how to play Minecraft Java on your phone

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how to play Minecraft on your phone (Java Edition)
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Credit to BadBoyHalo for footage used:
Credit to AntVenom for footage used:
Songs: Divider, Out of the Skies, Introspection by Mona Wonderlick.
Original Video by BadBoyHalo:
Some Server statistics:
Dragonnet (discontinued plugin that is referenced):【dragonproxy】----join-any-pc-server-using-mcpe-mcwin10.49610/
Just to clarify, when I said in the video that zero servers have this capability, I meant zero servers of size. I'm sure a couple really small servers have this capability, but none of note.


  • For those of you pointing it out, there are a couple small servers that have cross compatibility using a similar method, although it is very limited and typically does not support Mobile Phones. What I should have said, is that there are _basically_ no servers that have cross compatibility, and those that do are typically crazy servers that basically let you do anything. Make sure to like and subscribe if you like this type of content, I definitely enjoy making it :)

  • Minecraft Manhunt but I'm streaming the game from my PC at home which has an i9-10900K, dual RTX 3090s and 256GB of RAM, to my iPhone 12 Pro Max 512GB while riding my limousine

  • no joke there is one way to join Java servers with mobile. but you can't see anything. you know Minechat?

  • He has a Mac?

  • Ya know this is cool and absolutely amazing and I love how I can play on hypixel on my phone lol

  • Honestly, this was one of the best, most understandable, informative videos I have ever seen, and I never thought it would be one made by Dream. I would love to see more informative videos like this in the future, whether it be on a secondary channel, or wherever really, as long as I get to watch it.

  • "pc players are allowed to play on bedrock but bedrock isnt able to play on java" Me: *WHAT*

  • Wait, that illegal

  • Yey its going to happen

  • 1.16.4 is doing this or 1.17

  • Anyone here after mcc11?

  • Finally, a phone reveal.

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  • i talk spannish crap

  • Someone actually did it where bedrock edition players can now join java edition servers. Antvenom did a video about it 4 days ago from when this comment is sent. To be honest I'm just excited to finally be able to join Java edition severs from my phone. Also Dream I love your videos.

  • Why do bots get so many sub's for putting 1000k sub's with no videos challenge as their name when I am working my ass off uploading videos almost everyday this is so unfair 😠 Noice video

  • There is a serious problem, if this worked bedrock can spam in it but java has weapon load time, sooooo.

  • Um someone has already made java for phone, and I'm pretty sure it can run servers too.

  • I dont have java 2 mins after EPIIICC

  • there is a server called 4b4t or something which allows crossplay between bedrock and java

  • me running from area 51 with java edition for mobile:

  • Minehut is a server you can play java and bedrock together on...

  • in my phone i have server name mineplex thats is mt fav server surrvival server

  • Did you watch antvenom about cross playing Minecraft Java and Bedrock?

  • Dream is the best Minecraft player of all time🙂

  • Does this work?

  • Oh dreammmmmmmmmmm

  • You want play MC Java in android? Download mcinabox :v (yeah mcinabox works)

  • I love how geysermc is actually making this happen

  • I'm sorry dream but I didn't get anything

  • “so.”

  • What made fall in love with dream was his explaining of code I don’t know a single thing about code but this actually helped me better understand the 2 versions better. Thank you dream and good luck in the finale :)

  • rip 7 year olds who thought this was an app store glitch

  • Dream: play in the shower Also dream: not while pooping that nasty

  • Wow I forgot about this

  • Minecraft Java edition is just Minecraft Indonesian

  • Mineplex is available on both version but idk we can play with bedrock once

  • Can someone plz comment on my comment plz

  • That sounds really cool, this video was a really good essay as well! Good thesis, great body, and funny ending!

