Minecraft, But It's The World Record...

Datum objavljivanja: 24. Ožu 2020.
Minecraft, But It's The World Record... My old record was beaten by IlluminaHD, so I had to come back and attempt to take the record back!
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This is a Minecraft World Record for Minecraft RANDOM SEED, glitches, on versions 1.9+.
Previous WR was 27:26 by IlluminaHD
Speedrun Leaderboards: www.speedrun.com/mc/full_game
Version: 1.14.4
Seed: -5343875517453442142
Difficulty: Normal


  • IlluminaHD broke my record only 6 days after I posted my last video.. this is my response... Probably my last speed run. This was fun though, and I got extremely lucky, so not sure I could ever beat it again if it's beaten! Inventory explanation: Thought I would explain this because a lot of people are mentioning my pickaxe and inventory. At around 5:10, the witch scares me and I drop a block of sand. I also switch to my pickaxe at the exact same time, so it disappears as a Minecraft glitch. It is still there in my 3 slot, it just appears to be gone. Then at around 5:46 I shift click my crafting bench into my hotbar. The first open slot is ACTUALLY my 8 slot. Although, it goes into my 3 slot because that appears to be the first open slot. Really, my pickaxe is in my 3 slot and my crafting bench is in my 8 slot. Then I shift gravel into my hotbar and it visually goes into my 8 slot, but actually stays in my inventory because my crafting bench is there. Then when I place the gravel it updates my inventory, the crafting bench is where it should be (so it places), and my pickaxe is back in my 3 slot. Confusing, but I'm fairly certain that is what happened. Just a weird Minecraft visual bug.

    • But you are the *speedrun master*! You can't stop!

    • Dream pls don't quit speedrunning =(

    • I am a huge fan dream!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I died reading that

    • @Kurwa falae br

  • Your the best dream

  • He doesn't have a lot of confidence, does he?

  • When the first monster you kill is a blaze 👌

  • Is it weird I’m watching this at 4:30am too?😭😂😴

  • Про тебя в тик токе русскоязычные каналы снимают видео

  • i just like how in the old versions with the right seed you could beat minecraft with 2 minutes

  • Dreem wasnt 2 exited

  • Did the one igloo at like 11:19 have the zombie villager dungeon

  • I play in 6 render distance

  • He left so much books what if looting

  • 14:12

  • Everybody gangsta until you make armor and it says you have none

  • I get less diamonds in hours than dream does in 4 minutes

  • We too got scared

  • 5:54 he haved gravel in the hand.. and the game placed a crafting table

  • @dream I think you meant to say "Glitchless" in your description

  • 24:01 Did somebody noticed that when enderman hit dream, the armor suddenly shows in the bar

  • I was just about to fall asleep then he screamed yes at the end and it woke me up

  • 5:10 Sapnap dude, that made me jump so hard


  • nah nah nah u can beat him

  • Dream literally says in every speed run is his last 🤣🤣🤣

  • when sapnap scared dream with his gasp i jumped too lol

  • asdsdasdsa

  • meh irl: im not happy i just i watched alice in borderland its has GORE! and i hate THAT And it has BLOOD? woahhhhhhh

  • dream what is your real face

  • 2:41

  • *D* *R* *E* *A* *M*

  • When really good people get lucky

  • "I remember playing minecraft on the xbox 360, when it just came out, I played for hours" one word,S A M E

  • "dream speedrunning minecraft while sapnap tries distract him with small talk"

  • I made a video meme of these speedruns since they are saying they are rigged ... if you watch it don't take it seriously

  • Let’s not forget this speedrun was sponsored by SapNap

  • 5:5 he's not lying!!!!!!

  • Did you notice dream got diamond staff before stone age that,s a real pro player.

  • So no one is actually talking about the fact that when he placed the crafting table it made the gravel sound? I just thought that was weird.

  • when he went to the neather he don't have pants when he take first damage pants back is that lagging????

  • When dream said he heard gravel placing when he placed his crafting bench in the inventory he was holding gravel but it was a crafting bench in dreams hand


  • 7:30

  • bro that freakin witch scared me😭

  • when youre at peace, a random big green guy came and blew up your houses ....

