Harry Potter Special Ed

Datum objavljivanja: 29. Tra 2021.
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Albert Hutchins
David Murphy
Andrew Palmer
Adam Knopow
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Tom Hinchliffe & Don Greger
Animation ►
Aris Laretis
Caleb Jordann
Animatic ►
Aris Laretis
Thumbnail ►
Caleb Jordann
Backgrounds ►
Javier Navarro naav_draws
Soured Apple SouredApple
Additional Art ►
Eurn arne.billen
Morro morrokhai
Sound ►
Justin Greger
Music ►
Tom Ryan
Cast ►
MeatCanyon - Mrs Spanelli, Talking Painting
Don Greger - Jeremy
Tom Hinchliffe - Teacher, Exploding Wizard 1
Ad Editor ►
Oddest of the Odd
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  • Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: clcr.me/teHpDC ✅ ANDROID: clcr.me/U6v6aY ✅ PC: clcr.me/9oEKus and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days

  • The kid in the thumbnail looks like Louie Anderson

  • There's only one solution... The final solution

  • The harry potter movie is what the special ed students see.

  • The fucking "DUDBLOODS!"

  • Ah the teacher is too real lol she reeks of special edd teacher.

  • I guess the good thing about that class is that, no matter the house, everyone is accepted.

  • What’s happening here 1:37

  • That don in the ending is too short, and also his fingers aren't long enough.

  • "There's only one solution", man, with all those train jokes we just had before, I was expecting some "final solution" joke, but I guess that's one boundary you still can't go through

  • "You think kids raised on Harry Potter and Hunger Games are just going to give up?" Is that a reference to the gen-z "Christmas revolution" on tiktok?

  • wait Mrs Spanelli is voiced by meatcanyon wtf

  • That was the best ad for that shit game I've ever seen.

  • 8 seconds in and I am already laughing my ass off xD

  • This is the best sponsor ever

  • I can get you more loot than you've ever dreamed of. Have you heard of raid.. *Softly*: Don't...

  • Jeremy was the one eating the painting despite not being disabled lol

  • Special ed for me wasn't all bad. Got to sit on my ass and watch movies pretty much all day and what little school work we where assigned was laughable. I didn't really belong there and even the teachers commented on this. I was just a tad slower then normal class but leuges ahead of the other kids in SE. But no one wanted to deal with what ever was up with me so from 1st all the way to sophmore year I was treated as if I had a harsh mental deficiency and it made me feel like shit. All i needed was a bit of extra help but I got treated differently because of it and would get into trouble if I lashed out because of it. Cartoon was really funny btw as usual.

  • 1:34 Spanelli getting that progress the "hard" way....

  • "Dud bloods", my favorite part.

  • shadow legends ruined it for me, how about you?

  • Apex legends sucks as heck as possible and it dos not belong in the ratings where it is like t seares

  • I got one to but it's made of crucified that was worshipped by millions

  • This is art

  • If anyone had any doubts if flashgitz was going to hell....

  • Wingardium levosooooooooon

  • I just come for the adds at the end tbh

  • hrwiki.info/plane/video/h82Qp6vFZG14tKQ

  • Hahaha why is this so wrong yet so funny!?

  • I probably shouldn't show this to my girlfriend (LOVES Harry Potter and Hufflepuff), but I'm going to anyway... Wish me luck!! 😁

  • This needs its own series. I’d see this in the movies anytime.

  • I came for a meme *I found a masterpiece*

    • how did you start out animating?

  • Feel bad for Mrs. Spanelli. Imagine being around dudbloods and HP fans EVERY DAY

  • 2:06



  • This oddly resembles an Oney Cartoon...just a little bit.

  • The face flick beuh🤣

  • The Raid plug did it for me, subscribed lol

  • Omfg dudbloods lmaooooo

  • I love it

  • God, all of you at FlashGitz make really good animation, the acting afterwards is amazing too 😂

  • Do a longer video where the space marines perform an extremely brutal and large genocyde over animated characters from well known shows/animes, it will suit the agenda of their crusade very well.

