iPhone 13 "Confirmed"?! NOPE

Datum objavljivanja: 26. Vel 2021.
A rant and a Q&A!
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  • If they can smoke the back camera 🎥 screen I’ll upgrade my X max

  • Printers 🤬😤

  • He says the truth!

  • Forbes is for finance bros, not really smart tech fodder lol 😅

  • This is Literally Confirmed Honest Review of Iphone 13.

  • Man I had that HTC phone, what an item!

  • Thanks to analog_ hacks for giving me iPhone 13pro max

  • This man is getting paid to tell us ONE thing, that's fluffed up with other bs. Crazy

  • It's not confirmed unless it came from apple's mouth. When will you people ever learn. Do not believe any sources even major news outlets with big names. Even apple's facebook page they don't post much

  • Nowadays confirmed doesn’t mean confirmed. Official does mean confirmed.

  • I really hope this years iPhones camera is flat, more features like more options and settings, being able to use Apple Pencil, New Lock Screen. I hope.

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  • It's refreshing to watch Marques talk about other stuff other than phones or new tech. Like basketball and etc lol

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  • how about airpods pro 2 and apple watch series 7?

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  • If Apple made a printer they'd accidentally manifest doodle Bob into reality and use him for propaganda

    • @Marques Brownlee got excited at the sight of your reply but after reading I realized it's some kind of mistake cause I don't win anything I love the content though and due to my friend who's also youtuber I know it's harder than it looks keep up the hard work🔥

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  • 8:36 is doable u can just try flashing the rom

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  • Love you Man ❤🙏, thank you so much for your kind info,

  • I just searched Daft Punk on youtube and this video popped up.

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  • EAP takes his reporting very serious and that's why I watch his content.

  • [Iphones] eat the frout off the tree Satan said, and they still release a new one every year when they don't need too because the warship money more they GOD, and there trying to release out 5G and 6G when they know it's bad for us, I'm born again prophet Abraham getting right with God and this time I need one wife and I approve this message through the Holy Spirit God. Don't believe me check out my prophecy song on soundcloud Stay Woke.

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    • Move to a different country the government warship Satan they know what they're doing, The white house turned off there youtube comment section

  • So it’s confirmed that you don’t like the word confirmed in this context, confirmed?

  • 6:40 You mean like F-Zero?

  • Marques is invited to the carne asadas

  • can you do a new video for 2021 budget laptop for work,streaming,editing and a large screen❤️👍👍

  • Good printer hp

  • Kya baat hai

  • yo habla español muy bueno, muy muy bueno. pero no entiende nada español, nada.

  • In 2040 iPhones are gonna gain a mind of their own, and take over humanity, then people are gonna be wearing mind control caps that have the Apple logo on them, and on the back the caption is gonna read “Property of Apple inc.” And to make things more interesting the control center on iPads are gonna be an actual control board for a missile launcher, and the “Find My” app is gonna be the location of the missile to where and how far it is traveling.

  • all i want to know is will there be an iphone 13 or even iphone 13 pro released for this year 2021 September. if apple would tell me no there will not be an iphone 13 or iphone 13 pro this year than i'm thinking about ordering the iphone 12 pro because i will not wait till 2022 September.

  • Man, that thumbnail look like a galaxy phone

  • I had to think long and hard about the “wow, this is the future” question. Basically nothing does that for me - everything new is just another step to me, building on what came before. But recently I started doing some basic home automation, and the first time I told GA to turn on my lights when I got home, without thinking about doing it, felt like a step into the future for me.

  • My dream is a futuristic printer. I would pay anything for that.

  • Fudge Twitter ...

  • If it has no fingerprint sensor, there is no point looking at any iphone N

  • Do I care about Apple products? NO. Is that guy cool af and is he made my day ? YES

  • iphone comes out and its legit the same shit as last year except the price 💲💲💲😂 i didn't see any difference on my iphone 12 pro from last years except the design

  • HTC all metal phone was pretty good. 7:56 Division 2 players know what’s up BlackTusk, Control Point get ready.

  • Mkbhd is jelly

  • 13:07 perfection

  • 6:40 How about under every road lol

  • PRINTERS!!! Yes fam 🙌

  • Imagin a Tesla Apple 1, If apple does a car truth be told i think they would partner with Tesla. It make the most sense in a marketing scheme

  • "Printers." xD

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  • love from Bangladesh

  • or hear me out ,maybe the future is roads which constantly powers the vehicles as they move constantly

  • Yeah printers are trash...have always seem “outdated” no matter if it as touch screen😂😂

  • What About Apple Watch Series 7 ?

