HELLUVA BOSS - The Harvest Moon Festival // S1: Episode 5

Datum objavljivanja: 30. Tra 2021.
Blitz sees a horse. Things sure do happen!
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WARNING: for horse!
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  • The ending where striker is flipping the gun is smooth and it looks cool, im not saying the other parts doesnt that one just stood out for some reason

  • “ But I caught that fucking bouquet and it was fucking worth it!” Ugh that’s adorable cause when she caught it she knew she was gonna marry Moxxie UGH I LOVE THEM SM

  • The ending... I cant lmao 😭

  • Lmao the motel sign says "The guy who tried 2 kill u definetely isnt here

  • Nknkio Nolhl,Jô,m

  • Freaking love episode! I’m very intrigued with the story line now Striker has been introduced. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of him in the future. Particularly Hazbin Hotel. Notice how Striker has a gold tooth, the signature tooth that both Angel Dust AND Valentino have as well. Coincidence.... I think not!! But that’s just me.

  • Also, Blitzo getting tempted, because he wants to prove himself could lead to interesting character development. His hidden insecurity because other demons look down on imps is interesting. And he doesn't realize how fucking awesome he is already.

  • The animation on this episode is so much more Phenomenal. This looks insane, keep up the good work

  • Damn, Blitzo is actually kind of a badass in a fight. And props for not selling out his team.

  • WHY isn't this on Netflix! It's like super amazing... Ok unless Netflix is too lame for masterpieces like this- I suppose it's understandableeee

  • In my dream i gave stolas a hug. It was great.

  • I love helluva and hazbin!

  • Hahah *gay*

  • Im only at season 1 and im already down

    • guitar tone coming from a bass

  • Satan, Blitzo was kinda hot, kicking Strikers ass. And here I thought the show couldn't get any better. Love everything. Stolas is wonderful and has the sweetest voice. Moxxie and Millie are THE couple of animation. And Blitzo, well I had a totally crush on him since episode one, but Brendan Rogers is one You tubes best creators. His cursing and surprisingly intricate universe blew me away. Not to get off topic....so, main request: please, never let this show end. Please. I live Hazbin Hotel as well and Vivzipops whole Hell World grows with every bit we get to know and it just gets more amazing. The world building fascinates me. I just want more of this. And I didn't forget Loona, she just wasn't that present in this episode. And those fucking prudish haters? Get a sense of humor, dipshits.

  • I like that they all look so similar! This place must be under Alabama!!

  • I found this channel by accident ... Wonderful content. Highly underrated

  • Millie’s sister lowkey cute

  • "When you're good at something, you should probably capitalize." Nice 😏

  • 이번 편은 개 멋있다!

  • This is mega nice

  • How does something die in hell

  • What's this? A more long-term plot?! Hell yes

  • I don't understand how hell has an overpopulation problem if everyones gay


  • Could you please do another pixel video please!


  • "I am not above hitting a female in front of her daddy" is now my favourite retort.

  • It's really obvious how choppy some of the scenes are. They still look good and the writing is great still but it's really obvious that not enough time could have been invested to make the animation more fluid. I hope it doesn't get worse from here.

  • *guitar tone coming from a bass*

  • Imma bet Sally May is a trans man lol.

  • How did y'all get Norman reedus to voice striker⚫👄⚫

  • So moxxie got screwed over twice in this episode. First he got kicked off the hog before he could finish (win or lose) then during the tug of war the rope broke (not his fualt)

  • 9:34 that wtf dialogue made me laugh lmao


  • 3:28 He sounds like the little elf from Kinectimals-

  • I have a theory for the next ep Stolas wife (i forgot her name) hired all the people who hate blitz and try to kill him

  • 9:07 MOTHERFU- BEST SCENE EVER ...I have no idea how many times saw it

  • man this one of the best series i ever watched

  • Love the channel. Would love to collab with you. My merch is 🔥up and coming kid that just wants to change the world with clothing😊

  • That was damn good.

