Minecraft, But Everywhere We Look Explodes

Datum objavljivanja: 18. Pro 2019.
Minecraft, But Everywhere We Look Explodes
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Explosions are everywhere. We aren't laggy surprisingly. Can we beat the game with this crazy challenge? It was torture.
Hopefully the advertisement isn't too distracting from my content. I'm hosting a Minecraft Boxing tournament with a bunch of big youtubers that should be ready soon.


  • *looks at enderdragon*

  • Can we all take a moment to say how bad the thumbnails are but so unique Idk but when I see these I have to watch them

  • Beating the ender dragon wouldn’t of been a problem

  • We won’t regret it

  • Oh dreaaaaam

  • How

  • Why won’t you turn off split touch when ur doing “everywhere we look” so u can mine

  • Can’t believe they tried this in the smp as well

  • Hey dream what is your IQ with the Among us


  • Hi

  • Daddy

  • sniff sniff you smell nice 🌸🌺🌸🌺

  • am i the only one who thought it was a little funny that Raid shadow legends sponsored a minecraft youtuber? xDD

  • This sounds about as rough as having everything you touch turn into gold.

  • I bet ender dragon dies by your eyes

  • hi

  • Cooked iron Yum

  • ah yes a classic raid shadow legendz sponser

  • Minecraft, but everywhere you look, you get teleported there.

  • YOUR THE BEST!!!!!!

  • Why am I looking up while watching this-

  • Alternative title: No the bucket!!!

  • Poor Dream he's trying so hard to make a portal and Sapnap and George are just fooling around 😂

  • Idk but my neck hurts

  • I love love dream 🙄😄😄:-)

  • Shup up

  • The mic sound weird

  • RAId shADoW LEgEndS- me in 2021, oh no

  • That's how 2b2t came to be. :)

  • how no lag?

  • Hi

  • Oi

  • alternative caption: Me and my friends try to make Nether potal

  • how to turn on comments

  • Dreams can kill anything he see Also dream: make a sword

  • 17:15

  • Dream you should do minecraft but every thing you look at turns into bedrock

  • Dream: Minecraft, But everytime we look explodes. MCPE Player: 👀🙄

  • Its to easy to defeat ender drgon

  • My dog at 2 am 2:44

  • Bro rides to complete Minecraft on a phone dream and also why do your friends say oh dreaeam

  • Try to be Minecraft in under 4 minutes while one of your friends are trying to stop you from being Minecraft if they hit you one time it's over try to be Minecraft in under 4 minutes

  • Guess what still scrolling???? Nobody is here still I bet...... I If you still here comment “I am a potato” Wanna know what I was gonna say..? I subbed to dream :)

  • you should do a pvp version of this!

  • Dream heres 16 million downloads thinks only if that could happen to my youtube

  • dream you are so good

  • Still waiting for" We coded so that if you die in minecraft you die in real life."

  • ёёё1ёёёёёёёёёёёёёё

  • This easy on mobile

  • Sponsored by raid shadow legends just going to skip..................................

  • POV : You are ctclops

  • Who else got a raid ad? Before dream telling us about it

  • Who is still watching in 2021, Dream is so cool and I watch his old videos cuz, they are so sick. Keep going man.

  • Michael Bay Minecraft

  • More than 200k likes You gots to do it man

  • I will give raid a chance

  • Ngl this is like minecraft but ur tnt

  • 21:00

  • Dream is the only Minecraft HRwikir other than Sparkles that can actually talk normally.

  • Believe Me Please

  • I'm Not Dream I Swear

  • Minecraft, but we are Cloudwatchers 90% of the time.

  • Dream u should do the lunar moon and red sun survival in Minecraft with sap nap and George it will be so good

  • Can you please do a similar video but knowone takes damige

  • BLAST YOU RAID SHADOW LEGENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • руским привит

  • Pc: oh that mod is very hard! Mobile: *close split controls* Thats ez.

  • george and sapnap: killing dream dream: how about you guys just evacuate 😂

  • you can lt easily make progress because your teamates are idiots

  • The wandering insurance terminally rock because box promisingly grease beside a lovely napkin. jaded, oceanic umbrella

  • Remember when he didn't have the money for the tournament, now he can buy me a pc or Ps5 because hes a good person and knows my ps4 broke. Thanks dream ❤️🤣

  • When you fall before getting above the ground: “Raid Shadow Legends”

  • 16 MILLION subs Congrats Dream

  • drem be like:ihaksksjus i hatv my self me:wtf are you saying

  • Dream "We will try to beat Minecraft" If should be "we will try to close our eyes let alone beat Minecraft"

  • the chat: sapnap blew up sapnap blew up sapnap blew up sapnap blew up sapnap blew up sapnap blew up sapnap blew up sapnap blew up sapnap blew up sapnap blew up sapnap blew up dream blew up sapnap blew up

  • When is the boxing event

  • Never has a man been so exited bout craftin

  • It would be so easy to kill the ender dragon

  • I am literally going to play Raid just because Dream says so

  • My neck is getting sore just from watching you looking up o much

  • Dream I like your videos so much I watched the entire add

  • Think Mining Ancient Debris with this

  • Minecraft Michael Bay edition

  • Dream: Oo! I saw COOKED IRON over there! Me: 😳 WTF is cooked Iron?!

  • imagine if dream used this to destroy l'manburg lol

  • Dire wolf


  • Me: is that an ad? Dream’s voice: I haven’t realized Me: bruh

  • At 3:28 how much dirt dream has 😂 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dream. What is your favourite dream Dream ?

  • So about that 100k likes

  • 1:42 so are you

  • 12:22 the first time dream does the most of his life

  • Jarrett Allen

  • I would love to see how the ender dragon fight would go :D

  • #1 dream quote:your an idiot!!! -dream

  • omg this is the firt sponsor im seeing from dream lmao

  • I knew he would get sponsored by raid shadow ledgends