Going Through Your Partners Phone...

Datum objavljivanja: 3. Svi 2021.
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  • The Ken x Pewds videos are some of my favorite

  • 110 million subs 👌

  • I can't believe I worked with Ken's mom lmao.

  • You have to react to Unghetto Matthieu’s videos of couples switching their phones

  • why does joey look like hawks

  • bro people with photos of their ex smh, my ex has photos of me and her on all her shit still and shes engaged and has a kid with another dude now. Like at some point youd think youd wanna delete it yea? She just hit me up not to long ago and we talked for a minute and she still has ALL of them in her memories and like god damn come on

  • Marzia says Tom Cruise looks like everyone's uncle? Look up Tristan Rousselle on Google, that's my uncle and I agree that Tom Cruise kinda looks like my him.

  • and laptops sh*t

  • React to phone swap

  • I’m a sentimental and emotional person and I’m losing my memory. I take a ton of photos and videos so that I can remember things. I have videos and photos from most of my exes simply because having those memories is too precious even the bad ones. You don’t realize how important memories are until you lose them. I’m 32

  • My wife had 150 tabs open on her phone I close them week later she was back to 50 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • I never get bored by this Bromance.

  • Stop pausing so much guys.

  • In our relationship we always ask to borrow and dont go through the phone. For a periode my boyfreind had a better phone camera so I borrowed it to take pictures a lot. Now he has a lot of pictures of our hamsters on it XD

  • Felix is right if I see someone on my phone I want it back.

  • Its like you know you aren't going to steal from a store but when they look at you u start to panic.


  • realising how useful bookmarks are really saved my laptop from constantly having to run hundreds of tabs open all the time

  • I agree with Ken, Cruise has had way to much Plastic Surgery these days.

  • Video e loj te pa kuptim


  • Just got a tseries ad on pewds vid

  • Pewdipie: reacting to videos HRwiki: *GAMING*

  • As someone who got my 2200 tabs down to 1300 tabs I feel so called out right now. Task manager says I'm now 1.5gig usage not 4gig DX

  • My channel is MusicianWolf 17

  • Hi pewdiepie, I have a new YT channel and a shoutout would really help it. If you ever see this message, I hope I can get a shoutout, thanks.

  • that was a new kind of rick rolled..

  • 19:24 that’s nothing. I probably have literally more than a thousand tabs in my browser rn. It takes like 20 seconds to open it every time

  • Every kid ever 1:08-1:10

  • Why’d he stop doing 90 days fiancé 😞

    • Because of copyright or it got boring

  • They talk about it so casually as it passes by where the partner discovers the porn. I'm guessing they don't want to know what their partner likes. lmao

  • bruce willis does look like my uncle tho..

  • Sussy!

  • The elderly woman had Figgeroni and her husband had Robertatalloni at 18:21

  • I saw 4192_victor comments on Instagram so I decided to hire him, I was amazed when he hacked my lover phone and WhatsApp without his knowledge

  • I saw 4192_victor comments on Instagram so I decided to hire him, I was amazed when he hacked my lover phone and WhatsApp without his knowledge

  • Y

  • give me shutout for my youtube channel

  • ill be frank. my ex hurt me badly. i got really insecure in my new relationship. we just were open as f and trust grew. now i know i have an awesome man that told me about his past too. but tbh: if he was his old druggie self.. i wouldnt have dated him now lol so i can see why the one girl said she wouldnt date his old self..

  • My chrome has 73 tabs open for a year ofc all anime that i need to watch lol. I even downloaded another browser so those don't crash.

  • "they look super insecure. They're all hunched over." Me: sits up straight

  • 18:30 -Owen Wilson has joined the chat

  • rip lway

  • KEN IS EPIC hes frickin wearin A JOJO SHIRT

  • **twerkingly twerking**

  • The audacity to forget about Johnny depp

  • When my camera roll is filed with actors showing middle finger and my 6y/o brother asks if he can go trough the camera roll Me: 👁👄👁 but I wake up with him showing me :aaaaaaaaaaaaah no

  • what's up with Pewds' face at 22:30? he suddenly looked sad or something

  • When that guy in the pink introduced himself I was like, he's definitely gay. I'd dig deeper and see who exactly got that D pic he keeps. lol

  • LOL the young guy is such a beta

  • Felix starts telling a story from his past.... Ken: "Wait, wait, where is this going?"