  • Hi, I'm your fan from the Philippines, I hope to see you in person ❣️🙏

    • @Marques Brownlee I tried to call you in WhatsApp

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  • the dog answer's lmao

  • I love your channel, you have always stayed humble. Cheers mate!

  • man you don't use ad guard

  • Got samsung add in I phone video

  • Agree printer worst

  • i just realised. what if apple gets their phone ideas from people speculating what the next phone will look like

  • 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿👑👑👑 GOD BLESSD Your Family KING👑👑👑 Blessings Favors Blessings More Blessings Upon Blessings 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿👑👑👑👑

  • The Outro 🤩😆

  • I agree with you man ! ✅

  • NASA is fake.

  • NASA shill confirmed lol

  • I'm A Medical student and i just need an IPAD PRO and some money so that i can continue my school and study my lessons well like my friends i don't even have money to change my old phone. Because of that i made this fake account so that my friends don't recognize me . I really need your help. Wish you best always

  • iPhone is wack. Your buying the same phone over and over again with little changes. Lack of innovation or care for the consumer. Even Samsung has stopped putting the charger in the box. Screw that! I'm not buying another phone again for a log time. I have a note 20 ultra that came with a charger, is 512gb storage "expandible" 120hz screen beautiful design and much much more.... The new s21ultra hasn't got expandible storage...... Wtf?... So your downgrading each year.... Phone companies are ridiculous.,.. what's next? No screen?

  • Note: every since this vid went live....Forbes hasn’t published one of these since

  • Guau👏👏👏!!! Hablando español, genial👍👍, aunque no lo comprendas, te agradezco el detalle!! Sigo mucho tus vídeos Thank you a lot for speaking spanish, Regards from spain!!

  • MKBHD said : ”shoutout to NASA!” and I think that is beautiful

  • Hii

  • 🤠👩‍🦰 THANKS for your technical info

  • Kidney is not enough after this ☠️

  • لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله وعلي ولي الله

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  • But if we put coils in the road... Hmmmmm 😅

  • iPhone 13 "conformed"?Nope Do we give a "damn"?Nope

  • Someday I hope, phone have one camera can do anymore, like 3 camera in 1 camera..

  • I have a question,, which phone do you use Marques? It's my curiosity 😐

  • Marques: "hablo mucho Español" The very next second: "per no hablo Español"😂😂😂


  • Nice bro 💖💖

  • David! He’s a young version of Quentin Tarantino! From face to hands gesture and the way he speaks!

  • BMW Already has wireless charging. You park over a wireless charging pad in your garage and it charges

  • Marques is the one HRwikir I'd like to be friends with

  • Discovery is my favourite too, such a timeless classic. Too Long is one of the best closing tracks.

  • Yap

  • It's nice to see DAVID. Big Fan

  • Apple please don't make cars

  • Lol I had the one M8, makes me wonder why HTC stopped making phones, they were so good.

  • Fake news CONFIRMED

  • Iphone is best my dream lphone😞12pro

  • Shout out to NASA. For being able to send a 4K video of a radio controlled car, that was dropped in a dark room and shot at 200fps and then slowed for dramatics, and then streaming it live. Lol /s That's for people who still think we haven't been to the moon. Or that the planets are just LED lights that are made to appear far away, but are actually close. Haha. I couldn't help it. I had to say it!

  • tbh I don't like the idea of removing the charging port I hope they don't do that

  • Mr. Brownlee, please watch your "upSPEAK???"!

  • Give me galaxy fold 2 hardware and stock android software

  • 9:00 Adobe Premiere.

  • Who is Daft Punk? Never heard of them.

  • Talks about iPhone „13“ Video goes around 13 min

  • 4:00 The switches aren't really new quieter switches but just filmed and lubed gateron browns. Love your videos bro and major respect for the shout out for smaller content creators ❤️

  • i was thinking the htc m8 also. it was a pretty nice phone for the time. i think these should redo it modern specs

  • I was just watching that lol

    • for people curious about what he said in spanish: i don't speak spanish, but i can understand it


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  • After only listening to Andrew on wvfrm podcast for almost 1 and a half year, watching him in a video felt really weird

  • I don't remember the "literally" thing.