Magnus vs. Hikaru: The Final Duel

Datum objavljivanja: 1. Svi 2021.
The New In Chess Classic featuring Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura, Wesley So, Alireza Firouzja, Teimour Radjabov, and others.
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0:00 Intro
0:51 Game 1
4:59 Game 2
9:28 Game 3
14:24 Game 4
20:55 Game 5
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  • After 2 weeks I think I figured out why he played Ra3 on 16:27 , to prevent Ba6, if the rook isnt on a3 you cant defend the c4 pawn with the other pawn

  • why doesn't Levon just capture the hanging knight at 3:10?

  • From the thumbnail we all know who will win since Main character in the end always wins 😂

  • If you'd pool with agadmator, we'd have an introduction going like "Hello Ladies and Gentleman" :D thought that was funny. ere is the corssover episode!?!?!

  • Hikaru looks like a god on his streams but when he faces Magnus its like he meets his father lol😂 Magnus is just too much

  • 28:12 ТРИ ПОЛОСКИ

  • It's Time to D D D D Duel

  • 29:33

  • LMAO i died when Levy said that Magnus is in Illuminati xDDDD

  • B

  • "it's better to flash your prep than other thing" highly disagree

  • So you had an adverse reaction to the experimental gene treatment

  • 6:30 "It's better to flash your prep than flash other things." Levy Rozman

  • 31:38 why didn't Hikaru kill the horse on d5?

  • Last game was like , they both were launching long distance attacks 🔫👊

  • I don't get why people see them as rivals...? Magnus is far better in every single way and their matches is very one sided

  • Why couldn't Levon have played the move pawn to d4 to capture to knight at 3:11? I don't understand

  • The illuminati joke killed me XD

  • The thumbnail is gold

  • I just started playing chess, most of this goes over my head but I'm staying for the hilarious commentary.

  • 6:34 why am I dying? 🤣

  • when someone caught you doing something stupid and u respond doing 14:31

  • Illuminati confirmed!

  • sike 24:48

  • like came at 24:48

  • i didnt even notice u were sick, great job man

  • Happy that little gremlin got humbled

  • 28:12 They're not Slavs if they squat next to a BMW They're Slavs if they squat next to a Lada... Or on the Lada... Or in the Lada...

  • I like the thumbnail. Yugi vs kaiba 😂

  • Magnus bets Nakamura brutally..

  • I guess El Magneto beat the ceiling stockfish once and for all

  • Whew at the thumbnail i thought hikaru was manny pacquiao

  • Love the idiotic rambles! :)

  • magnus is a fucking genius

  • I just have to quote this: 7:20 "Knight to e3! All of a sudden the horsey has jumped in - and it wants violence! I'ts a hungry horse, it wants everything." This is the God-Tier commentary I want, when I watch a recap of a chessmatch at grandmaster level :')

  • It barely qualifies as a rivalry I mean Magnus just keeps winning and Hikaru just keeps losing

  • 4:36 why black couldn't just take knight on f4 with pawn?

  • Nakamura: "Come on, make your pathetic move and put the word "End" to this match!" Carlsen: "My moves aren't pathetic NAKAMURAAAAAAAAA!" Nakamura: "Nani?" Carlsen: "Omae wa mou shindeiru!" Nakamura can't see a fucking winning move for white. Few moves later.... Black blunders +4.8, White is winning. Carlsen: "My loyal servants.....OBLITERATE HIM!!!!" * Nakamura resigned *

  • Will watch to see if your rating drop after the Vax

  • Man, rooks have a knack for making moves that look utterly baffling, huh?

  • What makes Magnus Magnus is his end game. Insanity.

  • open video, pause, downvote, leave

  • I have a question please answer who is a better Rival to Magnus is it Hikaru or Anand Please answer this has been going in to my Head all day

  • Hey Levy, I think it would be a really nice idea for a furure video to teach how to set up certain tricks like Greek Gift, traps and those kind of things, great content btw, lots of love from Uruguay.

  • "It's better to flash your prep than other things" - Gotham 2021

  • I think its generally hilarious how Levy ends up confusing himself TWICE within one video by just going on a ramble lol

  • Amazing recap, thanks!

