Minecraft, But A Black Hole Grows Every Second...

Datum objavljivanja: 19. Vel 2020.
Minecraft, But A Black Hole Grows Every Second...
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This is a custom coded 1.14 / 1.15 survival challenge. My friends and I try and beat the game before the black hole destroys and consumes the entire world and all the blocks in it. This was super funny and also super fun.
Can I beat the enderdragon?
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Minecraft But challenge


  • Part two? :,(

  • 14:52 just yeet that pearl

  • Smash Bros Brawl Subspace:

  • If you use slime blox in lava in a cave you will see diamonds😀

  • Where is part 2 :(((

  • When is part two coming out

  • haha funny male reproductive organ jokes you can laugh now

  • Sapnap = noodles

  • I was wondering why George was making fun of sapnap for saying y’all. But then I remembered I’m Texan haha

  • These guys are like my codymaverick and joebuzz replacement


  • 0:49 sapnap voice crack lmao

  • Part two when we get 100k likes :) The Likes: Yea, so... 770k enough for you? So where's part two lol

  • does he know what a black hole is not sexually u creeps

  • Can you go in the Black hole

  • I Love your vids

  • -sad music- Dream:It’s pulling me in..I’m under water..I’m inside..I’m blind..I can’t see anything.. Dream:*dies* Also dream:*cries*

  • "100K likes and I'll make a part two" 700k likes later... Bruh

  • we never got a part 2

  • sapnap: *is nonexistent for most of the video*

  • This feels like a fever dream

  • we hit surprased 100,000 likes, were's part 2???

  • Wow!!!

  • 10:53 That's what she said x6

  • 11:02 thats what she sayd lol

  • Basically 2b2t

  • Imagine if a kid from make a wish contacts him and he calls dream clay Kid:hi clay {server}:Dream has left the chat

  • This mod reminds me of MCSM

  • Where is block hole part two

  • 5:53 6:16 10:55 11:39 13:25 15:39 17:04

  • 13:44 *Car Engine Intensifies*

  • I dont know about you, but i was making "thats what she said" jokes the WHOLE time.

  • Zed

  • Capcom

  • Cartoony

  • Mr meat

  • Cartoon

  • Gun

  • Shotgun

  • Double

  • Double

  • All

  • Cartoony

  • Find The Words

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  • Try

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  • Error Cartoon

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  • 7:23 close your eyes and listen. I have a yt btw

  • Dream 2020 awesome

  • hey that's like the witherstorm from MCSM :-O

  • When they are in the ice biome my dirty mind is working

  • This would've been way cooler if the render distance wasn't so low.

  • 5:27 damn sapnap we get it, you're from texas 😭😭

  • dream in the start when u do your presentation and stop saying u can always change your mind it makes me feel bad

  • Just turn your render distance to 2

  • Minecraft Manhunt : 3 Speedrunners Vs 1 Black hole

  • He says “subscribe a lot of people who watch my videos aren’t subscribed” he has 11.8 million

  • Dream and George when Sapnap's dead (basically): EVERY SAPNAP FOR THEMSELVES!!!

  • is it just me or when george and dream was going to the ice george sounded like he was moaning

  • Please dream give me pc

  • Oh you guys make these plugins? That's awesome!

  • Nice video DREAMM!!

  • I'm done I'm dead I'm not even kidding I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead I'm gonna die I'm dead I'm for real gonna die I'm dead 🙄

  • Bruh the best minecraft player award goes to dream

  • 11:05 That's what she said😌

  • 10:54 thats what she said

  • Subspace Emissary

  • Part 2?

  • Dream you and your friends should try to get on x life

  • there is no part 2 fuck this guy im done watching him

  • That’s what she said to this whole video

  • when Dream got sucked in.... it was so sad..... until George said'' I'm here for you Dream''

  • Dream can u pls make more of the hunter vs speedrunner vids pls

  • Minecraft but everytime Dream,GeorgeNotFound And SapNap is near to DEATH.. Btw GeorgeNotFound will actually come true if he gets sucked by the BLACK HOLE..DUN DUN DUUUNN.!!!!!

  • 13:24 Trust Me

  • I can't see anything, It's Dark Here - Dream

  • The game JUST started and Sapnap's soul has already been consumed by eternal darkness.

  • The obama ball

  • Hi subscribe bye!

  • My dirty mind during the whole video be like: 👁〰️👁

  • what you want to do during this: go out around 20k blocks from spawn

  • 7:43 I think that can be a new mini game.

  • Bruh

  • "its following me" manhunt music plays

  • 17:20 :(((((

  • You are the best

  • I think you got more than 100k likes😁

  • أله وكبر

  • well this video got 600k+ more likes than the like goal that he had set so now we just have to wait for part 2

  • We need a part 2

  • 'its the biggest thing ive ever seen' I was waiting for george or sapnap to say 'even bigger than your mom?'