Minecraft, But A Tornado Chases Us...

Datum objavljivanja: 10. Vel 2020.
Minecraft, But A Tornado Chases Us...This was actually insane. What if normal Minecraft was like this...
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This is a custom coded 1.14 / 1.15 survival challenge. A tornado tries to prevent us from beating the game. The tornado picks up blocks and throws them, as well as destroying everything in it's path. It also picks up players and mobs. This was super funny and also super fun.
Can we beat the enderdragon?
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Minecraft But challenge
This is similar to the Minecraft natural disasters mod, except it is a plugin not a mod, and it follows us at all times!


  • I'll be hanging out on dream.archonhq.net for a little while on their game mode "Rust" if you want to come hang out :D edit: also FYI at around 18 minutes I cut when I'm really low, and eating, I just eat and mine into the nether brick / tower up and George was closer to the tornado so it went for him. That's why the Tornado was far away the next cut. I said a couple curse words so I cut it : ) love you guys

    • U

    • @Pixelized Kayla woah woah woah WOAH it’s ok if u think that but don’t use that kind of language espeauly around a kid friendly show

    • @Monkey In The Tree 123 what dat

    • I love u too dream : )

    • George: “I’m making a crapping bench” Me: dead on the floor ☠️

  • Please do a face reveal

  • 2 things dosent smoke but he dose smoke cookie lol

  • Soundtrack?

  • "aRe YoU iN?" ⬆️😏😏

  • I think it would be fun in the tornado if it didn't kill you.

  • dream is god at nether 20:10

  • Oh my God, this is better and more funny than the black hole, at least for me.

  • Up to about 8 mins you did exactly 0

  • Love your vids Dream! Never stop making more! :)

  • Hi

  • am i the only one who just wants to see what it looks like when your in the tornado and they just keep avoiding it

  • lmao this came out on my birthday

  • George: dying in the tornado Dream: *turns into a tea kettle*

  • Guys they made this in Oklahoma

  • This is perfect rn 🥳 I’m in the middle of winds going 50 mph

  • Typical dream: eating food in a tornado

  • I tought the title said "Minecraft, But A Tomato Chases Us..." Oof :>

  • e

  • dream saying its right there for 27 minutes

  • dream cri ;-;

  • 2:32 I laugh when george get pick up by the tornado😂😂😂😂ahahah and can i be your friend drean comment plss

  • 16:20 it's raining grass blocks!

  • Kyrie Irving

  • Spinning George and Dream XXDDDD

  • What is worse? Black hole: like Tornado: comment Both: like and comment

  • The amount of times Dream said *GEORGE GEORGE GEORGEEEEE* ⬇️

  • He does on purpose he just scream and runs instead mpg water. It's boring

  • 😂😂😂

  • 18:12 that's what she said😏

  • He almost disconnected

  • The fact he used the theme of POTC in some moments gave me that nostalgic feeling

    • Samee, too bad they removed Johnny Depp from the franchise, thx a lot Amder Turd😒

  • 10:40 song??

  • this is how many people had to watch some random Etisalat ad before the video | | v

  • If they were underwater shoudent they be able to live without getting killed???

  • I dont even smoke food...that often.

  • I thought he kept saying weed. Lmao

  • “Stall the Tornado” Dream, 2020

    • Time stamp 11:08

  • george: nooooooooooooo get me out of here Dream: omg runnnn villager: gets sucked in tornado

  • Saying RUN RUN RUN wont make u faster lol

  • Why is no one talking about 18:02 dream was on half a heart in a terrible spot and then he had full health back on land? Explanation?

  • This video makes me feel like when you’re struggling to run in your dreams

  • Can You Add A Content With Small tips and tutorial of your minecraft

  • Wtf george 9:16


  • Me seeing this a year later

  • Dream: The portal is finished! Get In! Tornado: Oh no no no, no portal for you!

  • He needs to do one with a volcano erupting

  • 9:18 The flying boatsman

    • I love the reference XD plus the fact that they used a POTC soundtrack (in a different scene) made it even better

  • Hey clay

  • tell me why i read the title as "minecraft but a tomato chases us"

  • Who got this recommended in 10 months later

  • In Soviet Russia, storm chases YOU


  • Poor George in the tornado 😂😂😂😂😂😂💜💜💜

  • Dream in an intense situation: speech x2

  • 19:02 nicely edited with the music

  • Why did he leave the emeralds? :/

    • They didn't plan on doing trading

  • Buffalo Bills

  • i love how whenever they try to say something urgent they just say it twice

  • Am I the only one who cares about how he placed the block on beat with the music?-

  • we need to smoke. *the music stops*

  • why do dogs have so little health?!?!?!?!?!?!? :(

  • I use it to mine

  • is no one talking about how George just practically made a rhyme for a rap song at 24:53??

  • Hahaha dteam guerege was eat

  • why did i think for the intro dream said tomato and when i saw the tornado then i was just like 👁👄👁

  • Next video: Playing Minecraft but hunters chase after me AS.p a tornado!

  • It’s supposed 2 be a thunderstorm 🌩 bc tornadoes 🌪 r normally in severe thunderstorms 🌩 f0-f5

  • "I don't even smoke food that often"5:44

  • Dream, how do you stall a tornado? Do you think George is Jesus?


  • Dream: This might be the end! Me: You wish. You're still in the Nether buddy.

  • 24:05 I love how the music just cut out at this time as the realisation of how screwed he was became apparent.

  • Is Jorge saying toe-nato

  • 11:58 oh my god i was shocked 😂

  • Its kinda funny how they repeat evrything example: 1 im nog gonna make it 2 im not gonna make it. 1 oh i see the portal 2 oh i see the portal 3 i see the portal

  • Upload dream

  • My dream is to beat my dream

  • 2:21 yes you're georgeinnit

  • Who else remembers when you could go on top of a cactus and not die

  • I like how everyone is watching this 10 months later

  • Is it just me or when they are stressed they repeat literally everything

  • Why did he cut at 18:00

    • i think 'cus he died there but didn't want to show his dead

  • A another title for this video : an Advanture were we cant stop. Like or dislike?

  • “ how far are you? “ “ I’m,,, far ‘’

  • 2:25 GeorgeInnit

  • damn the stuff you find in the ship wrecks i find potatoes if im lucky

  • Everyone gangsta until dragon gets picked up by tornado 🐉 😢

  • this is literally so scary omg

  • Is it just me or did anyone else here Wookiee screams when dream was at the village

  • Dream: I’m Lagging!! Me: i wish my mac would lag that way

  • How did dream getout of that fortress side when he was half a heart?

  • I miss shipping George and Dream

  • 11:13 "You stall the tornado" -dream 2020

  • I love it how every time he makes a man hunt and kills the ender dragon in one video meanwhile I’m over here trying to kill it in like a year

  • I bet there was more "It's right there!" In this video than likes LOL XD more than 274K--

  • Your such a bitch dream

  • Moster

  • the face reveal dream what happened