  • I love Levy’s insistence on berating us for the en-peasant 😂

  • Hello Gotham Chess! Hope you're reading this comment. I saw the whole video and noticed how you tried making little jokes like how Magnus was in the illuminati because of his pawn structure. I personally liked it and got few good chuckles from your jokes. I think it would be better if, after you said a joke, you could maybe edit the video and make it as a meme only for like a second or two and then get back to explaining. For example after saying how Magnus is in the illuminati because of his pawn structure, the video could be edited and have a little illuminati triangle right where the pawn structure is and have the illuminati theme song playing in the background for like a second or two. I personally believe it would make your videos more entertaining to watch (not saying it isn't already). I love your videos and I love that you put the time and effort into explaining almost every move to help me and other viewers understand the thought process of why those moves were made. Even when you feel sick you still pull through for us. Keep it up man! We appreciate everything you do! [Here is the time stamp from what I was referring to earlier 28:36]

  • 3:11 after Qh5, why is exd4 not possible?

    • @headfime yeah, exactly

    • ahh still Qd4+ and pick up the rook! Nice

    • @alguien ok, and the king can't go to a light square bc of bishop fork. But what about Kf6 instead of Kd8?

    • Qc5+, Kd8, and Qd4+ picks up the rook.

  • 10:40 behold your international master

  • I love Levy's straight faced sarcasm

  • 28:40 Magnus is a member of the Iluminati 😂😂😂😂😂

  • im watching a recap and bg2 at 20:17 still knocked the air out of my lungs

  • 28:34 why did i laugh so hard at that

  • "all of a sudden the horsey has jumped in - and it wants violence"

  • I gave it a 👍 just from the thumbnail

  • Fine art is just money laundering.

  • New rap disstrack with Gothamchess:

  • I’m gonna say AMONGUS😡😡😡😡😡😡😤😤😤😤🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • хорошо

  • levy's upload schedule is probably cleaner than your grandmas kitchen

  • Lol the thumbnail.... Hikaru would make a great Kaiba, without doubt! 😅

  • -Play your last pathetic move , so that I can end this Magnus ! -My grandpa 's strategy has no pathetic moves Hikaru ! But it does contain... the unstoppable Exodia attack ! -Ugh impossible ! -I collected all the pieces that I needed to perform the move. All 5 pieces of the puzzle ! -Exodia ! It's not possible ! No one has ever been able to play this move ! -Exodia ! Obliterate !!! -AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH !!! -Checkmate !

  • 12:41 vaccine workin alright

  • I love Levy's commentary 😂

  • You deserve your next million of fans ;) i do like your energy , your pedagogy , your video format , very pleasant ;)

  • Thanks for loving all of us Levy!

  • "Magnus is a member of the Illuminati" -Levy Rozman, 2021

  • 22:00

  • He just played rook a3, Levy didn't like it

  • 10:20 Levy Roseman's standup club

  • As if i can already see the result from thumbnail

  • - ”And now there’s a million things that white can do, and by a million I mean three.” - Levy Rozman 2021

  • ''little tetris piece''

  • Hikaru looked like Manny Pacquiao in the thumbnail. Maybe this is a sign that Hikaru should try chess boxing.

  • hot totty tea is better

  • Its better to flash your prep than other things. Okay Levy

  • I clicked on this just because of that majestic thumbnail.

  • Whoever made this thumbnail deserves a RAISE

  • The average gotham chess viewer is on minimum, worth as much as a knight?

  • His voice sounds super weird now because I just watched the previous video haha

  • Congratulations Magnus

  • nobody: Levy: the players chose to... Levy: SIKE everybody:oooooOOoooooOOOOOooOoo

  • 12:03 why not take queen with pawn???

    • because if pawn takes queen, knight e7 wins it back

  • Just want to say I got my shot the same time you did and the fact that you can still put out this content..... FUCKING AMAZING, keep going strong !!!!

  • Ahhh shit see ya later Levy

  • 16:30 My guess is that the Kc3 is eventually going to move and he can double up his rooks eventually, or Rb3 eventually.

  • 29:30 best part for me Also numbers....... Lined up

  • 6:00 Levy has got to be the funniest chess master 😂

  • Damn,miss yu gi oh 🥺🥺

  • 1:54 literally chess explained in under a minute

  • Thank you Levi for the recap.

  • Me who sacrifice my queen for my pawn: I know im a GM

  • "Queens are not worth more than bishops" - Levy Rozman, 2021. You heard it here folks, protect your bishops at all costs.

  • 28:36 LMAO


  • By 1 million I mean 3 basically the same thing.

  • Great video

  • 21:50 water... or beer?