Giving George $5,000 To Spend On Amazon

Datum objavljivanja: 17. Stu 2019.
Giving George $5,000 To Spend On Amazon Just the happiness they radiate is so wholesome. 500,000 subscribers gained in 14 days. Crazy. Love all of you.
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financial genius. giveaway money and apparently you will get more money in the future! I love giving. I'm not rich, but I enjoy making other people smile, and sometimes money can do that
This isn't a Minecraft video, but it's with a bunch of Minecraft players.


  • Why does bads voice doesn’t Mach his face

  • I wanna be friends with dream...

  • George and sapnap: I want monitors and computer parts Bad: A FULL PLASTIC JAR FULL OF M&M AND A (Edit 38) OUNCE BUG FULL IF M&M

  • can u do anther one these are so Entertaing

  • The video is called giving it to George but sapnap and bad are in it

  • Come on guys he is friends with georgenotfound

  • Am i the only one who was looking at the clock in georges and sapnaps computer. Why are they filming at midnight😂😂😂 I mean george and dream live a very big distance away from each other so that makes sense. But isnt sapnap an american like dream🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Santa dream

  • 6,969,696 views... :BRUH:

  • BRO IT HAS 6.969.094 COME LETS GET THAT TO 6.969.696

  • *returns all of it back to his PayPal after video is over*

  • george is really sweet guy


  • I'M NOT OVER SAPNAP FACERR AHH, do we start a cult or something

  • How come bad and sapnap got less than george?

  • Who's watching at 11+ mil?

  • Could get two monitor adapters for 10 dollars. Gets two new monitors.

  • this is so very wholesome~

  • Little does he know that he is at 11mil now

  • 14:48 ...

  • That is super wholesome. I usually hate videos where people brag about how much money they have and just throw it away on some random shit, but I see that you have nice relationships there so it was super nice.

  • if you dont use it you loo-

  • Plot twist: Bad is actually allergic to peanuts

  • 16:04 notice how bads face changes

  • George:$5,000 Bad:$500 sapnap:$500 they watch video: ARE YOU KIDDING ME

  • Pls, all of the crew don’t get scammed! Not to be rude, but bad is my fav of them all

  • Did George say "Xisuma"?

  • cOOchie man

  • When BBH said: "4 inch soft muffin toy" It feels different

  • Hey shitass

  • What is this he says at the end "thank u all for almost 900.000 subs" and now he 11months later he is almost at 12mil WHAT IS THIS Anyway keep up the good work love your vids

  • those 2k dislikes are dreams fans realising he likes takis

  • when dream gives george a 5,000 dollar but george just forgot to buy da colorblind glasses just forgot about the edit

  • Isn’t it weird how he how he gained 11 million subscribers

  • Look at bbh face 16:02

  • Everyone: gets 500$ George: gets 5,000$

  • George clearly wants to get an upgrade to a new setup. Sapnap wants to get normal life stuff and less gaming items. Bad? Nah he just wants to have fun :D

  • Ok Who else got this recommended almost 1 year later

  • 10:20 George Showing his adult skills

  • Nothing beats badboyhalo being so happy about his peanut m&ms

  • I feel bad for your bank acount

  • alright mrbeast

  • I love how wholesome Badboyhalo here in this video like *HEART SQUEEZE*

  • True Dat! - Miles "Tails" Prower

  • dream in that video : thanks for almoast 900k subs!!! him now: ThANk y0U F0r aLm0ASt 12 mIIli0N sUbs

  • I’m so pissed gear he didn’t record himself unboxing stuff

  • You are so generous Dream! You are so nice to others! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH DREAM!!!!!!!

  • if u give the 2k giveaway to me it will help XD

  • Nice views doe

  • he had like 900k when he uploaded this he now has 11.8M subs holy crabs this dude has some tricks

  • George just swear

  • Everyone title dream being a sugar daddy but it is true tho

  • Is sapnap Spanish

  • Dream = Mr. Beast Junior

  • An add came on after bad said well and it was a kfc add it's like well I don't care I love it 😂😂😂

  • imagine at the end when george had his basket full of the stuff he wants dream goes april fools

  • In 11 months, this man gained 11 million subscribers. Dream might be one of HRwiki’s fastest growing content creators.

  • me is sub so im epic

  • I wonder why George got more money 😏

  • I LOVE BADBOYHALO SO MUCH iavidflvifbvfbveiviuhtugyhtihginrvbfainvuo


  • Amazon Is bathing in money cuz' of dream

  • Dream: sapnap and george are obvuisly tied Also dream: gives george 5000 and gives sapnap 500🌚

  • No matter how many times i watch this i always lose it at the 77 dollar minecraft sword and dream says "no thats not it that comes with the kid that comes with the kid" 😂💀

  • If me win that 500$ im going to buy pc because im always watching dream in computer shop and my phone have crack in middle and im 15 years old atleast im not passing all new dream videos

  • george searches “minecraft sword” comes up with a kid, george “why is it so much”, dream “no no not that one it comes with a kid”


  • Hey dream 1.7 inches 😏

  • I love how the thumbnail includes these expensive items like a monitor and electric bike but then a bucket of m&m’s

  • That's kinda not really fair though. Because you gave george $5,000 and you gave bad and sapnap only 500. D:

  • How old are Dream I dont about you tell about in stream with geogre pls I will like your video 😁

  • 0:21, is that dream???? never mind

  • 1851;( Amazon

  • How did he get like 10 or 11 million subs in less then a year

  • Eatimg McDonalds right now cuz there was food in the thumbnail so indont get hungry so yeah...

  • Can we appreciate how wholesome bbh is, like my heart was about to die from it

  • And yes takis are also beatiful

  • Dream I love you, you know that but you love takis so I love you even more

  • this is me..... GEORGE....... YEZZZ ......a wE BoTh kNOw

  • Merch gang

  • S.I.M.P

  • Now we know who’s dream’s favorite

  • No one says this 0:47

  • 5.000 US = 28.100 RS

  • george: barely freaking out about buying a whole 2000$ computer badboyhalo: *OH MY GOD, DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY M&MS THAT IS???!!!* bbh is so precious i cant-

  • The way he said no you can’t at 7:20 made me laugh

  • SIMP

  • I love how bad uses snap feuters lol

  • I dunno if this is obvious, but I'm pretty sure the only reason George gets so much more than the others is because he directly helped the channel much more than the others. Don't get me wrong, I know Bad and Sapnap are equally close to him and give him just as much support as George, but George codes or helps code for most of the videos, and in this regard had more of an effect.

  • This is my first dream video ever watched

  • Sapnap and George: let’s get new computers! Badboyhalo: lets get m&m’s and nerf guns!

  • Sapnap looks 30 not 19

  • George and sapnap: monitors, air pods new computer, new mic, scooter, shaving kit Bad: Dog sweater, Muffin dog toy, gluten free muffin mix, m&ms, nerf guns Bad is a character for sure.

  • Literally no one: George every 3 minutes:YOLO

  • Sign here for him to do a sequal for 10 mil

  • Alternate title: Dream starts to become Mr Beast

  • Dream is a simp confirmed

  • 👍👍👍

  • i just want to buy a PC 😓

  • bad is so Seap he’s buying low prices 😂