I recorded every toxic player I played with in Rocket League, this is the result (part 5)

Datum objavljivanja: 28. Tra 2021.
For a car soccer game, things can get pretty spicy out there...
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  • 1:33 okay, but that’s just kinda funny

  • Who else was very confused when it said caress my jugs, thanks sunless but I'll pass

  • imagine voice chat coming back with those guys...

  • Normally a big fan, but the lack of commentary kind of made this very same-same after the first minute or so. I was waiting for the video to start and it never did. Sorry :/

  • Don’t do that 3s shit at the end that is the most vile thing anyone can do. Don’t put someone in a ranked match if they don’t want to be put in a ranked match. My respect for you went down a little there.


  • When he pulled out that baseball clip, i just shouted "Fuck you... sunless"

  • This video show all my matchs in champion 1

  • Rocket league is one of the few games where nothing is ever your fault

  • the dumbest thing that ever happened to me in rl was when I was playing 1v1s and a kid got mad and asked to 1v1. Just think about it

  • Sunless we could be friends ur not alone wooooo

  • I've got matched with the as seen on sunless kid and waxed his shit xDDDDD

  • Happens😂 i feel ya

  • It’s funny cuz it’s so damnnnn relatable

  • You must have either not played very much or not recorded very much because this level of toxicity was quite tame.

  • you have us sunless lol

  • To be honest sunless is the best rocket league youtuber and if he posted more be be even better

  • Report every toxic, lets make this game better!

  • I think the cadence of these videos is dropping because it takes Sunless too long to get the winning 1v1 clips.

  • I love this video 😄😄

  • Yk I’d go nuts if any of those things would happen to me.

  • What is his Gold octane preset

  • I've been scammed like 20 times so I stopped trading

  • This video gives me pain... mentally. Always happens to me, I get what a saved most but still, pain.

  • u should maybe put all the eposodes in one

  • What a save!

  • sunless i love you music taste ngl

  • Last part felt you there

  • 9:08 lmao I love doing that. That's the best way to deal with toxics. Its so funny just being nice and polite to them BC they get even more mad that their not getting a reaction.

  • this games community is so amazingly toxic when they do the things they're flaming you for

  • i love the editing on these vids, from r2d2 to the rabid dog

  • nice. This vid was amazing sunless keep up the great work buddy

  • Lmao, I know bax

  • Seeing him get so confused about the ball going through his car made me laugh so hard. That happens to me multiple times a game.

  • Bruh, how many times I go for mid boost after kick off to realise it's not there and neither is corner boost...

  • "Just kidding, i dont have any friends"

  • Fastest 17 minutes of my life

  • In minute 4:20 watch closely

  • I am the one who should forfeit not you with 20 points.

  • most of these arn't even toxicitiy, it's just bad plays

  • Those zombie dog growls kept me in tears 😂

  • Potentiale title: i recorded myself

  • I cant see this anymore omg

  • Name of that first song?

  • Your actually shit even a toddler can beat you

  • When I got bronze 3 it was a 2v1 and I was alone and one of the enermy team called me a trash can Beats them in a 2v1..... Me: you just lost to a trash can

  • Watching this , it looks like they are also just starting like me . You can't blame them , they just have the ball cam setting! (jokingly)

  • 1:42 Got me 😂😂😂

  • A solution for all of these videos TACTCAL CHAT

  • im not even kidding. I played with circa cracked like 3-4 weeks ago and he was the EXACT SAME WAY to me when we played like 4 games together

  • Very enjoyable! Maturity neither comes with age nor experience. It certainly doesn’t come with being a Rocket League player.

  • first song???

  • Sunless I have the perfect song for one of these it’s called sit next to me and at the beginning it says “ yeah it’s over”

  • 12:00 why does this sound like Oingo Boingo's "Private Life"?

  • The 1 guys is so bad I am plat 1 and I could beat him in a 1v1 ez

  • Thanks! Thanks! Thanks Thanks! Chat disabled for 10 seconds

  • P A I N

  • Man the intro made me unreasonably frustrated

  • 4:20 Bruh i almost choked on lolipop

  • love these videos 😂😂😂

  • 5:32 let me add you on switch

  • 4:55 LMFAO

  • Love this stuff

  • Idk why sunless puts so much effort into these videos. I would just watch hours and hours of this type of content 10:47 11:40 11:51

  • 12:45

  • Play rl sideswipe/pocket league

  • can we take a moment to appreciate how chill this video was with the background music!

  • Yesterday i joined a tournament and my teammates gave up and i played 1vs5 I hate rocket league

  • 6:10 i always do this with my brother but i just walk to his room its easy because he is diamond 1 and im c3

  • 4:43 that might've been evample or maybe just someone copying his different users that he uses but who knows

  • I don’t know if this has already been done but you should make it so each teammate is locked within a certain distance and unable to go any further from a set distance

  • Someone got the song of chapter 4? Around 06:40

    • But i want to ask u What is the name of the song at the end of the video ?

    • Polar licht Get me out of here

  • The tournament scam happened to me the first game i played after watching this lol. Thank you sunless hahaha

  • Omg sunless ur the best

  • This man forreal used destins voice from smarter every day lmaooo

  • use da baby car

  • c-block wasnt a bot lul haha

  • Sunless is the most creative rl creator 😂

  • Whats the song at 6:20

  • this is the most frustrating video out there

  • You should do a video where their is 4 golds that have aimbot against 2 pros

  • Day 1 of asking sunless to get the youngest gc in the world to 1v1 golds

  • Hey guys I have a question I have 50 hours and I’m plat 1 am I doing good

  • It's always the shittest players that blame their team when they're the ones clearly whiffing saves and shots.... came across a couple of them today. Bumped a teammate once and his excuse for whiffing every touch was that his team mates kept bumping him, literally only happened the once the entire match... these salty kids I tell ya lol

  • This was a different kind of video Jared. A good, happy video. Thanks. I hope you keep vibing through life.

  • Sunless I challenge you to a 1v1

  • 6:45 why I dont play anymore, people convince themselves its not their faults and other things and get mad at their teammate, obviously this isnt happening here but it always happens to me

  • Can someone explain to me 7:30 how he got fast in such a short amount of time

  • I liked the little venture into TTS land there lmao

  • I got a sick nuw decal dot matrix 🤍🤍🤍🔥🔥🔥

  • we need another roster changes video... :)

  • How sad must your life if you forfeit after a mistake that leads to 0-1 when there are 4 minutes left in the match.

  • I love how they are toxic when they are the problem

  • I will never disrespect Sunless cuz then I’ll end up in one of these vids💀😂

  • Make a vid where 5 diamonds try to find the gc but everyone is actually a gc

  • The MJ clip was perfect

  • 4:39 Only one who saw evample?

  • What are the name of the songs?

  • 3:51 osm

  • Sunless do guess that rank but you have to guess the division as well with RLCS players