Minecraft, But A Black Hole Grows Every Second...

Datum objavljivanja: 19. Vel 2020.
Minecraft, But A Black Hole Grows Every Second...
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This is a custom coded 1.14 / 1.15 survival challenge. My friends and I try and beat the game before the black hole destroys and consumes the entire world and all the blocks in it. This was super funny and also super fun.
Can I beat the enderdragon?
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Minecraft But challenge


  • 10:58 thats wat she said lol

  • out of context dream 10:54

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  • Dream: im dying in the blackhole George: No... not like this...

  • Hi


  • 15:05 Note to Self: *never give dream a ender pearl when you're in scary situations.*

  • Welp hello black hole my new world why just why

  • Hi Clay

  • 15:03 "nO dOnT leAvE mE"

  • 13:28 tf :)

  • Gosh GoeRgE mOaN

  • Who knows that its not black hole but its wither storm like and reply

  • 13:27 what was george doing


  • were is the part 2

  • There were some “that’s what she said” moments in this video

  • The whole video: Dream: RUNNN *stays* George: HELP ME Sapnap died

  • HRwikir fixeye steeling your content and this video he steeld

  • dream: “it’s huge!” me: *crying because i know that the lewd people will use it for lewd things*

  • 100000 likes for part 2 dream with 965000

  • 13:44 *rare footage of bri'ish man becoming a lamborghini*

  • Voy a aprovechar que todos hablan inglés, y voy a decir que Karmaland lo hizo primero.

  • Alternate title:Minecraft but its making you to commit no jump

  • i subbed!

  • Is that a Pac-Man mod

  • That’s what she said

  • Dream running

  • How did no one said That’s what she said

  • 15:10 top ten anime betrails

  • You can give a wither skeleton a sword and they will pick it up and attack

  • lol when dream went "Ugrhhhhh" he sounded like a motorcycle XD

  • Click and subscribe Meanwhile I: A million times I click subscriptions thinking that this thing will help XD

  • Corpse: scared of face Dream: no face at all (I'm not asking for a reveal lol)

  • Sorry for all of you but light can’t escape black holes so it is wrong.

  • I can see the strain in their walk- and I feel your pain, dudes x

  • 0:03 I know right

  • CANON!

  • I like how they didn't restart the video

  • when dream was saying Noo pleease when he was stuck he sounded like fe4rless

  • if you listened to this without the video you would think they were talking about something else

  • DREEEEEEEEEAM- *”w a w a’ s w i n t e r r e s e r v e c o f f e e”*

  • Legends say people are still waiting for part two even though it's probably never gonna happen.

  • I haven’t watched dream in a while I remember when he only had like 500k I think lmao

  • Wheres part two:(

  • I am new and I have already subscribed because of this video

  • And sapnap is get dies

  • Georgenotfound is just kept running

  • And what is the part two

  • Sapnap just died many record

  • I'm getting minecraft story mode witherstorm vibes

  • 14:34they are dead

  • The sounds

  • Dream is just sweating to stay alive while he leaves George behind.

  • The blackhole is hitting bigger

  • minecraft storymode but it’s minecraft

  • Dream in 2040: speerunning real life vs 4 hunters

  • Dream: can we beat minecraft before our world gets destroyed MC world: im infinite and beyond😌

  • Why did I actually cry when dream got sucked into the black hole what’s wrong with me 😭😭😭

  • я один руский его смотрю

  • the amount of times there could have been a "that's what she said" line is amazing


  • 2021 and still waiting for part 2

  • What? Is this a DREAM🤣

  • 13:38 george turned into a demon

  • New title: Minecraft but sapnap keep getting killed when George and dream is running away and getting stuff

  • Hi

  • 14:38

  • "why does it go slow, does it move faster in the water?" LMAOOOOOO BYEEE-

  • Part 2 we need a part 2😃✋

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  • your the best minecraft player how are you so good i mean like realy who can get away from a black hole!!!

  • When you see this in your minecraft world. Me: Oh. This Is Perfectly Normal. Nothing To See Here. My Friend: Oke. Me: *"RUNS IN THE SPEED OF LIGHT"*

  • Овмайгат

  • This video just made my entire week. It was soo fun

  • Its huge😂

  • is it me or does he sound like fearless?

  • sap nap after dyeing the 100 tim well guess ill die

  • Lmaooo dream said its behind me its massive then said im done im done lmaooo

  • Lmaoo “its the biggest thing ive ever seen” thats what she saaaiiid

  • The Wither Storm but it can’t move

  • Hello dream

  • Subscribe to my channel please

  • Alternate title: that's what she said

  • Where’s part 2?

  • Pt 2?

  • take a shot for everytime he says "its so big"

  • Sapnap exist:- Black hole:- *AnD I tOoK tHaT pErSonalLy*

  • This is one of the most clipped videos on dreams channel



  • Mario cart 8 in a nutshell

  • Where Tf is part 2

  • Join the community working to part 2 :)

  • Best movie of all time

  • I remember watching this before I knew who dream was. Then I saw it in my recommended and I was like “hey Ik that guyyyy”

  • Oh my god