Minecraft 1.17 Snapshot 21w17a Noodle Caves & Copper Changes

Datum objavljivanja: 28. Tra 2021.
Minecraft 1.17 The Caves & Cliffs Update Playlist ► hrwiki.info/zone/PL7VmhWGNRxKixIX8tWEQn-BnYKE9AaAXk
Minecraft 1.17 snapshot 21w17a shows us features from both 1.17 and 1.18 with drop rate adjustments for copper ore and noodle caves in the 1.18 data pack.
Minecraft 1.17 Snapshot 21w16a Ore Veins & Ice Caves???
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00:00 Changes To Copper
01:14 21w17a Changes
01:43 Missed From 21w16a
02:40 1.18 Noodle Caves
04:36 1.18 Ore Veins
06:22 Tweets & Bug Fixes
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  • So how about them new channel icons?

    • Honestly they should allow for gold mega veins only in Mesa biomes to go along with the iron and copper ones, I would love to see coal blocks being added alongside normal coal veins or maybe mega coal veins too since coal mines are of that type of scale, people seem worried that its gonna ruin the game because of over saturation of ores BUT you look at me and tell me what minecraft server doesn't have a infinite source of Iron Gold Coal Redstone Emerald Prismarine ETC... from mob farms and or villager mass trading set ups. These veins in my opinion would never even come close to providing the same amount of Ore and material than mob farms already provide at much less physical work required from the player a Iron farm for example will just provide infinite iron for ever once the farm is built the player does not have to play and can AFK to get stupid amounts of Iron more than these mega veins ever will be able to produce. Wither skeleton farms provide so much coal that its only logical for them to also add mega coal veins and imo they need to be even more dense than the iron and copper ones to mimic irl coal mines. Diamond mega veins would be cool BUT there is no farm in the over world that can provide that amount of raw diamonds so adding them would probably not be good for the game. Channel icons look nice but I preferred the old ones.

    • Good also congrats on 1.69mil subs

    • they're awesome!!!

    • Nice

    • I love it

  • I thought this was a different channel because of the new picture

  • "Noodle caves should be able to tell you where to go" I would have to strongly disagree. this new type of cave variant is perfect imo since people complain about caves being easy. And it makes exploring more interesting. Also I'm pretty sure that's the entire point of noodle caves there SUPPOSED to feel tedious and confusing.

  • dislike only because you pronounce mojang like that but i like your content

  • 3:04 mmmm noodles

  • bro the more minecraft get updated the more it looks like modded minecraft

  • Iran is rear now

  • Mmmm good hecking ground noodles..

  • i love how we can now have things like iron mines or copper mines where we can have a dig site for one type of ore. this way you'll have to go to one of these mines if u need a abundance of said ore

  • for some reason i used the 20w17a snapshot but after creating a new world the new caves and world depth didnt change but the new items are added to the game anyone knows what happened

  • It's _number_ of blocks, not amount of blocks.

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  • Could someone help me a bit? I have downloaded the latest snapshot and a lot of things are present, like the ores and the mobs and new blocks. But for some reason, I can not go below y = 0 and there are no giant caves. I generated a new world in creative and there is a black abyss below zero level. I have been running 21w17a snapshot.

  • Nice

  • Lichen is pronounced "Liken" *not* "Lin chin"

  • After cave update: So now what?

  • That copper vein definitely wasn't luck because there were way too many in 1 chunk.

  • 2:00 glow lichen, the word "lichen" is pronounced like "liken"

  • The large amount of bugfixes and small amount of changes in this snapshot concerns me. It indicates that the update may be nearing release, despite the fact that it is nowhere near completed. Also, raw iron should _absolutely_ have rust on it.

  • I love this update

  • 1.17 Will be so smooth with all those bug fixes

  • Am I the only one who would love to see the create mod in minecraft?

  • i still call deepslate grimstone.

  • Watching this video out of context (not knowing what is going on in the update) is very exciting

  • when is the next snapshot coming?

  • The noodle gaves will drive me crazy

  • Please learn how to pronounce lichen, it drives me nuts. It's roughly pronounced "like-en", but honestly just look it up.

  • And to bee honest (see what I did there) I can’t tell why this man doesnt have a bigger audience

  • Just delay 1.17, there is NO point in splitting them up

  • great... more useless blocks like granite and andesite that will take up even more storage...

  • 5:57 Why did I hear "Roblox of Copper"?

  • So if you have fortune , you can get as much as 9 from one block *breaks one and gets 12*


  • God the new ore looks so terrible and un-minecraft. Gonna need a classic texture pack

  • Ъ

  • raw gold block still looks like beans

  • power armor would be nice or making andiste granite and diorite to make stone tools and concrete

  • I’m still a bit surprised that deep versions of ores don’t give a bit more raw items than the normal versions. Since it’s harder to mine it seems like they’d be more ‘dense’

  • In which coordinates I can find diamonds?

