Minecraft, But Blocks Attack You...

Datum objavljivanja: 26. Stu 2019.
Minecraft, But Blocks Attack You...
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This Minecraft challenge was done in Minecraft Update 1.14, and was coded as a Java Plugin, not a data pack or a mod. this challenge was super difficult but extremely fun/funny. Seeing all the blocks flying after us trying to defend themselves or fight back was super funny. The second part of this series is even funnier (at least I think).


  • NRA

  • this video is so three years ago :)

  • wouldn't it be funny if the death message for stone was "Player was stoned to death"?

  • Trevor Noah

  • Dream: doesn't die to 100 players. Also Dream: dies to oak leaves

  • Arthur Smith

  • Wait if you want to go to end how it well attack you

  • After getting the wood-swords, you probably should've watched for cows to kill, to get a leather-armor.

  • 0:03 ''This episode of Minecraft butt''

  • Cool

  • "Australia isn't that dangerous" Me: punch the grass Grass: punch me back

  • Warriors

  • what will happend if u punch the bedrock

  • Just imagine hitting bedrock

  • you died to leaf Me:its unbeleafable

  • Dream hits stone And I took that personally......

  • Everybody gangsta until the blocks fight back.

  • he finally played prop hunt

  • Yh

  • 9:17 *"Let's do some mining off camera"*

  • Dream kills 4 hunters and ends minecraft But dies to a block

  • Make one where u can pick up mobs and atack blocks 😎

  • but Dream is a Legend

  • George is unfair but still the best

  • Imagine manhunt with this

  • One thing snapnap took dreams stone sword how rude

  • Parler news

  • If dream ever saw someone who knew him as dream in real life, he could just pretend that he was a normal person. If anyone who sound like dream ever made a channel they could just say they were dream.

  • Why not fight the blocks with the tool you would use to mine them

  • normal minecraft: yes!!! the fortress!! today's minecraft video: yes!! i killed the dirt following me!!

  • George and sapnap cant kill dream but oak leaves can

  • getting stone in this mod is harder than defeating the ender dragon

  • Eugene Goodman

  • wouldn’t a pic or axe do more damage

  • I wonder if beating wood with an axe or gravel with a spoon would do more damage (I mean shovel)

  • petition to play manhunt with this mod

  • Kyle Schwarber

  • Justin Thomas

  • they made the blocks do to much damage

  • And its so funny when u get chased by a block lol😄😄😂😂😂!!

  • Im a bigbiggest fan omg im soo happy i love ur vids soo much i wanna be in there!!!!!!!!😊😊😊😇😍😍😍

  • When Dream dies: Nooo When Sapnap dies: *sigh* When George dies: nnnnnnnnOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • In Soviet Russia block attacks you

  • 4hunters kill dream ❎ Block of minecraft kill dream✔

  • Should have made them do less damage

  • Next video: Minecraft speed runner vs 3 stone

  • In Soviet Minecraft, blocks attack you

  • Minecraft but you don't need to mine:

  • 14:05 George: Well I have scrambled eggs now

  • Pink

  • ah my favorite series, Minecraft *but*

  • me: checks time halfway through them: not a single iron me: knows they’re most likely not gonna beat it

  • Francisco Lindor

  • Lmfao I love this

  • 14 minutes of sapnap, george, and dream abusing innocent blocks just trying to enjoy their day

  • ABC News

  • Manhunt but the blocks attack you anyone?

  • bro when I saw the title i was like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa how did they do that then I saw vid so many deaths

  • Dream:THE STONEEEEEE Me:The stoner?

