Minecraft, But The Ender Dragon Is Our Pet...

Datum objavljivanja: 26. Lip 2020.
Minecraft, But The Ender Dragon Is Our Pet... this was insane!
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This is a custom coded 1.14 / 1.15 survival challenge. My friends and I try and beat the game while having the ender dragon as our pet. We can ride on it's back while it destroys blocks, shoots fireballs, and soars through the skies. This was super funny and fun.
Can we beat the enderdragon?
Minecraft But challenge


  • 17:40 don’t mind me

  • That new Pete’s dragon movie is looking good

  • Dream 2020 bklkoghghcgfgt 21:58

  • me: I will treat a dragon with great respect dream and george: WHEEEEE GO FASTER

  • The song is funny


  • Hi, Clay

  • If the dragon they rode was a boy and they brung it to the end with them: ‘Why are you killing my wife :(‘

  • Why did they did not take netherite??

  • Dream y dont u do a video titled "face reveal" we know that ur face is a mask with a mouth

  • Hahaha you just said lelit🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂😂

  • This is Dream’s 100th video

  • 20:28 DRIVE-BY!!!!

  • 21:59 someone should make this a notification sound or alarm sound or ringtone lol.

  • Do you think dream likes Christmas music?

  • nobody: dream: "weve gotten so unlucky" as he wears all diamond armor

  • Wowwww the ender dragon is gonna yeet you off Ok well that's noice

  • "George stop im on half heart" Also 4 hearts remaining -Dream

  • Code Dream to be the dragon that'd be cool as heck

  • Dream ut golden merch is so cool i might get 8t!!

  • if u ever feel dumb remember the man with 90000 iq missed emeralds 8:17

  • Using all these codes is technically giving away money from youtooz because like 100 off it's free

  • Them: omg we have an ender dragon and we can ride it Techno: First time?

  • wait... didnt George said fu****g at 22:07 ?

  • Should make a vid of the wither boss vs enderdragon

  • anyone else wants to see them mlg dragon

  • best way to find diamonds, get an ender dragon, go to diamond level, and fly in a straight line. easy diamonds :)

  • Name ur dragon shela

  • 14:48 "You're so cool George" AWWW, DREAM SOUNDED SO SOFT 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

  • this was literally posted on my bday

  • What

  • This vid needs more likes


  • Dream and George in there heads 🎶Secret Tunnel

  • I just love the 2 minutes in the beginning

  • The genuine happiness coming from these two with her is insane and is making me smile like crazy. My serotonin levels have definitely more than risen

  • Dream do two speed runners vs 4 hunters plsssssss I would make my whole year

  • when you were flying around the fortress with the dragon it looked like something from Harry Potter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Knock off Train your Dragon movie...

  • Road to 20 subs

  • 8:49 dream has an arrow on his but 😂

  • the sound of the blocks breaking is so satisfying

    • it scratches my brain

  • Caves and cliffs be like

  • You should beat Minecraft as a dragon and George can ride you and feed you, and you can spit fire balls and fly! Well this my opinion you don’t have to use it.


  • I'm glad my life works on mincraft mechanics. My buddy pushed me off a hill yesterday before I could grab onto the rope swing and I landed in a foot of water completely fine.

  • Anyone notice when he missed the emerald s

  • The Ender Dragon watching dream kill endermans: dweam wot u doin?

  • And our goal was to beat minecraft with an "advantage" *huh*

  • How to riding on dragon pls tell me

  • I wish this was in vanilla

  • 0:57

  • 57

  • Not your pet OUR PET

  • This is insane

  • dream and George unsupervised:

  • 341F 4B3E

  • 9:46 Amazing

  • *O U R D R A G O N*

  • Dream why don't you show your face like george sometimes does

  • Me: (sees title) Also me: *starts humming How To Train Your Dragon theme*

  • I wish i find one of those tunnels pls give me some luck

  • This is the new httyd

  • dream should do face reveal....like if u agree😍❤️👍

  • -me fighting the ender dragon and clicks on this video -dream this was a lot of fun making this video -me kills ender dragon, sorry dream

  • top 10 oddly satisfying videos

  • Next video on George’s channel “Minecraft but my friend is the ender dragon”

  • Thanos: “I used the stones to destroy the stones.” Marvel: “We used the CGI to create the CGI.” Dream and george: ”We used the ender dragon to defeat the ender dragon.”

  • We can't even see the codes

  • If only we could ride the ender dragon in real life

  • hey there people

  • hi

  • I subbed

  • World edit but chaotic

  • Uhc play

  • Cute

  • Illegal

  • İ love soooooooo Dream

  • The first 2:34 seconds were irrelevant to the video but still cool

  • Op

  • Can you play Minecraft

  • How to Train Your Ender Dragon

  • do it w a wither

  • They were full diamond like 9 minutes into the video

  • The two first minutes are grown men acting like children, everyone liked that

  • Dream vs 2 hunters on the ender dragon

  • GoRg CaN wE kEeP iT

  • Christmas school plays be like 5:51

  • Minecraft, But optifine zoom is permanently enabled...

  • I want the seed for this world so bad, that desert temple in the flower forest was so cool

  • 6.9 million views? Nice.

  • Gorge thuro a DIAMOND into the lava and it bernd 19:00

    • and then they start to dropa all of the vals into the LAVA 19:10

    • and after Gorge droped one diamond Dream droped two diamonds. 19:09


  • what we expected: ENDER DRAGON CRAZINESS!!! what happened: *dream and George singing Christmas songs*

  • toast

  • 8:03 even in this george is throwing people with the dragon

  • Now we know how Dream and George would sound like when they watch baseball together

  • Goerge and dream is my favorite youtuber

  • apparently George can levitate like karate Kid

  • singing off key christmas

  • im a spanish guy but i understand what you say and its so awesome ur videos dude! also i already buy a Collectible:D