  • Outstanding. I really hope Blitzo and Stolas make something work


  • I like how she has crochets with a broken arm lol

  • Stolas sounds like stampy I can't stop thinking about it. Stampy Stolas haunts me

  • Moxxie is voiced by the person who voiced kaos in the skylanders games

  • THIS IS LIKE A DRUG TO ME!!!! I need more 🤣🥺🥺🥺

  • Favorite ep so far good job!

  • asta?? yuno?? grimoire?? black clover??

  • So I have a thought. Pretty much everyone wears gloves at some point or another but blitzø’s have always been like way bigger and “complex” now that totally could just be aesthetics, it’s very Constantine tattoos almost but I’ve wondered. We finally see a lot more of blitzø’s bare hands in this episode and they’re pretty white and if the theory is true that white can signify past damage or scarring I do wonder if he does wear those bulkier gloves because he’s hurt his hands pretty badly in the past🤔 and he definitely needs to protect those hands for......work😉

  • I wonder when can we see our devil

  • Ya know I wish Hotdiggedydemon would be a future voice for a character

  • Soo happy


  • I'm not gay... but I'd gay for Stolas, and only Stolas.

  • Bro tall gay owl caught in 1000000k

  • Am I the only one getting rattle snake 🐍 Jake vibes from Striker?

  • Why is no one commenting on Millie's mum's pixar hips? extra thicccc

  • 1:07 i though that he wad wearing a Christian dress but its the bed- ..... FUCK


  • I am a human poop sock

  • I don’t like country but I would like it if Norman Reedus became a country singer ❤️😂

  • So I say I say here's what I've gotten from this series so far. Pilot: Introducing the characters Ep. 1: Showing us close up what IMP does Ep. 2: Establishing the fact that Stolas isn't just a "thirsty owl" Ep. 3: Some blitzo background and loona time Ep. 4: Yo guys heaven exists!! Ep. 5: Now we getting serious.

  • I love you Daddy Fuckers, keep it coming.

  • Stella got hella guts to call her husband's assasin at dinner in front of said husband and daughter

  • Wait so only sinners can’t die?

    • If you're born in hell, you can die just like any human. But if you're a sinner sent to hell, you can't die without the use of angelic technology or weapons. Otherwise you just respawn.

  • The way that the owl wife( forgot her name) is arguing with the assassin she hired to kill him RIGHT IN FRONT HIM??

    • For a second i thought stolas was about to ask his wife to pass her the butter or something else 🤣

  • Question when is episode 6 of helluva boss?

  • Guys is epesode 6 is coming soon huh well this is fuck

  • i hope ep 6 is out soon

  • Cool

  • Has anybody else noticed the book stolas is reading is titled 'Imps in the sheets'? XD

  • Norman freaking reedus

  • i liked striker

  • i had to at least rewatch this 20 times

  • Who else remembers moxie as chaos from skylanders

  • 4:08 blitzo's face is perfect

  • kinda in love with Striker

  • Please just make episode six

  • Lost in words at the ending.... Great animation

  • Is it fucked up that I root for hell in these episodes?

  • 9:08

  • Blitz: I like you people Moxie: *ACCORDING* *TO* *MY* *CALCULATIONS*

  • “The last competition ended in 15 funerals” *”Yeah but I only caused 9 of them”*


  • Please continue this series

  • They have Norman Reedus on this show now?! *This show gets much better every episode*

  • writing isnt the best this episode

  • this show is so good i was gonna sleep but then i binged it instead

  • why is the animation so unfinished?

    • @Just a random Blue bird okay? That doesn't explain why they released it unfinished

    • Animation is hard you know

  • Wait... If Loona doesn't have friends... Who is she always texting...?

    • She's friends with Vortex, the hell hound from Verosika Mayday's group. She does have friends.

    • Or maybe Verosica Mayday, blitz ex gf

    • Clients maybe???

  • I'm still so glad that this show is a thing

  • That last shark elbow dropping moxie had me dying

  • I-I think I like this more than hazbin hotel 😳

  • 0:07 eye of horus



  • I love this show, some transition scenes need to be worked on here and there. id give this a 7/10 tbh.

  • is there an FPS drop during Stolas and Wackford's speech?