I Just Created the Craziest Rocket League Challenges...

Datum objavljivanja: 10. Tra 2021.
Welcome to Rocket League's newest and best series, Minute to Win it! In this video you will find all of the best Rocket League challenges that force all of the different ranks to compete for some cash prizes. You'll see platinums going up against Supersonic Legends, Freestylers hitting never before seen shots together, and diamond stacking their cars against grand champions. Every rank is involved here and every rank will have fun. These challenges were inspired by the show Minute to Win It and since Rocket League is the perfect game to translate all of those crazy challenges over to, someone had to do it. If you have any ideas for challenges, make sure to comment about them as I'll do my best to get you into the next episode of this series.
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  • Eyo this video was so fun to create and edit. Make sure to help a brother out and like the vid real quick. Stoked about doing this again soon!! There are a lot of good ideas in the comments. Thanks boys and girls!

    • I was going to say have people see who could stay on top of the ball longest and then you hit the ssl with that for the double or nothing

    • Can you stay on top of the ball for a minute and not fall onto ground

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    • It would be cool to try to have 2 guys hold the ball on top of their car at the same time and drive it into goal. The only catch, there are 2 guys trying to hit it off and you have to sync flick

    • What about dogde ball with 5 golds

  • I want to see the most hard bump in rocket league

  • Challenge in rocket League challenge at the end in rocket league is going to be an admirable all the way to the ball and then slam your head the ball inside the goal

  • maybe like 3 times crossbar in a row

  • Challenge idea: stop the ball on your car

  • Do 4 bronzes vs 1 SSL it would be funny and interesting

  • I would like to see an ssl try to not get demoed from 7 golds (No ARIELING)

  • Aerial with a puck for 30 seconds well other players are trying to bump you.

  • Crossbar!!

  • I would want to see a play and a grand champ have to a passing play but the grand champ has to wear a blind fold in a minute

  • Do a 1v1 but there is 4 people and the only way to hit the ball is to bumb your teammate into it

  • Racing on the new map

  • 3 people on both teams whoever hits the shot chosen by u first wins

  • you scammed the first guy.... wow.

  • Crossbar horse you have to do any shot of someone’s choosing but you have to hit the cross bar only or you fail top bar only if you need to check it the ball should bounce down

  • A squash or tennis game with a smaller ball

  • ssl need to scord 15 goal va 2 gold 1 minute chalange

  • Let plats do a perfect car reset

  • If anyone wants to play rl add me on discord. Baby-Bloo@/2270

  • Gold has to score against you playing only goalkeeper within 1 minute

  • You can do a challenge where like a ssl vs a gold but the gold gets a huge advantage 😎😎

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  • 3 runners and 1 chaser with unlimited boost. Chaser has 1 minute to demo all 3 runners. Runners have slow recharge boost

  • Hey CBell love your vids day: 1

  • Bro cmon that first one was in the circle

  • They should try to team pinch it while turtleing ill try to

  • The HARDEST CHALLENGE would be a GC air dribbling while 2 Silvers try to take the ball

  • do dropshot 'what rank they are v what rank they deserve' ?

  • i am a diamond 2 with pretty good mechanics. i can do like triple resets and it would be so fun if i could try :)

  • make 2 SSL change their keybinds at random and then make them fight silvers, would they win?

  • You should play doge ball with three balls

  • Make ssl players to cool freestyles with the puck

  • Make the ssl’s play hoops 1v1 and but they can only score ceiling pinched shots

  • Penaltys

  • Each rank has to do a team pinch whoever gets it fastest wins

  • Similar to beach volleyball but ping pong vs each other

  • See how many backflips in one min

  • Triva

  • make to silvers

  • i wanna see the perfect puck pinch

  • Idea who could score the most air dribbles without missing gc1 to ssl

  • Challenge idea: Get a gold to not ballchase

  • That plat was bunns

  • On the first guy it was in you scammed him

  • Who can keep the ball in the air for the longest

  • Beer pong (Lethamyr’s Map) but whatever teams scores the most points wins

  • Chase tag can be entertaining if the one who is chasing has infinite boost and the runner has 100 boost. A good map for this can "Pillars" or "Utopia Retro"

  • So if you get it in the center circle you only get 50 lol someone don’t like losing🤣

  • cbell this is a idea 💡 I thought maybe u will like tournament supersonic legend vs normal supersonic legend But I’m not even supersonic legend to be in the vid but I’ll still watch it

  • a celling pinch but with 2 people

  • like the volleyball, but it's heatseaker and they must not score (don't wanna be in ur video)

  • Do nuts and crosses gamd

  • how long can you do a air dribble chalenge

  • Do last to be in the air. So they have super-fast recharging boost and can bump each other and whoever is up last wins.

