Kings Gambit - Rust Movie

Datum objavljivanja: 6. Tra 2021.
50 hours of rust wipe in 1 video. The ultimate forced wipe experience. Risk it all to take the throne, Kings Gambit. Its only the beginning.
I hope you all enjoy this video!
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  • i love the big group videos cuz when you get into a fight with another group its so chaotic early on

  • How do you get panoramic fly around shots in a server like Rustoria? did you recreate the scene on a private server?

  • Isn’t this stuff fake?

  • This was lit keep it up 💯

  • Everyone is starting to do Rust Movies now, and I absolutely love it!

  • Bruh I thought rust is shit but since I watched this whole ass video you actually convince me to buy rust like tf😂😂😎🔥🔥🔥🔥😂😂

  • That ending thou!!!💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • haha Rustoria was my shit for a long long time.. empathy for the "not big enough" problem.

  • 10 seconds into the narrative and instant like and subscribe 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Honestly I'm not gonna stop walk away or fall asleep im gonna watch it non stop till the end

  • your cinematic scenes are absolutely incredible

  • That SHEEESH tho...

  • This was amazing, honestly the time you must of put into editing this.......

  • "wow"

  • "all that I ask?" (ad comes in) A ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-FIVE HERTZ DISPLAY

  • lol i went to part 2 of this series and came back and the to be continued was a fake xD

  • Sad i cant support candyman

  • Hey frost my son has been watching u four a very long time he loves ur content but he can't rlly enjoy it anymore because he passed away last week and his last words were "all I want is for him to recognize me"

  • Bro this was incredible man. Watched this with the stream and holy fuck man. You are a legend.


  • That opening tho

  • At 40 what song is that/ who’s the artist?

  • whats the name of the music at 41:40

  • Not a fan of watching you say "I shouldn't have to tell you twice" to your team mates. I do hope that was a joke man and if not then you need to chill out.

  • 41:30 song name ?

  • I remember this old rust

  • The ladders to the roof killed more of you than they did

  • So hes roof camping the roof campers fuckin archie

  • All of your videos are well edited like at the beginnings it is well played keep up the good work! 👍

  • should acctually be on netflix

  • Is it just me who got an ad for something on nexflix called The queens gambit

  • Okay but why the hell did nobody try and help Kira

  • 1:17:04 lmfaoo

  • 1:10:42 😂😂😂

  • Bro how is this free

  • kira is big brain

  • This gives me jlt vibes but rust instead

  • holy hell... part 2... please? this is beter than most netflix series hahaha

  • Who was the Female narrator in the video? Like I think I would hire her!

  • Frost I got my gfuel and ready to watch

  • Hehe stay frosty

  • Anyone know the music that starts at 1:20:04 and ends at 1:20:29?

  • “I’m guarding” “Cough” “cause I’m a fucking chad” 🤣

  • That outro HOLY MOLY

  • “Say cheese b*tch” My Back-tap Screenshot: Aight cheese!

  • Dude every video u upload just gets even nicer fuck i love ur stuff dude keep it up

  • I don't even like Rust.. But i love this! 10/10

  • The pause after Kira's ladder idea made me think the video froze lmao

  • omg that ending is soooo cold holy shit man great job

  • 1:21:01 is when the video starts

  • my jaw just dropped at the end

  • when you say unscripted it sounds like you scripted it

  • 34:25 cmon man you were flashing that flashlight to find boxes you could clearly see anyways. Ofc they saw your flashlight and figured you were scrapping. Fucking love these vids tho

  • did he just call 8 satchels for 4k metal a profitable raid?

  • ?

  • 1:18:34 crab rave flashlights

  • This guy needs an oscar for this masterpiece of a movie

  • this was hella sick!

  • What is the song next to the MEGALOVANIA

  • You pool


  • Man said he wasnt going to leave us on a cliff hanger but did it anyways

  • Dang ur almost at one mil last time i checked u were at 400k

  • I enjoy these bro keep making these please

  • this was so epic i wish i could do more than just pressing the like button to support, this was absolutely by far one of the best rust movies i’ve seen well made

  • At Greece the cinema’s are close cause of Covid but at least we have frost

  • The song at 41:30 (First tunnel war) is Orange Warnings - Blood Red Sun

    • Do you know the song at 1:11:00


  • DAMM that intro


  • 18:33 don't mind if I do. Jk.

  • Frost you probably won't even see this but this rust movie is the best one out there not only with the gameplay and the epic shots of you and your group fighting.

  • Sheeeeeeessssh🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • i got goosebumps at the end when she said empire

  • bro this should be a netflix documentary

  • You sound like PlatinumWow.

  • 17:21

  • 51:51 look at chat 😂😂

  • Holy crap that transition from the photograph to the scene... I just watched House of Cards again, if this is half as good it'll be twice as good as most other videos on YT

  • so there's gonna be a part 2 !!

  • sheeeeeeeesh

  • Dude, those spotlights were such a good idea.

  • Candyman is my man

  • @1:15:32 blooprint gun skin

  • i used to play rust really good but now my friends only play csgo, thanks for this movie :)

  • Coolest thing ever ngl

  • Imagine watching this in a movie theatre

  • 1:10:41 i was boutta unsubscribe

  • Fucking love you frost imma fan much love

  • "I'm goin' deep!" I fucking died.

  • by far one of the best intros

  • I just realized frost is releasing near wipe days when everyone is in the rust groove. Not only is he a rust genius and film genius, he’s a marketing genius.

  • "Com here, Do I sound Korean to you?"

  • bro the ending to this had me going crazy. I was out of my chair screaming WTF

  • The tunnel part is wholesome

  • bro the fact that i saw to be continued imidiatly went to next vid but then got 18 minutes in until i realised that i never saw the raid came back and saw it didnt end yet... im not dumb

  • where part 2?????

  • 1:00:40 that apollo kid is a roofcamper - played against him 2 wipes on stevious (if its the same kid)

  • Anyone know the song name at 29:29? please answer