Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Announcement Trailer | PS5

Datum objavljivanja: 11. Lip 2020.
Revealing Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, a new adventure from Insomniac Games coming to PlayStation.
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  • 1:10

  • The one thing that this game didn’t have is disappointment

  • I am GridUpGoofer

  • Thanks to *Techwiz0* on Instagram for helping me hack my ps5... He's highly recommended

  • Best Game

  • 0:32

  • 0:30

  • I hate how the mask doesn’t get destroyed like how it does in the trailer in the actual game

  • Boy this trailer gives me CHILLS!!!

  • Good times

  • When will this new Spider mam miles Morales start? I have downloaded the game but waiting for it to start

  • Como

  • Make the game multiplayer please 🥺

  • What music?

  • Fire

  • Qual o nome desse

  • Hussain Mustafa yes

  • Hey the game is so good bro 😎

  • Pofavor me dá um ps5 n tenho comdisaois de compra😔😔😔😔😔😔

  • Song name??

  • How long were they sitting in this... the trailer had the ending 🤭

  • 2020: worst year and boring End of 2020: Spider-Man Miles Morales Comes Out (no more Boredom) Me: Looks like we have a bright future ahead of us

  • WhOs HeRe AfTeR tHe GaMe CaMe OuT lOl 😂😂😂😂😂😂🥳🥳🥳😂🥳😂😂🥳😂🥳😂🥳🙂🥳🙃🤣😟

  • ps5. Is miles time. But you cant replace Pete bro

    • @Dude in a basket miles is the man but you cant beat the classic OG. Peter: bio electricity, gotta be honest little jealous Miles. Hey, I got nothing on the OG. THATS FACTS🔥

    • Yes you can, easy replacement with miles in my opinion

  • As anyone come back to watch this trailer after beating the game

  • After beating the game only 2 days ago, this trailer hits different

    • @AndrezPT way better then I was expecting, and I had super high Hopes for it. Definitely surprised me, the characters felt so real, it's like I was watching a regular person irl that so happened to be spider-man

  • 2 more days left.

  • Gross

  • Vibing to this trailer

  • 0:49 just gives me chills🥶

  • Who else can’t believe Miles morals comes out in 3 days

  • Ok who’s here a week before this game staying away from spoilers but getting some last looks

  • Hello guys who knows if it possible to play it at phone😬😬

    • Yeah make some cash and buy the game......

    • @Money_Vlog A phone isn't even close to powerful enough to handle this

    • @Deacon Jones what do you mean

    • Are you really this stupid

  • I am going to get that game as soon as it comes out

  • I am going to just a game as soon as it comes out

  • The suit at 1:03 looks like the spider-verse suit Edit: a day later they announced the spider-verse suit. wow

  • OP.....2020 is ending.....still the game is not released I want to play this game😑😑😒😒🙄

  • Song name

  • As we haven't got any kind of information about the antagonist, I wonder who's Miles is fighting at 1:03. Looks like a boss battle meaning that this character is somehow important. As Marvel's Spider-man is a complete new universe , it can be Gwen. It doesn't really make sense to me but I have a feeling.

  • Marvel thinks it is fair about Miles Morales to get a second chance without interfering G.I. Joe And The Justice League Back to back to back all over the place to feel rich and famous before Christmas day on the 25th. 👉🤑👈❤💛💙

  • Less than a month! Who’s ready??

    • Meeeeeeeee I already pre-ordered it for ps44444

  • I found this game on otto for the ps 4

  • Weon recuerdo cuando salió la ps3 y ahora q? La ps5 :v q recuerdos

  • This game better be as long as the last one

  • saya pikir jika dibuat versi filmnya..dan aktor yang cocok memerankan miles morales adalah jaden smith.,bagaimana menurutmu marvel entertainment??

  • Coming November 12

  • spider man beating the avengers on his own again, hahahaha a classic

  • I can already predict that the name of the platinum trophy will be : "Be Yourself"

  • 0:38 it sounds like the guy from disney infinity xD

    • Same VA, Yuri Lowenthal. He has also voiced Peter Parker/Spider-Man throughout 8 Marvel Games.

  • Like Christmas

  • *Spider-Man/Miles Morales:Hey* 🤩😏🕸🕷 0:49

  • PlayStation: Gaming has no Limits My Wallet: Has Limits

  • This trailer is enough to make a grown man cry

  • Why is it that miles morales enemy's tech was similar to wakandan?

  • Can't wait to buy the PS5 and play this game and New Avengers game!

  • Can you guys do another spider man movie on Netflix

  • Miles Really Got a Quarantine Cut

  • Who else can’t wait till Wednesday to come already?

  • I only have 800 dollars

    • Fabiel Infante cool watch out for the bills

    • Ik first imma buy the games and the ps5 when it comes out

    • You have enough for the ps5 snd the game

  • 2020: this is the worst year ever muhahahahah 2021: allow me to introduce myself

  • Fun fact: you’ve watched this more then one time

  • Port it to the Switch. LOL, I assume someone must have said it. Also, I wish they would.

    • @Raemonn Ramos Lot of legal problems for porting those games with licensing and stuff. Would be cool.

    • Sigh. I just want any of the older Spider-Man games on the Switch.. is Ultimate Spider-Man, Web Of Shadows, Shattered Dimensions, and Amazing Spider-Man 1 too much to ask for?

