I Get Shocked When I Lose Hearts in Minecraft...

Datum objavljivanja: 12. Sij 2020.
I Get Shocked When I Lose Hearts in Minecraft... This was crazy.
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This was a crazy challenge. We played this in Minecraft 1.14, although it would have worked on 1.15. This was much more fun and funny for me than it was for George. This is very similar to our other Minecraft but, challenges like "Minecraft, But Item Drops Are Multiplied Every Time..."
Although this wasn't inspired by "A Robot Shoots Me When I Get Shot in Fornite", it was definitely inspired by Michael Reeves.
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  • FYI this was posted on reddit yesterday, but we had been working on this for months. We purchased the parts in November. Further explained on the other video. Also, the one posted on reddit was fake : )

  • 18:01 the disconnect

  • Wait is this his face???

  • 11:40 crying

  • 11:26 AHHHHHHHHHHH AYYYY (high pitch scream) AAAAAAA

  • Where's the face cam for 10 mil views

    • He'll do it when he wants

  • 11:09 Poor guy lmao😂😂

  • but dats was fun to woch

  • I'm not judging but that's stupid! who came up with this idea?


  • 9:29 George swear


  • Why is gorge’s scream so loud

  • Dream is no human Hes a teapot

  • Oof this must really hurt 😞

  • Ясно,дрим украл идею у закхуеля

  • Imagine When george fight with ender dragon wihout dream

  • plot twist: dream actually hacked real life to shock george to death

  • bahasa indonesia dram plz

  • The first made me a heart attack

  • Hey plz do face reaveal

  • You suck dream

  • Wengk

  • This makes George seem like such a noob lol

  • george: pls im afraid of blazes shield: dude craft me wtf

  • U got 21 mil face cammm


  • Кто из рос и укр лайк

  • Dream: I coded this to happen Me: Fundy? Is that u?

  • Ayo that 10 mil view special?

  • We gather here in loving memory of "Oh Dreeeeeeeeam"

  • Dream perdió la humildad,no da corazoncitos xd

  • i love the intro me:that's so weird;-;

  • George doesn't like dream looking at him........I think he is an enderman

  • oh me god!!!!!😭😭😭😯😯😯😯😮

  • Come down plzz

  • Falls down a ravine

  • Omg I need that

  • Why do I genuinely feel George was gonna cry LMAO

  • The ten jute interstingly water because spring hemperly box from a real prose. tough, astonishing apple

  • The simple saw exceptionally stuff because digger lally complain through a mellow divorced. round, cut heart

  • Minecraft Manhunt with shocker on Dream pls

  • You should do a count how many time George screamed out DREAAM

  • OOF

  • Mobs when playing Minecraft normally:Meh whatever Mobs when ever George actually feels the pain:Allow is to introduce ourselves

  • At 11:09 bro that made ne laugh

  • New title : Minecraft but George the whole video “DREAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMM”


  • George: please no Dream: hits George George:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

  • All video in one word: DREEEEEEEEAAAAAAAMMMMMMM

  • Dude I feel bad for george. Plus isn't he colorblind or something to? That's sad '_'

  • Dream I have a question so a lot of people including me ship you and gorge so what’s your reaction whenever you see people in the comments shipping you and gorge?

  • *when George don’t have the shocking thing* *when dream punch george* why you punch me? *when George have the shocking thing* AHHHHHHHHHH

  • 11:09 (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)

  • Dream pls do face reveal

  • 18:07 and 18:32 sounds like u saw a ghost

  • Fuiste doxxeado?

  • 17:43 dream thejdstaudhaouaahwsjwhasndnjamandjsjeeknhajsbdbsysiekd -george

  • 16:24 sounds like george had broke a leg

  • Dream: 10 mil views for face cam Where is da face cam 😔😔

  • Hah o srry for you

  • Uh-oh, George seems hurt let's motivate him with a controlled shock, maybe that will make him feel *"BETTER"*

  • I’m sorry but what happened to face cam dream?

  • We’re is that face reveal

  • george got unlucky night when enderman attack him the electric wont work

  • You should try a speed run with one

  • I went deaf after the enderman spawned out of no where and attacked George XD

  • george normally: look at the stupid blaze george in this video: DREAM HELP GET THE BLAZE

  • That looks like it hurts

  • How old is dream?

  • dream got 10M views on this vid and dose not do face cam how sad...

  • This is what dreams face looks like. WOWW

  • The wat George was screaming for Dream that's how how I call for someone to kill a spider

  • By the way why is George wearing gloves though?

  • Is George the one getting shocked

  • 10 million views for face reveal The 21 million views:

  • Alternate title: Minecraft but you have angel guarding you

  • 11:07 kalm then panik

  • This is the best thing ever 😂

  • imagine being Georges's neighbors hearing a blood-curdling scream.


  • Don't let dream forget this He said he would do a face cam if this video got 10 mil views Were at 21mil

  • 11:12 is when I started dieing 😭😂😂

  • Wiy wod you do this

  • George: Screams in pain Me: screaming in laughter

  • Hi

  • hmmmm 20m vieuws already... where is the face reveal DREAM?!

  • This just makes me feel bad for George-

  • Sub to ravenslover

  • 'facecam 10 mil views' 21mil views later... still no face reveal. (honestly i prefer without a face reveal)

  • Is anyone wondering why George has gloves on?! No just me ok..

  • Dreammmm it hit 10 mil

  • 3:34 Watch at 0.25 speed its so funny lol


    • No 21

  • Dream its your turn for the shocker

    • Sadly your right

    • he wont face reveal so forget that

  • Dream: I really don’t want you to get hurt Me: Ladies and gentlemen, THAT’S a true friend.

  • 10 million views

  • FACECAM! It’s at 21 million! Also you said face reveal at 1 mil subs so...

  • George:This is not minecraft this is evilcraft tryed lose my heart for iam shocked

  • dream: 10mil views for facecam 21mil people: interesting..