  • The different versions of minecraft bedrock edition cost different Pocket: around £7 Xbox one: around £20

  • who would've known dream was a developer for MINECRAFT

  • Nostalgia hits hard

  • Oh dreeeeeaaaaaam

  • funny if they dyed a cauldron

  • Video idea: dream plays bedrock

  • Dream please let me join you’re SMP my gamer tag is JoGallifrey. Dream please let me join you’re SMP my gamer tag is JoGallifrey. Dream please let me join you’re SMP my gamer tag is JoGallifrey. Dream please let me join you’re SMP my gamer tag is JoGallifrey. Dream please let me join you’re SMP my gamer tag is JoGallifrey. Dream please let me join you’re SMP my gamer tag is JoGallifrey. Dream please let me join you’re SMP my gamer tag is JoGallifrey. Dream please let me join you’re SMP my gamer tag is JoGallifrey. Dream please let me join you’re SMP my gamer tag is JoGallifrey. Dream please let me join you’re SMP my gamer tag is JoGallifrey. Dream please let me join you’re SMP my gamer tag is JoGallifrey.

  • I know a way 1. open your phone 2. Open minecraft 3. Close minecraft 4. Go to amazon 5. Buy pc

  • geysermc be like

  • Hyperlands has this also it’s a server for bedrock hypixel

  • Server that supports java and bedrock: Minehut

  • Aaaa yes this is when Dream had small brain.

  • GeyserMC is out, i think you’ll like it alot

  • WhUt

  • Me : Mehhhhh it would be a Boring video. Also Me : Clicks it Also also me : •-• **Realised it's made by Dream* Okay.....I'm sorry

  • you need java to run java edition

  • JAVA

  • Teach me

  • Hey dream can u teach us how to play multiplayer on java

  • Wait guys, i think i saw dream once he had the same tone i saw him at the dentist and he was playing minecraft and his eyes and hair color matches.... BINGOOOO edit: i was also in floridia

  • And today we have AntVenom's video and GeyserMC. Amazing.

  • You Uploaded This Dream, Maybe I can Use How to Play Java Edition Because I have one

  • I cant believe I watched dream 1 year ago

  • Is this on your recommendations too?

  • thanks for recommending this to me 1 year later yt

  • Why is this in my recommended right now

  • Geyser MC: hello

  • So does Dream play on Java?


  • This is kinda unfair tho...

  • ...

  • Minecraft Java: hey, can we play together? Minecraft Bedrock: Yo no puedo hacer

  • Dream 1v1 with me by using cellphone if u can ,😂


  • "if it was possible, Mojang would have already done it" Cave update has always been possible

  • "9:57" I just got from here *** 📌📌 I am playing on my Mobile now 😍 මට එය ප්‍රයෝජනවත් බව පෙනේ

  • The fact that he’s on a Mac and not a windows is awesome

  • Dream: Say Bedrock speaks Spanish and Java speaks English Me: *is learning Spanish in school*: Amateurs.

  • no one: literally no one: dReAm cOlOr cOrReCtIoN On a mInEcRaFt fOoTaGe: 3:39

  • Thx for the tutorial ,_,

  • Get scammed kids

  • I saw this video on the first day but didn't know it was dream xD

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  • I DARE dream to play and post minecraft bedrock vids.

  • i kinda miss content like this from dream :(

  • I can imagine all the Indians coming to this video thinking they can actually download java edition on their 2001 phone

  • There is one server named Brokenlens, which is java and bedrock edition.

  • EpiC dude

  • i can't believe that dream is actually good at PC and mobile :O

  • 2:54 Whenever anyone wants something simple simply use: *D A D Y A P P . C O M* It's fascinating for all+ සෑම කෙනෙකුටම පරිපූර්ණ ක්රමය

  • 0:33 We got everything we needed with *D𝗔DYAPP .C 𝗢 𝗠*

  • Ssssooooo did Dream figure it out?

  • Ow 9:00:12

  • I thought this was a hand reveal

  • Dream: Your a Developer Me 11 : 30 at night eating snacks in my bed: Wait what 👁👄👁

  • chilee

  • play bedrock @Dream

  • Dream i have played hypixle on my ipad

  • “So”

  • Lel I watched this around a week after it came out cuz I wanted to play hypixel

  • If this works i can finally download the mutant mobs mod