    • @Arthur Morgan all games do not need to work for the Lite. And a bunch of Switch games do not work on the Switch Lite (at least 10 titles soo far). The Switch does 1.0 TB or Tp and the PS4 does 1.4 So clearly the gap isn't as much as people assume. The PS4 came out in 2012 but the Switch is new. The power gap in the PS4 favor was never gonna be as much as people's imagination leads them to believe. The only real power i see is when you compare to "PS4 Pro" which came out a few years ago. Now thats a way more powerfuler then Switch system. But the original PS4 graphics can only do 1.4 while the Switch does 1.0 So the Original PS4 is not that much more powerful then the Switch. Its more powerful but not by as much. Which explains how the Switch is running Unreal 4.15 which requires a powerful system to run such an engine. EDIT: but if Miles Morales is a PS5 exclusive then nevermind. The PS5 is way more powerful and only the new XBox can probably run a port of the game. The PS5 is a new system this year, but around 2025 will be the Switch Successor. I'm curious how close it will come to PS5 power.

    • @Shahaneh Limonadi The switch is a hybrid and all games have to work for the lite to. I love the switch but the ps4 is way more powerfull then the switch due to it's size. Besides i'm pretty sure Miles Morales is a ps5 exclusive.

    • @Arthur Morgan still. It still takes a lot of power to run Unreal 4.15 Plus the PS4 came out in 2012. But the Switch came only recently with the new most advance technology for gaming. If the Switch is lesa powerful then the PS4, then its not by enough to not port PS4 games to Switch. Looking at all the multiplatform games released from 2019 to now, I don't really see that much of a gap between Switch & PS4, i mean Overwatch is on Switch. In fact how the multiplatform games are made ia from the ground up for PS4 & Switch & Xbox One and then they port a copy to each of those systems and do some minor adjustments to optimize in ported copy of the game. There's already been PS4 exclusives that were ported to the Switch and they look and run great. Clearly after all tge previous PS4 exclusives that have been ported to the Switch, they can do it anytime there's an exclusive they want to bring to Switch. So whatever the power gap is, its clearly much smaller then what anyone on the internet is willing to admit.


  • goddamn those winter graphics

  • Who is loved this game already well I am lol

  • I got a notification when I was watching this trailer... And this is how it was: Now, it’s your turn. Go .....a hero, Miles. Fill the blank of what comes to your mind first.

  • Wats u guys think about the chances of Stan Lee's cameo...?

  • 2019:Spider-Man into spider verse isnt launched in netflix 2020:Spider-Man Into Spider Verse Launched for Netflix

  • Will this be available on ps4 as well?

    • Triija it’s official dude google it

    • @Arjun Indrasenan i dont think so

    • It’s available in PS4 also insomniac confirmed it

    • It’s a PS5 Exclusive since it’s a Launch Title.

  • 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿✊🏿

  • Who still watching this trailer Aka 10000000000000th time watching it

  • I have Xbox and this game seems really fun but I’m just gonna have to stick with Xbox

  • I know someone already said this but that was on another vid but if you want replay the trailer 00:48

  • This..... is....... EPIC!!!!!! So does anyone know the music?

    • Jaden Smith - On My Own ft. Kid Cudi.

  • Will this game be on ps4😔

    • @Arthur Morgan Ok

    • It's using a lot of the new hardaware so probably not ps4

  • He looks so cool 🔥🔥


  • Wait are we getting this on ps4 too?

  • Me seeing this for the 1st time:MOM MOM I. WANT THIS

  • Sad that there would be no Stan lee cameo maybe there would be

  • Go be a hero miles

  • The sky is looking good.

  • Please make spiderman game on pc

    • Why would they support their competition?

  • Oh yeah marvel👍⭐️😎❤️💯 Make a new marvel capcom game with miles morales and tons of original marvel characters & new marvel characters too. Be cool if you made a marvel vs dc game Marvel vs mortal kombat game too

  • What is the song they play in the background?

  • Becuase you made 2 really good marvel games for PlayStation, Make a better one for Xbox

    • @That Guy Choco That's not entirely true. I just prefere playstation.

    • xbox will never get good games

    • PlayStation made those games. If xbox wants that then they need to do it themself.

  • If you guys hear closely when he swinging in the air he says yeah

  • But where's the gameplay trailer!

  • Very cool this trailer

  • I'm in for both Marvel's Avengers video-game and Marvel's Spider-man: Miles Morales PS5 spin-off stand-alone video-game because this is the only good news and updates that all Marvel superfans have in this times of crisis. Have you all seen the Marvel's Avengers video-game Hawkeye trailer? Cause I'm soooooooo very hyped and excited of that AAA Superhero team-up video-game with a bunch of exciting content.

  • Hope we get a wing suit, like in the Tom Holland series.

  • I like the hair Miles has now gives him the character look (SPIDERMAN)

  • Marvel's spider man miles morales 2020 ps5 call sony and disney or marvel studios mcu

  • I feel like peters gonna due in this one and miles takes his place as Spider-Man. I at least want that in the beginning of the game you train with peter

  • Who has also been rewatching the trailer every day until it comes out

  • now this reminds me of spider-man into the spider-verse

  • I can’t wait to get this game

  • What is the music called if anyone knows?

  • Give ps4 version included with it

  • Я плачу...