Imagine If A Man Said What Cardi B Said

Datum objavljivanja: 25. Lis 2020.
It definitely wouldn't go the same way.
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  • I honestly couldn't care less

  • hey my names is nika. well Sh** ima get hit its a georgian name

  • The real question is how can she type with those fingernails???

  • Awful woman!! Celebrity privilege is wonderful, isn't it?

  • what is wrong with this world ?

  • yall he forgot to talk ab her ghost writer hat legit PAYS her bills for her

  • Women: Literally kills a Large Portion of the Planet Society: YOU GOOO QUEENNN!!!! Men: *Casually so-happens to exist* Society: *That Sin cannot be Forgiven.*

  • Imagine her as a history teacher Edit: oh boy I may have jinxed planet earth

  • need to get that sweet sweet ad revenue boiiii

  • Today I learned that Optimus is white. Not that it matters but I thought he was black.

  • That thumbnail looks like she doesn't scrub her tongue when she wakes up

  • Cardi B makes music for girls who wore baby phat and would eat hot Cheetos and drank pickle juice in the mornings in middle and high school

  • Lol and women be trying to gaslight this, come on be serious

  • If a woman hits me I will only say one thing. Equal rights, equal fights.

  • I swear some people don't deserve fame or to be rich.

  • I eat popcorn while watching this

  • Fun Fact: The G in Cardi B stands for good.

  • He made it :)

  • "An artist if you will." I will not, my guy. xD

  • *STOP LOOKING UP TO PEOPLE* Believe in yourself.

  • lets not base this off of female privilege, but famous people privilege.

  • On behalf of all women: *we apologise.*

  • Jesus christ she has claws

  • I tapped out the moment you mentioned being a Kanye West fan, I mean you do you but I just find the dude gross.

  • Men have said what's she's said. Do better research. Nothing she says is new to the genre of music in general

  • the solution? double barrel shotgun

  • Cardi B is the worst virus. She even looks outlandish makeupless

  • cardi b is the lovechild of tik tok and twitter

  • her face looks like its been smacked with a frying pan or something lol

  • Women being equal to men is different than women being more powerful than men.

  • I know this is dumb to say but your cod gameplay was really satisfying.

  • We live in a world where chris pratt gets cancelled for may or may not having religious beliefs and not cardi b

  • Cardi B makes music for girls who say "My kids are my whole world", while the grandmother has custody.

  • Cardi B is trash anyway no one cares what she thinks, also this is why no one listens when women talk about how they don’t have rights

  • People no joke feel like she's empowering. May I ask WHY

  • Cardi B isn't an artist. That WAP song stripped that title from her - if she could be considered one even prior to it.

  • "reedikalis"

  • Stop dating, its over women have nothing to offer anymore but problems and some other dudes kids

  • Cardi B, City Girls, Saweetie, all of them are just rapping golddiggers, making music for other golddiggers.

  • Ngl that tongue in the thumbnail gonna make me act up

    • girlie didn't wash it for a few years 😩

  • For my good feminists. Any existing leftist ideology has 'equal rights' under its banner... Back then, feminism was about very specific things that they put under the banner of 'equality'(rightfully) because women back then were deprived of certain rights that everyone should have. Today's 'feminism' or even the original idea shouldn't be a thing(anymore), unless its for a very specific and widespread injustice that affect women, the only one that might fit that criteria is abortion laws, but that would be a very touchy and controversial subject as I believe not all women would fight for such a thing. Nowadays, something bad happens to one women and it falls under the feminist rights violation, whatever happened to human rights? Feminism was for rights that supposedly everyone had or should've had, but were taken from women 'specifically', which is why it HAD to exist, but theres really no need for it today. It existing just gives some FEW ignorant women with a LOT of naive sheep minded followers a plateform to complain about every little thing that happen in their life. It might have worked then(feminism), but must we continue to perpetuate this idea that equality is gender based!? You don't need to be a feminist to fight for something that affect women, and doing so doesn't make you a feminist, it makes you a rationnal person.

  • No one is worth more than anyone else everyone is equally worthless

  • Cardi B: Breaks law while being abusive under the guise of being " disfunctional" Her fans : I sleep Someone: Calls her out while using valid evidence Her fans: Something's not right I can feel it.

  • “Yeah, I murdered a man”

  • 1 mil bababyyy

  • which game is this? anyone?

