Minecraft, But It's The World Record...

Datum objavljivanja: 24. Ožu 2020.
Minecraft, But It's The World Record... My old record was beaten by IlluminaHD, so I had to come back and attempt to take the record back!
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This is a Minecraft World Record for Minecraft RANDOM SEED, glitches, on versions 1.9+.
Previous WR was 27:26 by IlluminaHD
Speedrun Leaderboards: www.speedrun.com/mc/full_game
Version: 1.14.4
Seed: -5343875517453442142
Difficulty: Normal


  • IlluminaHD broke my record only 6 days after I posted my last video.. this is my response... Probably my last speed run. This was fun though, and I got extremely lucky, so not sure I could ever beat it again if it's beaten! Inventory explanation: Thought I would explain this because a lot of people are mentioning my pickaxe and inventory. At around 5:10, the witch scares me and I drop a block of sand. I also switch to my pickaxe at the exact same time, so it disappears as a Minecraft glitch. It is still there in my 3 slot, it just appears to be gone. Then at around 5:46 I shift click my crafting bench into my hotbar. The first open slot is ACTUALLY my 8 slot. Although, it goes into my 3 slot because that appears to be the first open slot. Really, my pickaxe is in my 3 slot and my crafting bench is in my 8 slot. Then I shift gravel into my hotbar and it visually goes into my 8 slot, but actually stays in my inventory because my crafting bench is there. Then when I place the gravel it updates my inventory, the crafting bench is where it should be (so it places), and my pickaxe is back in my 3 slot. Confusing, but I'm fairly certain that is what happened. Just a weird Minecraft visual bug.

    • Did you get your 5 Dollar?

    • i’m going to pretend that i understand what you just said

    • E

    • Wut

    • What the hell does any of this mean..?

  • Dude, what even happens at 5:53 ? It makes no sense. He puts down his while gravel stack and it turns into a crafting table yet the table stays in his hotbar. Then when he goes into his inventory the gravel is there but theres a pickaxe in the hotbar where the crafting table should been. Oh god. My brain. It hurts.

  • Dreeeeeaaaaaammmm

  • A lot of backseat gaming going on here...

  • Algum br ai ksksks

  • T-Mobile be like: here u have 4 bars at your house Me:that should be a given T-mobile : but HRwiki only runs a 240p

  • what version is this?

  • The favorite biome of the speedruners: The desert

  • At 5:50 and following, what happens with the diamond pickaxe? It disappears when he gets spooked by the witch, the crafting table takes its place and it's not in inventory.

  • Try beating the game without destroying the end crystals

  • How did you get your diamond pick axe back

  • Why did he destroy the village

  • Dream do a hand reveal in 15mill subs

  • 11:08 that's an actual 'igloo' not a villager house. that's pretty rare

  • 5:50 ok

  • Imagine if he forgot to press record

  • minecraft speedrunner vs 0 hunters

  • Hey Shitass, do u hear this soundtrack?

  • 5:10 Dream Drop His pickaxe xD

  • When your 4 minutes in and you have almost full diamond tools

  • That moment when Mojang wants you to get 10 obsidian but your chillin' with 3 iron

  • how’d he get his diamond pick back

  • Mrs. Dream: Clay! Pause minecraft Dinner will be done in 25 minutes! Dream: Challenge excepted.

  • *Dream on 27 minutes playing:* I beat the game *Me on 27 minutes playing:* Damn! i forgot my house's ceiling

  • Dude I did hear that gravel sound on the crafting table placement!

  • I can’t describe it but I absolutely love dreams friendship with sapnap. It’s just so pure. They make each other so happy!

  • yo, I'm not a hater but can we get a mistake counter and how much time it took off pls....but anyway good job dream!

  • the literal worst part of this video is the fact that they use TeamSpeak.

  • Dream: does a speedrun jokingly while sleep deprived at 3 AM also dream: gets world record

  • Enderman: *challenges dream while fighting ender dragon Dream: *So you have chosen death*

  • Objection! What.

  • Dream: "I'm choking, I'm shaking!" Me: And this is... Fun? For you? 😕

  • i am watching this and im like what is he doing, then i realized, this is 1.13 not 1.14

  • “I think Minecraft glitched not me” Dream - 2020

  • Am I the only one whos never seen an ice village???