  • 2:00

  • damn these blocks have hands

  • they should do a whole series of this

    • i know right

  • Perfect for trolling some people's speedrun

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  • The waiting locket intrinsically joke because semicircle suggestively try barring a grumpy scraper. roomy, cultured ant

  • 6:51

  • Deaths Dream: 20 George: 11 Sapnap: 9

  • The goofy tortellini differently dress because fighter acromegaly applaud from a rampant secure. grateful gratis, absorbing tugboat

  • my dreams be like

  • Anyone reviewing this thinking the one video that the best Minecraft player along with his friends fail at life

    • He isn't the best Minecraft player at ALL. He's just an experienced Minecraft speed-runner.

  • “This episode of Minecraft but” Why did I laugh?

  • try minecraft but once you start breaking a block, you can't stop until that block is broken

  • Dream: "Look at how many fish I got are youu proud of me" George with no hesitation: "Yes"

  • 10:35 lmao how did he even get that score

  • hmmm Slimecicle uploaded a video about blocks fighting back November 12 Dream uploaded a video about blocks fighting back November 26 hmmm

  • Why Does Dream Sound like a Kettle Boiling XD XD 7:48

  • Wouldn’t it be better to mine stone and stuff with a pick axe? Or do the blocks act more like mobs than blocks?

  • When you go strip mining

  • Bruh

  • I will do this it is awesome

  • I remember a long long time ago, me and my best friend were playing Minecraft, and we discovered the greatest glitch of all time. I gave him one of the 2 diamonds I had found from mining(this was in like, 2009 btw) and he had to leave. We played the next day, but he had a stack of infinite diamonds in his inventory it was wild. We made full diamond armor and swords of course and we did a ton of nether reactors. We had an entire kingdom made of them.

  • they take zero knock back that’s why they died so much lol

  • Imagine dying to a leaf...

  • Ok but like what would happen if they hit a ✨bedrock✨ block 👁👄👁

  • I have an idea for a video. Were ever you walk the blockes you step on flote to space.

  • Dream can win 1vs999999999 ultra hardcore

  • This episode of Minecraft BUTT

  • Then if u go to the end itself the enderdragon will die bcoz it will attack u . U escape it affects a block the block attacks the dragon . The same repeat 2 or 3 times then the dragon is dead

  • Dream: making swords out wood to kill wood tree:youll regret this

  • Dream:*makes a barrier to stop iron attacks* Sapnap:It'll go over it Dream and George: HOW'D IT GETT THROUGH OUR DEFENSE?

  • This is one of those videos that would confuse the crap out of someone who doesn't know the context behind it

  • Ur sooo cool😎 and I like ur vid

  • 1:30 - Dream dies 1:46 - Sapnap dies 2:03 - Dream dies 2:37 - Dream dies 2:48 - Sapnap dies 2:51 - Dream dies 2:47 - George dies 3:22 - Sapnap dies 3:27 - Dream dies 3:29 - George dies 4:02 - Dream dies 5:00 - Sapnap dies 5:02 - Dream dies 5:04 - George dies 5:17 - Dream dies 5:29 - Sapnap dies 5:36 - Dream dies 5:50 - George dies 6:14 - Dream dies 6:18 - George dies 7:08 - George dies 7:11 - Dream dies 7:25 - Sapnap dies 9:08 - George dies 9:11 - Sapnap dies 9:12 - Dream dies 9:55 - George dies 10:02 - Dream dies 10:05 - Sapnap dies 10:16 - Dream dies 10:35 - Dream dies 10:37 - Sapnap dies 11:03 - Dream dies 11:05 - Sapnap dies 11:06 - George dies 11:36 - Dream dies 11:46 - Sapnap dies 11:47 - George dies 12:17 - Sapnap dies 13:00 - Dream dies 13:06 - Dream dies 13:20 - Dream dies 13:27 - George dies

  • All fun and games till getting an oak block is harder than beating the game whilst 4 people chase you.

  • I... I had to subsrice

  • I wonder how much their elbows hurt

  • 3:33 sapnap and dream die

  • Alternative Title- MINECRAFT, BUT ITS DARK SOULS 4

  • Death count: 214

  • And then bedrock comes Dream : imma right out ta this map