  • 5:07 my body took a screenshot

  • Me and Sapnap did the same thing we played Minecraft on the Xbox 360 for hours

  • Sap nap 1:58 haha sike u got the wrong number

  • Sapnap watching dream speedrun: Thats so much wood, oh my God Sapnap trying to stop dream from speedrunning: "Its so big"

  • You are the luckyest man ever been

  • Dream starts to hate 3 and 8...

  • bad sucks

  • you are the best at mincraft

  • Your such a pro player that I belive that if you start a survival or hardcore world series you will gain more subscribers GOOD LUCK DREAM

  • Dream play pubg confirm

  • Did he really just drop his diamond pic Edit: nvm

  • God I’m so bored I’m watching this nine months later

  • The spider actually jump scared me

  • DREAM plz try to speedrun with controller

  • Me after 10 minutes: "Good, I've finally got some wood to build my first tools." Dream after 10 minutes: "So now that I have all the Blaze Rods I need, I can head to the Stronghold with all my diamond stuff."

  • Dream :- beats minecraft in 30 mins Me in 30 mins :- finally finds a village to survive firt night

  • tell me this seed please

  • this is the cicada 3031 song


  • "Chances are this recording isnt going to go anywhere" Me: *You fool*

  • Plop


  • 5:11 scared me aswell I jumped so hard LOL

  • Dream:never take risk Also Dream:ATTACKS PIGMAN

  • who's here after AntVenom completely destroyed Dream with mathematics???

    • This is not that video,It was streamed on twitch.His other runs of 1.14 & 1.15 are verified.

  • I literally have that exact same world

  • Yes dot quit speed runign

  • How was 26 minutes the record

  • U drop diamond pickaxe

  • Sapnap:makes a joke Dream: DO I LOOK AMUSED

  • He made the nether portal in 15 seconds WOW

  • Is it possible to have a god apple and a golden apple in the same chest?

    • yes.......

  • Congrats Dream!

  • That building a Nether Portal has me shookt.

  • Imagine if Dream actually disconnected from the seed.

  • and realise he would've left that world

  • dreams speedruns are actually impressive because he wastes a lot of time and somehow succeeds

  • Thank you dream for giving a shoutout to my dog

  • When he set down the gravel and it turned into a crafting table I was like 😯

  • Bro you took out ur nine gravel, placed it and it turned into a crafting table, then you still had another crafting table and ur gravel!!

    • Read the pinned comment

  • Dream will u do a face reveal in 20.M ?

  • "im sorry not all of us are speedrun experts" Dream: *laugh*

  • you just sound like george not found

  • Y'all am I the only 1 who actually flinched aka JUMPED when they saw the witch?😂

  • SeemsSusMan


  • You blow an house!!!!! Its wrong

  • Good

  • Who all are watching this video in bathroom 😂

  • Lol I also jumped when sapnap said “ooh!” When the witch was there

  • Stfu

    • @M Gaming i mean my dude you're ridicolous. The op was a dumbass and random sent hate lmao

    • @M Gaming bruhhhhhh kids like you shouldn't be on the internet. Get a life Nimrod. And how do you come to a dream video and not expect stans like bruhhhhhh

    • @Nikhil Menon ツ Stan

    • Hater

  • real pro of minecraft

  • Seed?

  • Dream: sweating and looking for village Sap: i had a crush on this girl savannah in elementary school

  • you are talking sophly im always talking soph to dumpling 1000000000

  • Everybody: DREAM IS SO GOOD AT MINECRAFT Me: Dreams music choice is great...

  • Wt- I think that the gravel crafting table glitch is kinda weird. I swear I saw him literally holding gravel, placing it and it just turns into a crafting table. Or maybe he started placing gravel and quickly switched to crafting table and the game bugged and made it sound like gravel.

    • He explained the glitch in the pinned comment. When he placed the crafting table in his hotbar, it looked like it went into his 3rd slot, because the game glitched and didn't account for the fact that the slot was already open and in actuality, his only open slot was the 8th one. Then, he placed the gravel in that slot, and since the game still thought that it was open, it looked like he was holding gravel, even tho he was actually holding a crafting table and the gravel didn't go there because the slot was already filled. The game only realized this once he placed down the block.