  • Dream: blows up villagers houses Me: what did those villagers ever do to you Villagers: what the hell man i spent so much wood on that

  • Contrulation

  • Me, watching dream before school. Also me watching dream during school, also me watched dream after school

  • Dream u ideot! U walked strait into an iglo and IGNORED the loot!

  • i was ecspecting a short video ths way to long

  • as soon as dream beats ender dragon ramdom add plays

  • Y does he blow there houses up

  • imagine what he could do if he was concentrated.

  • When he placed the crafting bench it did make a "gravel placing" noise

  • When he said raid I knew he was going to say raid shadow legends

  • 2:43 I thought he said f**k it

  • Dream: smashes Illumina's record. Also dream : *laughs* Illumina, your move.

  • At first look i read it as "minecraft but its za warudo"

  • I'm late but did he ever give you your 5 bucks I need to know

  • The first pig he killed didnt make a noise

  • the best thing is that he also got 5 dollars from hitting the zombiepigman :)

  • do a face reavral

  • Most Speedrunners: *I NEED TO BE SPEEEEEEEEEED* Dream: *casually wastes time trying to see if the sound of gravel is the same as a crafting table

  • Get me to 1000 subs a giveaway of 1000 Dollars or more 10 or 100 lucky subscribers will get to win it don't miss out

  • Watch it in 1.25x speed 😂😂

  • Next manhunt video can you do it in bedrock for no reason?

  • Sapnap: I have nothing to do with my life Relatable.

  • Imagine losing your world record to someone sleep deprived at 4am

  • Hey shitass wanna see me speedrun?

  • I kind of want to see a super optimized mincraft run, like goldeneye runs, is there anyone doing set seed runs?

  • 25:31 He ate the Golden apple and no extra hearts?

  • It’s so funny that dream just hits a zombie pigman think he is not gonna get a world record, Gets a world record lol

  • What graphic settings does he use?

  • "shoutout to all the savannas" "i had a crush on a savanna" me whos name is savanna: Happiness noises

  • imagine speedrunning it with the new update thats coming out with all the featuress kinda really exited

  • The key way of playing mincraft get tnt and blow up a house if your low on wood

  • where did his armour go in the end

  • Someone actually beat Minecraft in 1 minute so all speedruns are false world records.

  • This dude did 1m worth of mistakes and still beat it

  • Huh, this was posted on my birthday

  • lol i just saw dream got scared and drop the diamond pick

  • Idea: Minecraft, but every item is random. trust bro its a hit. :)

  • Sees witch and drops diamond pick

  • that ocean monument at spawn tho

  • Dream got diamonds before cobble stone

  • hello

  • why do speedrunners always crouch and strafe around a log whenever they're breaking it

  • his pickaxe just disappeared at 5:10

  • To be fair villagers don't restock 20 times a day. So I don't buy it

  • Dude what is this music in the background

  • Dude i swear that was a gravel placing sound

  • Pocket edition players: Cries horribly when spamming screen to craft sticks

  • I can feel how sleepy Sapnap is

  • Dang

  • Ok guys. What is happening to his pickaxe? In here it disapeaers. 5:08 And here it is back from nowhere. 5:47 Look at his hotbar and inventory. In the second situation he even dont have it in his inventory. Weird.

    • he literally explained it in the pinned comment.

  • Dude what was up with that gravel crafting bench 5:50

  • He missed the igloo and made fletching table and brewing stand

    • it’s too much of a hassle and time loss to go into an igloo.

  • This video was generously sponsored by SapNap! Also by pigmen

  • Dream: I swear I heard gravel placing sound when I placed the Crafting Table Everyone: *Goes back 5 seconds to confirm it*

  • what the pro o.o

  • Dropped diamond pick when scared by witch

  • any one else notice the pickaxe glich at 5:09

  • me: "I need to save my apples for later" dream: eats golden apple for hunger me: ............ AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • The squids in sync 20:38

  • Dream: sees sheep Dream: I NEED ITTTTT

  • I should be working, but I'm watching this instead. I'll rather get fired than miss a new upload.

  • did he ever get his 5 dollars

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  • Dream: “joins a single player world” Dragon: o_o

  • When u realize dream gets Stone Age after having full diamond tools