🔴LIVE - $100,000 WARZONE Tourney Practice w/ ZLaner

Datum objavljivanja: 3. Svi 2021.
"I'm losing my mind in the dark alleyways of Warzone. Let's recoup, lets get into an incredible stride as we prep for Wednesday's 100k FAZE Tourney." -Dr Disrespect
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► Pylot - The Return
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  • Anyone know the song around 4:22:10

  • every night🎶see your eyes🎶reminds me when🎶were together🎶

  • Love the background doc!

  • Streamed over 8 hours and throwing tantrums.......stop playing dress up and grow up kid

  • jjhh

  • Zlaner carries dock constantly!

  • Middle of a tournament doc's talking about waxing his legs 🦵😳lol 😆😂🤣

  • Poor old Z. He’s paying a heavy price for the Doc giving him so much exposure. 😂 He’s being very polite about all the carrying though

    • doc literally never sticks with z. he’s so passive. they’ll be driving towards a team or two and he’ll jump out 70 meters away just to miss his shots with an ar while hiding behind a rock and while z goes in to the action, gets 3 downs and then dies because doc is so far away. then doc comes up, plays like a girl and ends up either getting down or driving away....so disappointing

  • Doc you need to rock the LC10 Amax

  • Complains about controller having advantage over k/m, switches to controller, gets owned, unplugs the controller 🤣🤣🤣 what happened to the aim assist Doc???🤣

  • Nice aimbot

  • 4:22:08

  • Why tf did I watch this idiot

  • That play around 3:01:00 is great teamwork

  • 7:09:35 Never a truer statement said!!!!! Only Doc!

  • I don’t understand how you lose those fights doc. You’re always shooting first and always hitting more shots.

  • Doc try the QBZ! The movement is a great fit for the 2 time!

  • Love the energy always Doc, But why do you keep playing a game that is so bad? almost better just to play Battlefield 4

  • Somebody send the Doc info about mixing headphones and preamps, he'd be hearing rotation of the planets around the Sun

  • Great Sub Intro ❤️😎🌯

  • I would go crazy with Docs ping times. I'm usually sitting at 30 or less. If I even hit 45ms I get angry. 90+ is most definitely "noticable" if you're used to less than 30. I find it hard to believe a new router magically fixed everything considering wouldn't he have had an awesome gaming router to begin with? I'm just running Ubiquiti everything....which is great and all but it's definitely not spec'd for gaming. And yet I usually have less than 30ms pings playing on Wi-fi, not even hardwired. My connection is only 300 down (200 average) and whatever up (25 maybe?). I just don't get it. I'm not an expert in this stuff and definitely no IT guy but either Doc lives in the sticks or he has some seriously jank mistakes in his set up.

  • Doc has dragon's blood.

  • 5:44:02 Z praises Doc about his driving skills, 5 seconds later LOLOLOLOL

  • Guys what is the name of the track thats playing at 1:20:55 ?

  • Doc to fly heli with mk don’t keep swiping fast with mouse, instead move mouse slowly in direction of turn

  • From Z playin' in wagers with Destroy he picked up the "Hoooollllyyyyyy" thing that he does, pretty funny.

  • 7:48:42 You really are something else, all that aim assist. They have me in tears, literal tears.

  • Why do the cars sound like toys?

  • The best to ever do it

  • I really think Doc just needs to finish a few downed guys every game and he would be dropping 15s and 20s all day. VSM.

  • 5:30:21 whaaaaaat!

  • Was doc roll a joint at the 6 hour mark when he says he wants z to have an explosive game

  • 3:01:57 😂😂😂

  • 44:04 yeahhahahahahhahahaha

  • Turtle Beach headphone are the best ... Doc every 5 secs: "I can't ear nothing, nothing" !!!

  • Routers get slower after a year or so! I think you can get a device that will prevent that

  • I notice the doc lives a lot longer when he gets jumped in a fire fight he quickly gets cover and replace his plates before he reengages rather then his ussual half plates time to contest a full plate mentality.

  • 1:58:30 what’s the background music ?

  • Didn't take doc long to warm up This session.. Can't wait for the tournament. LETS GGGOOOOO!

  • 3:11:00 It's like night and day... camouflage, literally. I never saw the problem demonstrated so clearly. Disappearing act.

  • 3:57:28 - Duos Win (45 kills combined)

  • Aim assist is just fkn insane. Literally locks right on to the guy and doesn’t move at all.

  • Speaking of Jose Canseco. He recently wrote on twitter “Melinda Gates and Alex Rodriguez will be publicly dating by the end of the summer". HAHAH. Seriously cracked me up.

