Minecraft, But Everywhere We Look Explodes

Datum objavljivanja: 18. Pro 2019.
Minecraft, But Everywhere We Look Explodes
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Explosions are everywhere. We aren't laggy surprisingly. Can we beat the game with this crazy challenge? It was torture.
Hopefully the advertisement isn't too distracting from my content. I'm hosting a Minecraft Boxing tournament with a bunch of big youtubers that should be ready soon.


  • could people of the internet please shut up about raid? It's not even good. If I could I would curse it so you can only speak badly about it our your leg bones explode. Because I'd rather live through my legs exploding than have to play it again or hear people pretending to praise it again.

  • Now I wanna try it

  • Looks like Herobrine in thumbnail lol

  • This was rlly funny, love it lol.

  • October 2020?


  • Everything: We're so dead -.- Obsidion: We rule the world!

  • Yo you are awsome to awsome

  • even dream got sponsored

  • I feel like if they actually cooperated they could have done it

  • If dream likes this comment, I will say Brussel sprouts.

  • Here's my install link for Raid: Shadow Legends. Get it through this link and both of us will get some free stuff to boost us along!

  • Lmao he said raid shadow legends sponsored him and I thought he was memeing

  • 4:20

  • Did I just see Dream use Reddit on Light Mode?

  • Dream voice crack 😂😂😂😂

  • you just need red sunglasses

  • you guys could honestly make a huge ravine

  • dream: i need a sponsor for 10k raid: haha, hi, we totally don't give 10k tho... *unless-*


  • Kaboom?

  • How many times have you seen a yt be sponsored by Raid? 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 OK OK SHUT UP but it goes on

  • Hi guys

  • Me just watching raid and being like Miss me with that ghey sht.

  • I'd never thought i hear the best minecraft player saying "oh look im crafting! Im crafting!"

  • Sapnap and George : kills each other over and ovwr again, Dream : tHe BUcKeT

  • "Keep looking up." - Neil deGrasse Tyson

  • Dream: we need iron for a flint and steel *walks over iron*


  • POV: your the only person doing stuff in the group project

  • "I got sponsored" Let me guess - raid shadow legends "Raid shadow legends

  • Ew, raid shadow legends

  • Dream is amazing. He just makes me happy

  • How to mine

  • Go f5

  • Ha Dream I was wondering what verstion of minecraft you play please anwser.

  • Sad thought: the part in which you keep killing each other at the spawn trapping yourselves more and more in a hole from which it is impossible to escape remnds me of the human kind playing around with earth until it blews up due to climate change lol

  • Was up dream can u play Fortnite for The memes

  • So they are basically just endermans...

  • You copy mano

  • I was looking for the skip ad button at first

  • finally! raid shadow legends!

  • Bro even dream got sponsored by RAID shadow legends

  • LOL his first sponsor was RAID shadow legends.

  • Dream if you see this and you still have the world go fly above the world so we can see the giant crater. I think that would look so cool!

  • I was looking for the skip ad button at the sponsor

  • Tell me. WTF do u see in this game.

  • Where are you? Oh I see you!!! **Sweats Profusely**

  • I feel bad he had to accept a Raid Shadow Legends sponsor to fund his tournament

  • goerge: give it to me im the chosen one

  • dream: if this video gets 100k likes i’ll do it again idc rn dreams heartless fans: *yeah i’m gonna pretend i didn’t hear that*

  • One of the comments is according to youtubes satistica

  • Shoutout to raid shadow legends

  • Who knew in 10 months he would do another one with 50,000?

  • They should have gotten blast protectiom

  • When superman forgets how to turn his eye lazers off:

  • Sponsor: Raid shadow legends Ad: raid shadow legends Me: .....

  • beginning of the video: RAID SHADOW LEGENDS sponsor of the video: RAID SHADOW LEGENDS end of the video: RAID SHADOW LEGENDS

  • You guys should have made shields first.

  • where's part 2?

  • Again with the raid shadow legends ad, same old

  • wow raid shadow legends

  • Of all the sponsors u choose Raid Shadow Legends dream. . . Pathetic

  • 0:39 do you like that game even

  • Can bedrock explode

  • Combustion benders on steroids

  • just 1 single bucket is so important in this challenge

  • "Well I'm never the one who finds it, its always you who finds it" "Yeah because im a genius" idk george maybe because you're colorblind and can't see the difference between the netherack and fortress easily

  • 17:14 BUT WHO WAS IT ITS BEEN 10 MONTHS AND I STILL DONT KNOW also why were they recording at 3 in the morning

  • DREAM!!! NO!! your infected with the disease called Raid shadow legends

  • Sapnap is the personification of “crabs in a bucket

  • Of all sponsors he could’ve gotten. He got Raid Sh- no, Aid Shadow Legends. Because it gives you aids even if you’re a virgin.

  • helo

  • Looks like another person got infected by raid virus I’m sorry but I will have to dislike cause of raid :/

  • In this video we will be playing minecraft but my eyes are A-10 GAU-8 Avengers with infinite ammo firing non stop will we be able to beat the game with A-10 eyes? we are about to find out.

  • Every where you look turns in to anvil

  • The video starts exactly at 2:05

  • This would be so easy to kill mobs

  • Minecraft but you’re the u.s and everywhere you look is a foreign country with oil

  • Fuck Raid

  • Imagine doing this with the shocker

  • I just subbed the channel through mr beast gaming but tbh dream videos are great I hope more people will subscribe in future

  • 12:33 The Bucket's Gonna Respawn -Dream 2019

  • george be like i got food look when they dont even have cmas on hahaha and georege did mukbang ;-;

  • Before I die and respawn again, I would like to thank Raid Shadow legends for sponsoring my death

  • 11:18 George gets revenge

  • He should try fundeys difficultly

  • George: why is someone calling you at 3am Also George: *eats chips*

  • I guess you can say that this challenge...BLOWS!!! :D

  • i am yes

  • Jesus loves u all so much

  • Dream make a game

  • the one time you will have the most dirt then any other block.


  • Dream 100k likes us 200 k likes

  • Forest : ☺ Dream : outta my way bitch *thug life glasses*

  • Its funny why gamers sponsor a game which they dont actually play it.


  • Feel like dream could’ve done this solo very quickly. Sap and George were just getting in the way

  • you could kill the ender dragon with that