Minecraft, But Blocks Attack You...

Datum objavljivanja: 26. Stu 2019.
Minecraft, But Blocks Attack You...
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This Minecraft challenge was done in Minecraft Update 1.14, and was coded as a Java Plugin, not a data pack or a mod. this challenge was super difficult but extremely fun/funny. Seeing all the blocks flying after us trying to defend themselves or fight back was super funny. The second part of this series is even funnier (at least I think).


  • Would you rather fight 1 onbsidain blokc or 100 sadn bloks :flushed:

  • bedrock: *my time has come*

  • 10:05 love how sapnaps death note popped up as the last note played... funny funny

  • If only dream made a video where swords killed swords

  • 4v1 Dream: ez lol 1v1 with leaves: guess I'll die

  • Me: Oh, this is pretty cool! My brain: *What if this was a feature on 2b2t..* Me: What-

  • Minecraft in America : You break block Minecraft is Soviet Russia: Block breaks you

  • New pvp god. Block

  • you should do man hunt + Blocks attacking you

  • OwO Dream saves George hi are you still here? This is the moment we have been waiting for I SHIP IT

  • never thought I'd here "its the grass, kill the grass" but im not disappointed

  • In thumbnail Georgenotfound death

  • We need more good videos dude

  • I love it when Dream metamorphoses into a kettle.

  • “I’m gonna get this wood all alone”

  • dream is the best minecraft player in the world :he cant even 3vs1 a stone

  • things you dont hear every day : the sand is killing me,the stone is chasing me,the sand is op

  • What if you guys got attacked by bedrock

  • They don’t need a pickax

  • It would have been fun if you can kill stone faster with a pickaxe

  • 321

  • Dream your died of a black 😤😤

  • No one: Women in the Middle-East: 9:09

  • It isn’t the block who attacks you it’s they who attack the blocks and the blocks just defending it self🧐

  • Dream can survive the enderdragon but, can’t survive a wood block

  • Just like normal life

  • I love the music choice

  • I wonder what happen if they accidentally hit obsidian or bedrock

  • RAnged weapons pathetic

  • imagine if someone touched bedrock...

  • in just sad dream didnt die to clay. :'(

  • Who you gonna call? Block Buster!

  • What if they hit bedrock? Would it be immoral?

  • "They have so much health! Oh my gosh!" --Sapnap, spam-clicking in post-combat-update

  • for a second you had 10 m subs and now u have 11 m... Legend

  • 9:53 0 IQ moment

  • Dream can you beat minecraft but if you kill mobs it will multiply any random items


  • U can just place door and kill them

  • What will happen if they tried to break TNT!!!!!

  • In soviet russia, the ground hits you too hard.

  • The sound of blocks hitting is extremely unsatisfying

  • Who needs pickaxes anyway

  • Never thought i'd see y'all fight wood...

  • FightCraft

  • Dream oh my gosh George you are idiot Dream what is wrong with you what is wrong with you sapnap Oh gosh its attacking me now

  • Different video dream you are idiot stop being idiots

  • Dream sapnap you idiot the furnace

  • Sapnap I died to the stone George dream look behind you

  • How is it that a block can kill dream but not the players 😂😂

  • George : 'let's do some mining off camera' I'm dead lmao

  • imagine getting killed by a wood lol cant relate

  • “Bedrock attacks dream”

  • permadeath día 100 be like:

  • Imagine if George would fight a clay block. "George died to Clay". Dream, why are you so offensive to your friends? >:( XP

  • Mod name pls or how

  • This isn't Minecraft, it's...Fight-Craft

  • real man would have intalled vein miner

  • Wait what? He said “it’s always unsubscribing” in the beginning

  • “Blocks attack us” Those stupid block goombas in Mario: *allow me to introduce myself*

  • What if bedrock attacked them

  • youtube comments are so dryyy it’s the same 3 jokes over and over

  • In Soviet Russia...

  • 25% of video: run from the blocks 40% of video: *deth*

  • When minecraft is in soviet russia

  • This video was made in Soviet Russia

  • Just to be clear this man got a speedrun world record a million times has done more than 50 challenges... yet he died to seagrass

  • Best Hide and seek ever

  • *Minecraft but if u take damage u die instantly*

  • This game mode is more difficult than I thought and I am a veteran in Minecraft, it's much more difficult in the mines and in the nethe r :/

  • Imagine trying to fight obsidian-

  • Wow, this video had NOOOOo progress

  • imagine if one of them hit bedrock and they couldnt kill it XDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • Minecraft butt

  • Man someone should have told them they need to use a pickaxe to kill stone things faster and an axe for wood

  • No one: Dream: *dies to his own crafting table*

  • Imagine if u use nuker to break all blocks...

  • Everybody gangster till a bedrock block start attacking.

  • Dream comes up with these stupid weird ideas. BUT THAT'S WHAT MAKES THE ENTERTAINING!

  • Its all fun and games until obsidian shows up

  • Part 2 pls

  • in this episode of Minecraft Butt

  • Holy I'm actually triggered just use the slab strat but block off the wall correctly. Y did u guys just forget about the strat?

  • Swordnotfownd

  • You used to beat Minecraft. *Now Minecraft beats you.*

  • me if i play this woth freinds:LETS PUNCH EVERY SINGLE LEAF BLOCK 2E CAN SEE

  • Imagine them doing this again, but blocks take more damage depending on their corrosponding tool


  • so this is what they meant when they said the whole world was against them...

  • *this episode of minecraft butt*

  • *George died to Clay*

  • ?????

  • Hey, dream when all of u are talking I don't know who is who)

  • I wonder if the specific tool to the block would do more damage. (Pick to stone, shovel to dirt etc.)

  • Notice how it never became night once?! 🤔

  • 2:38 Damn, Dream just got stoned.

  • I hate sand The George, Sapnap, and Dream, probably

  • You bite the frie the frie bites back

  • Image that you punching a obsidian block that would be like: JUGGERNAUT INCOMING

  • Dream: Hold Records for Minecraft Also Dream: Hides from a stone block