  • Now you can take the troll out of the dungeon and put Jeremy's ghost down there.

  • Me still in special ed and seeing this video today

  • This isn’t funny. I’m autistic. Do you seriously think this is acceptable?

    • @Aaron Snoper thats normal he is from the dumb people 😂

    • Totally yes

    • Can't take a joke then don't look at jokes or in your case a mirror

    • Yes 100 percent

  • how did you start out animating?

  • Not sure why I wasn't expecting that ending

  • Wait...........did she gave the principal a bj ? , that sold it for me , so realistic tbh

  • "But like most of his generation, he's 29. And still obsessed with harry potter." 😂😂

  • I legit thought this was just reposted MeatCanyon for a while

  • Why dose mrs spanalli sound like someone frome meat canyon

  • But sometimes for kids like Jeremy, there's only one "solution"😂😂🙄🙄😒

  • Is this OneyNG but with a different channel name?

  • So in this universe the Harry Potter books are actually biographies of a real student and are distributed to the Muggles?

  • Did Mrs Spanelli give dumbledore some fucking schlop?

  • All the kids having the same face was a nice touch.

  • The best thing I've seen in years, thank you.

  • This animation be getting good

  • I need a whole series of this

  • This is the greatest thing I've ever seen

  • harry potter fans 1:37

  • Damn even the short train lol

  • 03:45 Finally we get to see Don at his true height.

  • Do a Star Wars Special Ed

  • 5,300

  • Of course the Americans are speacel ed

  • As a person with ADHD ODD PTSD Aniexty and Autism stage 2 I can also confirm this is pretty accurate

  • The short train was what had me dying

  • “The special needs wizards do explode when overwhelmed.” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I literally said kill him and she did

  • Their animation is just getting better and better

  • When are you going to make furry apocalypse part 4

  • جاي من بندر .

  • Video starts at 3:31

  • Of course jeremy is in hufflepuff

  • F.uc.k shadowlegends. I'm sooo disappointed, the video was so funny... Well, you had a new subscriber for almost a whole minute there!

  • That teacher did the right thing, brave soul.

  • Can we get making of videos to come back

  • This needs its own series. I’d see this in the movies anytime.

  • Dud Bloods 🤣

  • Harry potter fans are special needs

  • If there was special ed that class was blown up before Harry got to hogwarts

  • As someone who is in special ed I can say that this is relatable

  • Shadman awareness, he is a sick minded "artist" and shouldn't be given a platform on any website #banshadman -JACKTHEGOLDWATCHER OF R34

  • Lolololololol

  • Gracias, épico

  • Loved the smashing beetles!! Lol. (Possible GRRM reference?) ...also, I can honestly say I’ve never seen a better promo for Raid: Shadow Legends.

  • 2:32 is pure comedy gold

  • That raid shadow legends ad at the end.... LOL

  • Jeremy joined Moaning Myrtle....via Mrs. Spinelli.

  • i would not have a problem if i saw your commercials everywhere lmfao god dammit im dying

  • Though it was meat canyon a bit.

  • Jutan in martian means Shorty

  • Sometimes, for kids like Jeremy, there's only one solution. I guess you could call it a *final* solution.

  • I get it gets you money but please for the love of God STOP PROMOTING THAT TRASH GAME CALLED RAID SHADOW LEGENDS! FUCKING CHRIST

    • @Spectre Gaming oh no yeah thats definitely true the game is garbage ,I ve played it too.

    • @Prompthorizen 12 that's fair but still man.. it's so damn annoying. Every single video I watch is either sponsored by Raid or an ad for Raid appears. I attempted to play it and it was the stupidest thing I've ever touched.

    • At least his raid shadow legend ads are entertaining.

  • Floyd v Logan

  • Lmao

  • Bro when he ate the painting

  • Jeremy the adult who isn’t actually special was the one who ate the painting