  • there is a simple solution to this problem; stop chasing girls who behave like this, no matter how cute you think she is... they will get the point real quick... problem solved!

  • Yeah i hate this unfair thing... even in relationship

  • You're tongue should not look like that in the thumbnail

  • TIL: A girl named herself after your second cardigan. The wonders never cease...


  • What's that game?

  • part 2: Imagine If A Man Said What Brie Larson Said

  • people have tried to cancel cardi so many times, that at this point it just might not be possible. she's like jeffree star or shadbase, its just not happening.

  • How is she famous? Freaking trash.

  • 5:24 me explaining to my mom why my siblings are crying

  • It's cuz men are stronger physically than women, so when they say a woman is abusing a man I would think logicly the man can defend himself but if it happend the other way around I don't think the woman could defend herself.

    • the problem isnt whether they can defend themselves; its the fact she did it in the first place. i could kidnap somebody off the streets and if I killed them, just saying "oh they could have defended themselves" wouldn't be a good argument for me. Also, its a pick your poison situation: he either doesn't defend himself and gets beat or he defends himself and catches a case. that's just how women like cardi work

  • No cause I actually like your channel. It's the first one I've seen that hasn't given me "incel" type "edgy" energy. I'm new to your channel and I'm going to check out more of your vids. (and idk if this matters, but I'm a woman)

  • she's just disgusting and i refuse to support her.

  • Stop making sense

  • you might be on to something

  • Weird

  • Foreigner Foreigner Foreigner Foreigner

  • cardi B is a physical abuser while offset is an emotional manipulator. I don't know how to feel


  • The sad thing is that throughout the history, one way or another, society was so inequal and it has been very cruel towards women mostly. Now when a woman does something wrong that's been generally done by men, people think that it's better because now they at least "can" do these things even though they are horrible. However, of course it doesn't change the fact that it's not OK.

  • 8:04 dio has entered the chat

  • I get that Cardi exists, but how did she become famous?

  • Women can abused men and men can abused women 😕I don't know why our society she's trying to say otherwise😔?

  • For real.

  • Cardi B is disgusting imo, but I still respect her political stance.

  • Cardi B makes music for women that would get shot and then use a band aid

  • Buffalo wild wings

  • I mean a man did, Rick Ross, yet he’s had a bit last year 😐

  • What game is he playing?

  • You always mention Buffalo wild wings. They need to sponsor you lol 🙃

  • She has to brush her tongue 🤢 even tho I have nothing against her

    • @jiaoski I said that because I didn’t know much about her,but now I am.

    • you should be against her since she’s abusive

  • 7:47 look at those nails tho

  • It's simple Simp outbreak

  • She's hideous inside and out.

  • Did this man just say a unhealthy relationship is not having issues in a relationship? Literally made no sense 😭💀

    • okay cardi b stan

  • who is cardi b?

  • Cardi b is just a rotten character. It's sad to see the impact of her influence in society cause many young girls and women now look up to her.

  • Imagine if a man got pregnant like women do? (translation: men and women are different).

  • Honestly there is a gross double standard on both sides, but it's very important we discuss them

  • shes an embarassment

  • bro spittin STRAIGHT FACTS

  • Cardi B is the type of person where if you said "How many chromosomes do you have?" She'd definitely reply "More than you"

  • Facts bro 😂🙏🏻🔥


  • If a man released a track called H.A.D, he'd be looked down by everyone. And yet they have a track called W.A.P

  • Cardi B is not a good role model? Isn't anime real life? These idiots have no touch with reality.

  • Cardi B has that left wing glassy eyed look about her that says "I read at a 5th grade level".

  • Tbh i wish we lived in a genderblind society that didnt have double standards where we could just say whatever and get equal treatment. It shouldnt matter that im a girl and it shouldnt matter if someones a guy but it does and thats sad😞

  • Even though I am not a Conservative I will say that Candace Owens DESTROYED Cardi B.

  • NGL Cardi B is like the female Bill Cosby. Except she got away with what she did.

  • Had my hand over the incel alarm for a minute...

  • Cardi B is lucky it isn't the 1950's anymore, she'd be dead

  • From the thumbnail I've heard white tongue but dang that jon green

  • Y'all boys in the comments are delusional. Y'all "guy looks at Girl for a second" joke isn't even funny. Nobody does that. Look at all the girls you want but don't be creepy about it. I get like look at her and then look away but nobody cares lol.