Minecraft, But Every Chunk Explodes...

Datum objavljivanja: 12. Ožu 2020.
Minecraft, But Every Chunk Explodes... Every time we enter a chunk it EXPLODES from bottom to top. We can hardly stand still... constantly on the run. Can we beat the enderdragon?
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This video was inspired by "Minecraft, But The Chunks Are Deleted Every Time..." This video was... a blast hAhA.. super funny and fun to play this Minecraft 1.14 challenge. We will be updating to Minecraft 1.16 soon!
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  • Movie : The Chunk Of Doom

  • Imagine every chunk explodes and the block drops are random

  • I just bought a new computer me: is there any way to test the it ? my friend:

  • Idk what was george without dream😂

  • 6,9 K comments, nice

  • ok

  • 11:39 What the hell was that sound? Whats wrong with that ghast?

  • f

  • Ou amaizing

  • F3+G chunk borders are shown ur welc :D

  • 18:25 sounds like i love you

  • 18:25 sounds like i love you

  • 18:24 “I love you, I love you” dream confesses his love for George 😂😂😂

  • Spoiler: no

  • good

  • Aww I cried omg 😭😭😭 at the end was so sad and then Dream:ok this game is Spencer by Haha he bought omg XD

  • ThE fInaL bRainCeLl


  • OMG

  • When this music plays yk it’s about to go down

  • Awww dream noo don't be sad :(

  • 20:02 why did he sound like a minecraft cow

  • 5:25 PS2 startup sequence.

  • The true meaning of speed run

  • 6:09 You’re welcome

  • A video without George screwing up is like pizza without cheese.

  • 1:53 Barely Alive, some dubstep ref here ?

  • Last is so sad*

  • This is dangerous than the F O U R H U N T E R S

  • this is the dream smp seed

  • *Me hears George gasp* What the FAWK (14:03) Dream: place it there George: I did Dream: you didnt George: Yes i did Dream: oh you D I D

  • there map is like 2b2ts server

  • mission faild work on next time

  • i am AMAGLEGENDS i am like you iam from indonesian

  • Call me weird but I watch dream to help me sleep

  • Wait so are we not going to talk about how Dream had a bucket of water during the whole falling lava scene...

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  • Can U Have A FAce Reavel

  • hellllo

  • 6:33 where's your food bar?

  • Dream: misses an oppritunity to say "Holy cow" in 6:34. Me: why...

  • 19:22. I though he George said SAPNAP

  • This is why I hate George bc he is not observant nd then almost kills you by punching you

  • Hi

  • dream aaaah george I'm gay

  • 0:35 yes its the song

  • Manhaunt But the Hunter is a chunk

  • Wait what if it explodes the nether portal? OH NO

  • bouhou !

  • George not found: I am mining diamonds Yeets dream of ground dream: I will get my revenge kills George not found george not found: HOW DID YOU KILL ME WITH A IRON SWORD I LITTERLY HAD DIAMOND ARMOUR Dream: I had netherrite armour and netherrite sword George not found: cringes but how did you get netherrite from nether Dream: I did what I had to do I found this shop then with guy gave me netherrite george not found: cringe

  • Dream: it's gunna die me!!!!! George: laughs like a little pig Dream: laughs to I meant it was gunna kill me Me : can you talk no you can't I'm at the end of the vido so bye

  • George sounds like a cow at the end

  • This would be made simpler with f3+G

  • 5:06 actually, yes

  • There insane and stupid at minecraft at the same time

  • 20:18 LMAO

  • Its gonna die me - Dream 2020

  • what is the seed for this world

  • Hola

  • The world: *is literally exploding* His frames: 210 Dream: *Starts getting attacked by wolves* His frames: 20

  • guys join my live stream yt= cryptic gone


  • 18:25 lavaboveyou lavaboveyou loveyou loveyou !!! LMAO 🤣🤣

  • Kinda lame how they turned on chunk borders. Took away part of the challenge

  • Dream: *does an epic gamer move* me: TELL ME YOUR WAYS

  • how do you zoom in minecraft?

  • Here’s a something I must say, Dream is my favorite HRwikir for sure. Keep up the good work dream! :D

  • What on earth was that ghast

  • dude did you hear george moan he did 3 times in a row wtf im laughing

  • 6:04 Why is Dream's hunger bar missing?

  • is it just me or did i here dream sceam love you at 18:32

  • i'm just here 4 george's scream

  • Can we appreciate how dream was trying his hardest to save George in the neither 💀💀

  • 15:06 George looks like John Cena with the "YOLO"

  • 14:28 After durvived to the Nether in a epic pro gaming Dream:"We dind't got the BlazeRoads!"To be continued...

  • This video can be called "Dream and food"

  • Minecraft, 2020 boogaloo edition

  • i love when george jumps and says "YoLOo" and kills the bear


  • i cry every time i hear this music :( :20:00 like if you do

  • 18:22 i just heard ilove you x5 times

  • 11:37 when u steal ur lilbros candy :

  • Maybe every time you enter a new biome the old one explodes

  • 5:10 dream:its gonna go down: george:no it isnt: :

  • My brother is a techno Blades supporter

  • I like how dream's vids never gets old

  • I can't wait for a cave update manhunt

  • 15:10 "It's gonna die me"

  • If you beat minecraft, you have to reach the stronghold before it explodes?

  • The best drem i love you

  • Minecraft but you can only stand on certain blocks????

  • Meow 😄

  • I want to see this guy on FOX NEWS.

  • How

  • Wait every chunk

  • every vid in dreams and georges channel be like : dream : george george george : yes dream : immmmm about to die IM ABOUT TO DIE AAAAAAAAAAAH george : RUN RUN RUN RUN *dream not having food and almost running out of hunger* dream : I CANTTTTT RUN oh OHHHHH i still SURVIVED george : HOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  • are u a dream cuz ur too awesome fr meee lalala

  • Dream: george just LIVE.

  • Dream in nether: *reeeallly high pitched voice* GEORGE'S I NEED FOOD OMG WJDBYRJEUEHSHSJBRN

  • Taht was hard