  • Lie-ken

  • 2:00 not to be that guy but 'lichen' should be pronounced 'li-kin'

  • 0:41 Xisuma: The max is nine copper *proceeds to get 12 copper from one block*

  • Tomatoes: Copper Beans: Iron Corn: Gold Me: Wtf

  • Axolotlvoid

  • Thank you so much I don’t have Java so this is really nice to keep up with what’s going on

  • I hate how the ores look

  • Moyang?!?!🤣🤣

  • Skidaddle skidoodle, your cave is now a noodle

  • "Lynchen"

  • I dont understand so the lowest y is now 0 again?

  • I’ve never been more excited to find granite

  • That pronunciation of lichen really bothers me. Firstly because he’s clearly taking the piss because there is only one n but more because “lynch” is a bit of a loaded word.

  • is there still going to be minecon this year???

  • So I mostly play bedrock and don’t know much about all these snapshots, what are the purple gemstone pockets supposed to be used for?

  • i severely hate these new ores textures Dx

  • That sucks i hope they dont add that type

  • Gotta say, i dont like the noodles.

  • Lichen is pronounced "like-in"

    • How many times you'll gonna correct him seen these comments a lot

  • Doscus

  • “you can get as much as 9” Casually gets 12 from one ore

  • Lichen officially joins acacia and amethyst on the list of words X pronounces weird.

  • Commands don't work in this version

  • i dont want the cool caves to be rarer, its cool they introduced this feature but I don't want to have to travel thousands of blocks to find a cool cave, just make them more common

  • Xisuma, i downloaded a datapack for vanilla tweaks but it is not working for some reason, why?

  • Will this effect how dungeons spawn?

  • This guy sounds like stampcat tbh

  • Interesting, they’re trying to give us a reason to actually mine granite and andesite

  • but this IS huge for survival - in very negative way - way more important than many snapshots which just tweak random resources Noodle caves are awful. Annoying to explore and even bigger pain to light up.

  • the raw copper blocks they still look like beans

  • Somebody knows why I've no new caves, I traveled all around my world in spectator mode and i didn't found any new caves ?

  • The claustrophobic caves are amazing, that will create a very unique experience to exploration. I just wish they were not so chopped up into tiny sections, having to mine out half of it out just to find where the next section is (not knowing if there even is one) makes it a lot less satisfying

  • Yeah those claustrophobic noodle caves get a big no from me. They look annoying to mine through, not at all pleasing to the eye, nor fun to adventure in.

  • am I the only one who gets bothered when he says "linchen" instead of lichen(pronounced - lyken)?

  • I dunno why but 'Noodle cave' the name is so funny😂

  • He's misspronouncing lichen on purpose, right? RIGHT??

  • Ngl I hate the raw ores textures

  • You sound like stampy

  • I hate the idea of raw metals in minecraft

  • Raw gold block wtf

  • I wonder which peice of food they ll add next

  • The noodle cave are a lot like the majority or irl caves, most “caves” are just cracks in the crust of the earth. The big caves that we can enter are the exception.

  • this game is almost unrecognizable

  • Will Hermitcraft7 update to 1.17?

  • Is it actually Moyang? I always pronounced it Mo”jang” :/

    • Originally in Swedish, it is pronounced as Moyang, but when (it was bought by microsoft, it became spelled as Mo"jang")

  • oooh those noodles caves are wonderful, it reminds of how real caves are all noodlely and small. a real claustrophobic treat.

  • Everyone else: glow lichen This dude: glow lynchin'

  • How hard is it to be the admin of hermit craft and do videos at the same time do you offload some of your administration work?

  • omg that raw gold block looks real good

  • I want a difficulty setting that requires food but disables hostile mobs

  • 2:40 nobody: literally nobody: Me: **spots dungeon in small cave near the opening to the left**

  • Man, such huge veins for a decorative block. And They made Iron more scarce? I don't think I like this change...

  • *Beans*

  • This will be hard to adapt to because we were so used to the og way of mining⛏

  • 21w17a textures look fantastic, especially for iron.

  • Noodle caves would be actually really cool, as you could be diving into a super claustrophobic space in order to find ore veins and such

  • i just want them to make the savannah, jungle, plains and tiaga forests to look different on maps 🥲

  • Next snapshot: Cave update now contains a crap ton more food recipes. We’re talking ALL THE FOODS. We got beans, noodles, cheese, sandwiches, chocolate, EVERYTHING.

  • That just looks like too much cave even for a caves and cliffs update. Is it just me?

  • Tons of similarities to Terraria in the new update. The raw ore blocks and the noodle caves would be the most notable. Truly a great update, if I say so myself :D!

  • 1.69 mil! Congrats