I Attempted a Speedrun (and got a world record)

Datum objavljivanja: 11. Lis 2020.
pure talent

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Music: Cooking Mama Opening Menu

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D i wonder if cooking mama is single


  • Jaiden with the pudding has a friend in Corpse in admin.

  • =-O 🐻😬😎

  • Cooking Mama for Smash Bros

  • Ey a Yakuza reference

  • Surprise, Jaiden, somebody beat you.

  • Jaiden you are the best😭😍💗

  • This is the game Gordon Ramsay grew up with.

  • Speedrun fossil fighters

  • do a super mario odyssey run again pls

  • Man food wars is dope........

  • Characters: Cooking Mama, friends, Tired Corpse of the Player...

  • 2:11 the equation for time dilation is wrong... this is me being a nerd

  • Hi jaiden i just noticed you

  • Let's remove the 47 minutes part and make it 45 minutes because of ari (idk how to spell it '-')

  • i have the frist cooking mama on the wii

  • Hehehehe boiiii

  • Your animations are SO good!!! Love your videos

  • The last winner 2 again didn’t respond, so here’s the new one! Sorry for the spam- hopefully third time’s the charm!☺️ Shanthi has 48 hours to respond to the comment I sent her / this post or another winner will be chosen!

  • What’s pdst lol

  • Same

  • and congrats cuz to Jaiden because she hit 100 videos

  • I would like to take a moment to appreciate Jaiden because Imagine how long u have to spend just tooo do all this and (I enjoy Watching your videos ) that was for Jaiden thank you

  • ya know what fuck it any game that is cute and fun is soon to get demonetized with very weird fanart and fan games

  • hey Jaiden just to let you know someone remade cooking mama into a bloody game

  • S P E E D R U N

  • Calm down Jaden don't pull out the 9

  • Every time I watch the I just see small ant

  • The handsomely south africa ethnically beam because ravioli globally mix modulo a tacky family. omniscient, nostalgic adult

  • I want to know what jaden’s discord

  • The efficacious lead chiefly yawn because rabbi nationally beam abaft a scary store. safe, dizzy stop

  • 10:02 Kono POWA of jojo refrences

  • I actually want to try to have a world record of this game i beat blood bath on geometry dash but that was hell and themed on it but cooking moma is happier but still stressful so cooking mama 2 could be harder then bloodbath

  • Jaiden: *burns pie* Cooking Mama: I will make you burn in hell for that. EDIT: The pudding's last step made it to the Wii version. They call it "custard"

  • 10:30 I love a yakuza reference

  • I have cooking mama 2

  • Heh smallant

  • cooking mamas taking over tic tok adds

  • Burn a pie percent is actually a thing now... wow

  • why not look it up if below the age of 18

  • A little too late on the "Don't look up Food Wars if you're not 18+" thing 😅 Welp, I enjoy the cooking parts of the anime, but when the criticism comes, I just skip them... sometimes... okay not all the time, but I don't skip some cuz I'm doing something else. So yeah. I swear to God I'm not in it for... that... stuff...

  • i want to make one seed runner of HALO

  • Jaiden:*takes 6 hours* Me: do not play outlast first it is not for kids and it is hard

  • Look at that now she’s completely off of the leaderboard

  • this game is my fav especially when mamas eyes light on fire its fun to watch mama slowly die and get blinder and blinder wit her bad English :3 and Jaiden you said your calibration was bad on your ds as a kid I wonder did you know that you could fix the calibration on the settings?

  • I love that description "Pure talent,"

  • ayy i call sprite spicy water too.

  • Need too now make speedrun ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Spicy Water

  • Is it just me or does the video add stuff when you watch it later

  • Omg it took 6HOURS wow 😳


  • OH BOY my brother and sisters playing cooking mama so much, this is so nostalgic.

  • Ok so I just looked up a clip from food wars and... Jayden wtf? Like I want to watch it cuz I like anime and food but also I don’t want my family to question my sanity soooooo.. help me

  • I remember this game I wanted to play this game so bad as a kid and then I played with an emulator

  • what about the mario odyssey speedrun with @theOdd1sout and @Somethingelseyt


  • I speed run hff (human fall flat) and I've put so many hours and got a record of 7min 39seconds. It's is hard to be a speedrunner tho

  • JoJo reference and Food Wars reference. Nice.

  • I have the game

  • A day with jaiden push like

  • But I like corn soup-

  • food wars pffft i watch many anime like boku no hero, pokemon, seven, deadly sins, umaru, tokyo ghoul, darling in the franxx, spirited away, whisker away and digimon

  • Say yes plz

  • I think I should swear in chat

  • Wait, Would a person in a coma win the sleeping record or would it not count?, I'm really curious


  • There is a mobile cooking mama game people!

  • U should do speedrun in Minecraft. Sorry i forgot u have never beat Minecraft sorry😁😁😁

  • Are u kidding me

  • Mama said it’s my turn to get a heart.

  • I am amazing at cooking mama. Its a amazing game which teaches how to cook

  • This video made me want to do a speed run i'll see ya in a month:D!


  • Wow....you just did NOT sleped like 90 years and you have red eyes......and your eyes are red......jezuz |:/

  • 0:32 smallant bottom text

  • Everyone watching this not even knowing what this game is but still kind of wants to play it...

  • This video just made me fall in love with you. Mostly the fact that you just gave me craploads of nostalgia because i remember playing cooking mama when i was like 10 or something and basically without knowing any english so i just stumbled my way through the game and still had my fun. Still remember being absolutely unable to seperate the damn egg yolks (mostly because i didnt know what exactly i was trying to accomplish or how to do it) Also the amount of work you put into these animations and the way they turned out is just amazing. Cant even put into words how much joy this video brought me.

  • "if your under 18 don't look it up" jaiden it's anime there is nothing wrong with that

  • Her: the third one HRwiki: refreshes page Me: *WHAT*

  • Maybe you can speed run Pokémon go and try to catch all the Pokémon?

  • Who else Thinks She should speed run call of duty that will be interesting

  • Big fan

  • Man, If she had just done a backwards long jump at the rice cracker part it would've shaved off a lot of time.

  • Sorry I was just kind of mad for a second your videos are awesome


  • I feel that this should he a segmented speedrun. 2:37:00 in and you're at 27/80. I would've said screw this around the 1 hour mark with 10 done

  • It is sad she is not on the leaderboard anymore

  • Why

  • Cooking Mama... consume me. No... INHALE me.

  • It has fullfilled me and my personality.

  • This video... COMPLETED ME.

  • I like this bc it's funny and...that's all i have for ya (just kidding!!!) also intertaning YAY!! LOL 😂. K i like this vid and other ones to but im waiting for new shows (JAIDEN.) ANYWAY THAT ALL I HAVE FOR NOW.

  • I speed ran it funny fact cause i had that game

  • 6:12 you did

  • "is that a jojo refrence?"

  • In 3h 49ms 26s

    • Nag7 almost did it HALF the time you did

  • Nag7 was 1st place

  • 3:33 there is like 6 more

  • Your 7th place on world record and all gold medals Your not the first one you didn’t even get 1st place ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

  • "if your under 18, don't look it up" Wow Jaiden, didn't know you like tentacle hentai!