  • Doc you need to invest in a t3 connection for your home. Only way to fix latency issues, they set servers up in your home and you can afford it. But will thank me for it

  • 1:33:00 what's the name of the song

  • Smartest man alive

  • I have barely any audio issues with this game and that’s all he complains about he should atleast try a different headset or something than just complaining over and over just saying

  • whats the song at 3:52:45?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • I don't see how Doc doesn't understand this: you get high damage and low kills because you don't finish your downs.

    • It is an ongoing source of frustration.

  • Doc was on one today lol. Love it.

  • What’s the name of the 1st song in the beginning it’s super galactic 🔥🔥🔥

    • Wice - Hope. Don't you have Shazam? It's a must-have app nowadays.

  • Doc looking jacked up let's go Doc

  • What’s with the ads doc??

  • any one know what router hes talking about?

  • I don't think anything needs to be said about the tournament tomorrow but maybe one thing, "REMIND THEM WHO YOU ARE DOC!"

    • Ok man, I thought I ate one too many of those “special” brownies someone left in the champions club lounge... So what time does the arena open today? It’s dark in these alleyways

  • Doc trolls so hard when he spectates sus players. Gotta read between the lines to get that.. "..feels like this guy sees ghosts.." 🤣

  • Doc, shut you mouth when you're chewing on your food

  • THE NAME...

  • Firm handshakes to Mark Owens

  • Docs dead more than hes alive

  • Doc you really need to stop jumping like Javed Miandad on the stumps. Its too noisy and you get slow when you do it.

  • 7:53:42 hahaha the rage😂😂

  • Really enjoyed VMS +Z tearing up hospital. That place is usually a blood bath.

  • 1:25 - Perhaps you could turn off some sort of fun effect to get rid of the gun smoke... 🤔

  • Anyone know the song at 3:01:45!?

  • 3:10:58 rose skin ... its crazy

  • Imagine how many games they'd win if Doc would just be humble enough to stick with Z

    • @firefight77 you mean the prototype scopes. I don't think he wears sunglasses.

    • Someone said the glasses protect everyones from his eagle laser sight!⚠️

    • @firefight77 The two-time back-to-back doesn't want his beady little eyes showing. Jks

    • Imagine if he took off the sunglasses and could actually see the enemy.

  • Never trust anyone with a mustache

  • How are we letting Doc get away with not uploading in 60fps? This is the two time we're talking about.

  • No offenses to any other streamer but imo you are the best personality streamer wise never a dull moment lol

  • 1:21:26 😂😂🤣

  • Z and Doc era is coming to an end ! Easily tell by docs energy after the 100k tourney you won’t see much of these guys anymore

    • Excuse me!? 😂 Bro this was just tournament practice for this coming Wednesday's tournament...

  • at 7:33:03, how the fck this guy gets himself trapped ... what a junior player !

  • McDonald’s breakfast is the best come on doc

  • Drdisrespect blue vs drdisrespect red mortal kombat fire vs freezer

  • stream quality is SO BAD

  • 3:00:25 - This whole sequence was literally glorious. Love a last minute revive, especially when it follows such a disgusting snipe.

  • When it rains it pours ladies and gents

  • when is the tourney?

  • 2:58:51 that controller aim assist Doc talks about

  • "you're cheating" has become an excuse lately

  • Doc Need to do a Dogecoin give away!!

  • Dr “ i didint hear him” disrespect

  • That mountain dew game fuel tastes like dumpster juice 🤢🤮

  • Need to get Z a stone cold Steve Austin WHAT ! T shirt WHAT WHAT WHAT






  • 3:54:22 this dude gets downed and his body protects his teammate from getting shot by doc on the stairs lol

  • Nearly 9 hours! Doc we don't Deserve you ! Yayayayaya!!

  • What the intro song @ 0:01?.

  • Did doc ban Mark Owens? If yes,then why?

  • He definitely didn’t have a day playing this game. Maybe Mario cart is more your speed. Don’t pick yoshi. That guy came underneath and smoked him. He didn’t make a move or sound because he crawled underneath while you were camping the front door. That’s 101. Noobs only get smashed on this occasion.

  • Their warzone win starts at 3:57:12

  • They should play PUBG. That would be interesting to watch...

  • Public. Fast forward with Z playing. It’s just losing in the beginning. Normal game play

  • Idk if you read these comments doc or if it's one of the arena attendant jobs, but I gotta say something changed in your attitude that is healthy and respects the Guy behind the prototype scopes. Best creative presentation online in any forum and on any platform. Indisputable.