Game Theory: Minecraft and The Power of The Dead

Datum objavljivanja: 1. Svi 2021.
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I've covered some of Minecraft's dark secrets when it comes to souls. Today, we are diving even further into the mystery that is the Nether and what powers it. Theorists, has Minecraft learned to harness the power of the dead? It's time to find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Pedro Freitas and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • The fact that hunger drains quicker in the nether supports this theory

  • Wait a second, why are there endermen in the Nether? According to your past theories, they were ancient builders trapped in the end when they realized it was a one-way trip that evolved. However, if some were trapped in the Nether willingly or not (most likely willingly sealing themselves inside), they should not have evolved into the same species. Different environments influencing evolution is one of the main principles in the subject, so what gives? My brain hurts. It makes no sense.

  • 6:15 when this was still a minecraft video

  • Even the upside down has spores and fungi. Guess it's a running theme when it comes to interdimensional hellscapes.

  • what science class did i enter?

  • Hey what if one seed is just a part of the overworld.

  • 1, fungus are getting energy from the contamination of the nether (one teory is bc netherite). 2, piglin eates meat and a proof is they put in chests of bastions cooked meat, why they cook the meat if is not to eat?. 3, soulsand is only used for energy only for nether wart and that is only alchemy. 4, warped forest was created transforming the milleniar crimson forests by the endermans after the war against the dragons. 5, strider dont lets you ride it, he is wanting the fungus in the stick, like pigs do. 6, i dont know a lot of endermans but the normal theory is they are the people who lost the war against dragons (i dont have a lot of proof for that). 7, you are not explaining about how use the energy of the souls. 8, beds explode because nether has other rules and steve cant use beds there to use his inmortality power. bad theory

  • Im beging you pls do a Henry Stickman pne

  • i was like "is this Game Theory or Food Theory channel?😂"

  • So i was just thinking and watching all your Minecraft theories and i had the thought if what you said about the enderman being human when they went to the end..then how did the pillers get built and how the end crystals were placed and where did the ender dragon came to be..

  • Possible theory idea:how tough is Steve cuz he can take arrows anywhere,survive in lava for a good few secs,be set a blaze and not have his skin cook and last of all running in armor

  • hey mat pat could you make a theory about herobrine pls pls pls

  • Hey, mat pat! I have a theory idea for the lore. maybe you can do it on the Farland? It will be a great part for the lore

  • My theory of the disk 11 is this: -?- "panicing" "running" but from who? The disk starts a -?- running from something. After that. The -?- stops and getting something in -gender- bag something metalic In that version theres only a compas, clock, and flint and steal. For me -gender- pulls out a flint and steal and pulls out a peace of paper to right something and he starts to run he goes faster and faster until at the last seconds you hear a dying noice you hear it like this /\/\ It goes up and down then up again Then compare it to a death of an enderman its the same thing Just like creepers All the disks were made by mobs Every mpb records a disk like the ender but recording its makes the mob die in the process. When the guys pillers up he killed the enderman. And the enderman drops the recorder and the disk fell and gets broken. Also it ended in 1 min 11 sec and 111 milisec

  • Minecraft universe heh we be blocky how do I like them apples

  • Part of Matpats Schedule : *breath*

  • If the ecosystem is losing energy, where is that energy going? Energy can neither be created or destroyed, so what happens to it when it is 'lost'?

  • The Mobestiary mentions Skeleton Horsemen being an omen of the end of the world.

  • “The action of digestion burns calories” Me eating a whole bag of Cheetos: Fitness is my passion

  • soul sand takes the player’s energy and so when the player gets the soul sand they make the wither and the more power it get the stronger the wither

  • Matpat alway right

  • Actually a viable energy source for the nether could be geothermal. The fungal could feed on complex organic molecules created from underground. Heat is what is used by plants to synthesise glucose from more basic molecules, so it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume the unique fungi from the nether do something similar and therefore act as primary consumers AND scavengers. The reason they appear on the suface instead of underground closer to their energy source may be because there is a specific molecule only found in the pockets of air that is required for thermosynthesis such as those high in oxygen or sulfur. We know they exist because Steve can breathe there

  • The ratio of efficiency for chicken meat is 9:2 as decimals being used in fractions is considered bad mathematical grammar. Theory debunked

  • minecraft is just a GAME

  • gut response to the primary energy source for the nether - chemosynthesis or some way for the fungi to make use of lava for fuel

  • What about geothermal energy though?

  • uhhh isn't there geothermal energy?

