I Get Shocked When I Lose Hearts in Minecraft...

Datum objavljivanja: 12. Sij 2020.
I Get Shocked When I Lose Hearts in Minecraft... This was crazy.
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This was a crazy challenge. We played this in Minecraft 1.14, although it would have worked on 1.15. This was much more fun and funny for me than it was for George. This is very similar to our other Minecraft but, challenges like "Minecraft, But Item Drops Are Multiplied Every Time..."
Although this wasn't inspired by "A Robot Shoots Me When I Get Shot in Fornite", it was definitely inspired by Michael Reeves.
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  • FYI this was posted on reddit yesterday, but we had been working on this for months. We purchased the parts in November. Further explained on the other video. Also, the one posted on reddit was fake : )

  • 0:00 don't mind me

  • George always sounds he’s in pain and in stress in this video

  • george was crying lol

  • it has over 10 million views where the vid dream

  • Alternate title for the video: George yelling “NOOO AHHHHH DREEEAAAMMM for 19 minutes straight”

  • “10 Million views and I’ll do face cam” *The video on 16 million views*

  • What is GeorgeNotFound wear on his hand?

  • already reached 10m view bro

  • Dream must protect his child


  • Feeling so sorry for george

  • When will there be a face reveal

  • Tbh this could be a speedrun for dream lol

  • 11:40 I hearded that wron-

  • i have an idea, how about that, but with chock controller on all the body, or most off, and it chock you where you go hurt in the game, and the level of chock depends on the number of heart you have left, like the lessh eart the more pain

  • george when a ghast fireball narrowly misses george george: AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH IT ALMOST HIT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 14:56 Gentle Dream

  • I love dream's laugh

  • george said a badword omg...

  • Hmmmmm rl craft with this would be noice

  • Why Georgie camera is dark?

  • Did anyone noticed that George was wearing gloves while playing

  • If this is true i will not play any games in my phone

  • Wither skeleton: Exists George: ...And i took that personally

  • do part 2 and all mobs will target george

  • I was so confused at the start

  • George scream can be my alarm

  • Whyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

  • i wonder what george’s neighbours thought that a man screaming DREAM STOP DREAMMMMMMM and screaming like a girl

  • When u said to george i really dont wanna get u heart i was fangirlingg i was saying :EKKKK TRUE LOVEE

  • Hai dream

  • Oh goodness there so much noise

  • see the beginning, george was smiling happily but then..

  • I lose hearts I get shocked translated to when GEORGE loses hearts GEORGE gets shocked

  • minecraft but it is scary

  • Dream do a speedrun with the shocker and every one must wear it!!!

  • Poor George.... He looks so inocent... 😂

  • The Phantom is basically a Minecraft magpie, George got swooped like four times lmao

  • I love how they haven't uploaded on the tech channel except for 1 time

  • How to make me spit my water The beginning

  • OMG that so scry if i wear that

  • Pls answer me

  • Guys what kind of texture packs is that

  • 10 million views he'll do it guysss *Video at 16 million* We're waiting

  • The scream at the beginning gets me every time

  • 8:15 dream said a badword

  • Video idea? Everytime dream takes a heart of damage he has to reveal a pixel of his face?

  • So where the face cam dream

  • 11:25 George: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dream do a face revel

  • 0:00

  • You deserve it for putting the squid in the game

    • @corpsie why you likeing your own commment and no he went out of his way to tell everyone including mr.beast to vote for the squid wich is garbage btw

    • also why are you so pressed about a minecraft mob? it's just a game. it doesn't affect literally anything, not even the gameplay.

    • it wasn't his fault it was the dream stans

  • Ladies and Gentlemen... This is why George doesn't like electric type pokemon

  • It’s 16m views were is dreams vid

  • Why didn’t dream do it

  • dream is like the older brother who kills all the mobs for you because you're too scared to go out and mine at night

  • My poor ears. George sounds like he's going through torture. Poor George. I feel like they both could have worn the shock thing, and Dream didn't have to show his reaction.

  • There sre 10 mil views wheres the face cam at

  • 13:17 he gotta do face came now

  • Aye bro this got 16million view’s

  • Spider : vibin Girls in the classroom 11:09

  • Hmm dream time to do it yourself 16 million views

  • it hit 10mill and you didn't do it

  • Alguém BR?;-;

  • im not hating but george looks like gay

  • When will you do a face reveal?

  • dream: *looks at george* george: DREAM DON'T HURT ME!!!

  • 16 mil views...............;-;

  • This is too funny not to watch.

  • Alternative title: a British princess needs help from his knight and shining armor

  • i like how george is just looking at dream kill de mobs Me:well then.imma do it too c:

  • i feel bad for laughing at george’s pain

  • is george gay?

  • it got 10 million dream

  • Dream do the face cam!

  • It must hurt you can tell at 11:33 George looks like he’s going to cry

  • Alternate title : I speedrun Minecraft while my friend screams and watches me

  • This can be Minecraft but George dont kill mobs


  • You said in 10 mill views you will do a face cam with the same thing George did hmmmmmmmmm

  • Why was gorge wearing plastic gloves

  • Dream! Where’s the facecam?!?!

  • i laughed so much in this vid when gorge went AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! DrEaM!!!!

  • Imagine if he fell in Lava🤣😂😂

  • Worst channel ever him screaming curse words ITS NOT KID FRIENDLY!

  • Face reveal

  • This is so funny I almost died when I watch this video 😂😂😂

  • Imagine doing this with minecraft VR. That would be to funny.

  • 111111111111 1111111111 11111111 111111 1111 11 1

  • I thought I did

  • Dream i have a question do you like anyone?

  • *sadistic wheezing*

  • I feel sad for George but I feel your pain T^T

  • You hit 10 million views where is the face cam?

  • What’s the seed?

  • michael reeves was secretly behind this

  • When there are 16,245,108 views Dream still hasn't revealed his face.

  • 18:22 “I BABY ZOMBIES” LOL

  • Dream u rule