  • How dare you be suspicious of guys I talk to after I cheated on you! This is why you never take a cheater back. Even if they don't cheat again, which is unlikely, you'll be miserable.

  • The most relatable moment is when its almost guaranteed that you deleted something but there's still that anxiety that makes you question if you actually did it

  • The phantom weiner 🤣

  • I- I have 57 tabs open..

  • Heart plz

  • I like Pewds reaktion so much!

  • And pewdiepie is still wondering if he deleted it

  • 23:30 KEN IS KIRA

  • I just tried to count my phone internet tabs - I had to stop at 200.

  • its all women in genrally have all there fucking tabs open .......... i always close them to hell with it

  • "Marzia thinks he does not handsome at all"- Felix Kjelberg, 2021

  • Felix u kno Marzia will eff u up SIMP

    • @Drug_ Dealer ok drug dealer 😂

    • Super Intelligent Minecraft Player Also the simp meme is dead and unfunny and pewdiepie said the meme is dead...

  • Gotta keep the texts for receipts if they wanna start something later

  • Ple fort poe


  • 1:54 i’ve witnessed this exact thing happen. my friend’s ex-gf made him block me on all social media (EVEN XBOX??) because she was “jealous”, well about a week or two later he found out that she cheated on him :|

  • I just think everyone looks up porn once in their life. why is it such a big deal.

  • Everything is fun and games until you realize tom cruse has a middle tooth

  • none of these people still together. I pray these videos are fake because if not they are a evil vault tech experiment

  • 13:00 my uncle is bald lol

  • I’m scared of someone looking through my browser history not cause of corn but I know I look up really weird stuff

  • 4k

  • Ken handsome more than Tom Cruise.🙈❤

  • Camera phones weren't a thing until well after I started dating my husband.

  • I'm not even a simp, but I'll say this once that Felix is much more handsome than either Tom Cruise and Bruce Willis. ( Never thought either of them particularly attractive anyway.)

    • Dont worry simp now means Super Intelligent Minecraft Player

  • petscop2 confirm???

  • Marzia... srsl... Tom Cruise is not hot but Bruce? Bruce is the god of sex.

  • "He looks like everyone's uncle" I died.. Marzia is hilarious XD

  • We always love ken and pewds videos

  • I'd be more worried if the person didn't have any porn on their computer/phone.

  • POV: you checked how many tabs u had open

  • I guess he has small hands too😂

  • I have this many ta[b]s: :D

  • Tom Cruise is not handsome. Period.

  • Ken is my boy. He uses the fairest weapon of them all. Thee Benefit of the doubt.

  • Seen on Open sea NFT PewDiePie punk for 350k $ LOL U history now

  • Bru first guy caught in 4k🤣

  • Aww Ken got a PewDiePie phone case

  • LooK at Ken's shirt 'Is that a Jojo referrence'

  • Felix did u watch Harry Potter

  • This guy and I were starting a relationship and 3 days in I woke up in the night to him going through every Snapchat conversation I’ve ever had (even from years prior) I just went back to sleep. The next day he contacted my ex from 2 years ago telling him that I probably cheated on him with this guy named Scotty because we would always say I love you to each other when I was dating him. Scotty.... is my brother. That next day he asked to go through my phone because he saw something suspicious. I said sure but assured him that being 3 days into a relationship and asking for this is a huge red flag. He went to my Instagram and pulled up a picture of my dog. He asked who this one guy was who liked the photo and I told him I had no idea and that Instagram is clearly a public app. He was convinced I cheated on him with this guy during our 3 day relationship. My ex before him would have full access to my phone cause he didn’t have a cell phone and I got used to having my phone being in multiple hands. Thanks to crazy guy I absolutely refuse to give my phone to anyone until they give me a legitimate reason to do so.

  • Fun fact Tom cruise has a middle tooth

  • Moral lesson: privacy isn't secrecy

  • Marzia and Ken are definitely in the right here tho. About Tom Cruise and Bruce Willis

  • KenPapaBear and Poodiepie... best friendship/bromance in all the world! ❤

  • Someone reaches for one of my device, I conjure a hammer. Must purge it

  • Felix: "Marzia can i see your phone?" Marzia: *sweats in 50 orders of spaghetti ingredients*

  • Boo