INCREDIBLE Bastoni Strike Seals Spezia Victory! | Spezia 2-0 Milan | Top Moments | Serie A TIM

Datum objavljivanja: 13. Vel 2021.
Simone Bastoni scored a brilliant first-time strike against Milan, taking Spezia into a 2-0 win | Serie A TIM
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  • SpeziaLe Milan sepele

  • 👍🎉

  • splendida vittoria

  • Even when they played inter, I could tell this team is well put together

  • Grande spezia!!!

  • Perfetto...così perderà anche l’Inter 🤣

  • Milan lost the title this was huge opportunity for them as they struggle with big clubs

    • Not really They won against Inter, Napoli, Lazio. They don't even have enough players against juve. And the defeat against Atalanta was a real struggled one.

  • 역배 야무지게 터졌노

  • I love "BASTONI" name 🤗

  • Grazie Spezia. Forza Inter

  • in this goal number 25 of spezia make a foul on calhanoglu stoping him intentionally to defend the shoot

    • Yeah, nah!

    • LOL Not even calhanoglu would want a freekick for that.

    • No penalty no party

    • 🤣🤣🤣 ..

  • A rocket 😍

  • Ibra cry.



  • ibra lukaku

  • Forza spezia

  • Congratulations, you found English

  • Anik tahtilik anik spezia

  • hebat

  • Ziyech > Bastoni

  • Bastoni must be italian word for greatness hahha What a left footed strike

  • The lion cries...

  • inter goes to top 1? maybe

  • Non è per la partita persa ,ma il livello di questo campionato mette davvero tristezza 🤷‍♂️

  • Don't underestimate Spezia!!! Even though it's a debutant club, but their strength is dangerous and deadly!!! #SPEZIAmilan #SPEmil #SERIEA #JKT48 #JKT48RAPSODI #RAPSODI #KAMIBERSAMAJKT48 #JKT48ONE

  • galera passam no meu canal vcs iram gosta muito e de humor

  • Njiaang lahh😭

  • :Literal el 99% de las personas ignoran este mensaje: “Dios guarde a tu familia y a ti de toda enfermedad!!! 🙏💕

  • Nice

  • 1st