half HEART!

  • walking TNT

  • alternative title: using 10 shields in 1 vid

  • Dreams laugh is like he is having asthma 🤣🤣🤣

  • 8:45 wait that’s not how that works spiders can’t swim

  • Dream: "Leave me alone" George always : "OH DREEEAAAAAAM"

  • Idea is:where one player controls time and mobs

  • Dream releasing that George is the ender dragon Dream ahhhhhhhhhh George laughing and enjoying the pain of dream

  • this video reminds me of mario odyssey

  • Dream, i killed by iron golem-_-

  • 25:50 Skelly sands

  • imagine if dream just made a 2 block high hole when george was an enderman

  • 5:38 Dream: ThErEs So MaNy MoOBs Me: Hmmmmm

  • Dream u r op

  • you are the best player of mine

  • 12:38 free food!

  • 18:23 * insert i believe i can fly here *

  • 17:52 quickest "No!" i heard in a long timme

  • 17:47 hmmm somethings off try and find it

  • I knew he was the dragon...

  • what about the ender dragon or wither

  • The music makes it look like a horror movie

  • Literally me: When George was a blaze he could fly very fast and use melee damage. Also me: How could George’s ghast die in lava and his wither skeleton take fire damage?

  • Oh no the enderdragon

  • Oh Dreeeaaaam~ George said it like 927381732 times.

  • Why did he be spider

  • How did you make it to the nether

    • He used some speedrunner skills

  • Dream vs MobNotFound

  • 32:40 I think he mad 😐

  • Imagine mining dirt with a pickaxe

  • 13:20 DREAMS LUCK

  • Deep inside we all want to play as the ender dragon

  • I want to see this in George's POV

  • Let's be real gorge is playing in pc and and is still missing lots of easy shots and when did the shield have like 100000 millions health let that should of been gone by two creepers and third of all my is gorge so bad at the game like Jesus hit ur shots my guy

  • its like he was playing peekaboo with blaze george

  • 13:14 why did u use your pickaxe for dirt when you have a shovel

  • dream with the ender dragon: HAHAHAHAHAHHA DIEEEEEE dream with a baby bunny: *runs away* nonono stop leave me aloneee

  • 17:02

  • 6:10 creeper peeking out lol

  • Can George controller the ender dragon?