  • make there is 1 person who is alone and there are 4 other player and they got 1 minute 2 boom him 3 times its without limited boost and thats the canlange pls like the comment that this challeng go in the next video

  • Have to golds 1v1 and they can only score by aerial

  • That guy in the beginning did get scammed

  • Demo derby: Player needs to demo a certain amount of bots before the time runs out

  • This one involves no ball, everyone starts at the edge of big circle, this can be teams or free for fall. The object is to knock the other players off the edge of the map or fight for boost and then risk using the speed to explode another player, you miss and you're probably going off the edge BATTLE ROYALE CONTROLLER PLAYER FRIENDLY disc: xzairox2007#5228

  • Two guys try to demo and one ssl trying to survive

  • Each ranks best shot

  • I’m gold1

  • Screwed the first guy on perspective, not watching further. If youre gonna do this, err on the side of the player in these instances.

  • 1:40 that's literally In

  • you should do 2 gcs try to carry eachothers car in the air for 3 seconds

  • A minute carrying the ball

  • 2 plats vs 1 GC boomer mode the gc have to score 3 Goal in 3 minutes

  • Gc vs plat but if the gc keeps the ball off the ground for more than 3 seconds at a time the plat wins, if the gc scores 3 they win, time runs out plat wins

  • A game of H.O.R.S.E would be cool

  • I would like to see a challenge where 2 plats face head to head on who can hit cleaner shots lie freestyling or something like that, just that its PLAT EDITION! They each have 1 minute to rack up some points judged by you.

  • 1 player dodges 3 demos for a minute the winner should win 20 bucks. The person who demos gets 20 also.

  • 2 SSLS vs. 1 plat, but the 2 SSLS have to drift the entire time

  • Platinums have a minute to hit an air dribble

  • How far can you hit but then ride the puck - no boost 3 attempts

  • That first guy was not having it lol

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  • 1 minute challenge, Who can stay at the ceiling the longest

  • I think you should do 2 plats trying to face 1 champ 1.

    • C bell i forgot to say add your own little twist

  • Okay here's the challenge: Have 8 diamond players who think they should be higher rank on the same lobby and tell them they win 5 dollars each if nobody hits the ball for 1 minute. Let's see how engraved in their brain is the ball chasing gene

  • 1v1 but with two touches

  • Dope

  • Grand champ 1 vs diamond 3 or champ 1 but the grand champ can't use boost

  • Make people do a 1 KPH shot

  • Simon says rocket league?

  • In real shuffleboard when something is on the line it is counted as the higher score

  • One ssl vs 2 plats if the ssl can not get demolished in one minute he wins if the plays demo him he wins.

  • Dribbling around the map without the ball dropping

  • See who can get a goal from the furthest distance without bouncing

  • I want that one person is in the air but so close to the ground and it has to be in the air One minute And if the car touches the ground just a little bit, he fails, basically, the floor is lava

  • I would enjoy if u gathered a few players and made like a bucket list with lots of challenges and difficult shots to finish and the players should have like 2 hours to finish them in free play. And the one who finish first wins.

  • 4 bronzes vs 1 ssl

  • Survive 1 minute with 2 people trying to demo

  • 1st to tag Cbell in a minute wins.

  • 3 man the floor is lava last man standing wins can sabotage

  • 2:25 😂😂😂

  • Dribble the ball so it stops on your car for 10 seconds

  • 4 merc challeng

  • Challenge: The participants have to make it so they can boost up and stay vertical on the roof (while continuously boosting) for at least 3 seconds! If this gets picked, good luck!

  • Get champs to get a flip reset off each other and score

  • Have a duo one blindfolded and the other trying to tell him where to go to get a goal against another duo doing the same thing