  • Hey Matthew Patrick you should do a game theroy video on slitherio

  • 1:17 G E K O L O N I S E E R D

  • Where did the Wither go?

  • As a Dutch guy, i thought my land would show up. Though Minecraft is great also

  • I have question how are creepers created?

  • 10:08 that’s actually kinda cool if u remember before the 1.16 update the nether didn’t have warped forests or anything so it’s like in that update the ancient race of builders came and changed it

  • Is it just me, or did I learn all this here in Singapore by 11 ywars old?

  • 6:50 wait so all humans are freeloaders?

  • I love how he has analyze Mario’s toes on his schedule...

  • A random thing to say but if you listen carefully in the Nether you may hear something like radioactive sound thing 😅

  • What about... perhaps... just... GEOTHERMAL ENERGY

  • I have a question. idk if its simple answer or not. but in recent updates (idk how recent) end fortresses seem to either be under the ocean or in villages, at least in bedrock. why?

  • Cant you use the lava in the nether as a source of energy since it puts out radiation or energy

  • Hey MatPat, have you ever thought of doing a theory on the blazes? It's weird that their the only mob in the entire game that doesn't spawn naturally. It can only spwan though spawners in a fortress

  • I have a question. How do diamonds spawn in nether fortresses and bastions?

  • Welcome Internet welcome to game theory

  • When I was 8 years old (5 yrs ago), I predicted that the nether was in the sun.......................

  • What’s up with phantoms!?

  • I think the nether is the over world but upside down and it might be the over world but a nuke made it the nether or u are right this is just a theorie

  • How does mending work?

  • I will never play minecraft ever again cuz of this and the music of it

  • Much more scary thing of minecraft is the music

    • Thats playing

  • Matpat, can you do a theory on blazes and shulkers? Because there's something about them that makes me think that they're related in some way...

  • Make a natural theorist! Talking about nature and stuff

  • somehow this reminds me of dark souls

  • Look when you go to the nether the achevmint [we need to go DEEPer

  • My theory is that the warped forest biome is a crimson forest biome that is warped by the end, that would explain the roots in the biome are similar to the chorus plant and why endetman are so abundant.

  • *sun* ima firein my Lazar

  • The netherlands lets go 🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱 Wilhelmus van nassau en ben ik van duitsen bloed😂

  • €Good€

  • Wow is it just me but can matpat talk faster than when I last watched him?

  • Bruh as is the geothermal power you could draw from a planet literally made of lava can't sustain the ecosystem, many deep ocean ecosystem draw on geothermal vents instead of the sun

  • i havent watched past three minutes where he proved the nether is not below the minecraft but this bodes a lot worse than it appears. every possible "clue" led us to believe that it was below. it was undoubted and almost universally agreed on thats how strong the evidence was for it and yet we were stilll wrong. what does that say about every other theory that was based on evidence and clues?

  • So if the Ender dragon is keeping the Enderman aka the builders oppressed Who built the towers that Heal the dragon and Also on Console Who built the Big Structures you spawn in in a tutorial world cause they constantly up date along with the game like someone is updating them but not the player

  • Pls do a child of light

  • Just saying, one of the piglins trades actually help with this theory, I was messing around and trading with piglins, and one gave me a water bottle, which means that they must have found a way to harvest water in the nether, and unless they found a way to change the entire form of lava, they must have harvested it from a warped forest.

  • While i like your theory i feel you kinda forgot about bacteria that live off geothermal energy and minerals at the bottom of earths oceans. A plant doing something similar could provide the energy you need in the nether

  • I always wonder how Piglins are able to get water bottles in the nether when there's no source of water in the nether. It's both confusing and weird at the same time. Actually on that same topic, how are Piglins able to get potions of Fire Breathing? They need brewing stands, which we don't see anywhere in the nether, and they also need bottles full of water, which then comes back to the question: How are Piglins able to get Water in the nether?

  • Matpat can't the plants use thermal or chemical energy that a thing I learn about it a few week ago plant that grow under water or under ground use thermal or chemical energy to survive can't the plant in the nether do the same also love your vidoes

  • I am from the Netherlands, and boy I like the joke, greetings from the windmills, and I am watching this with a nice peace of cheese!

  • But were comes all the heat?

  • make a roblox theory

  • G e k o l o n i s e e r d 🇳🇱

  • Oh hewl yeah the netherlands :) im dutch its great

  • Netherrack is fleshy. The fungi are growing on eldritch material.

  • Hey matpat I found a book that might help the creeper theory about them being Egyptian creations the book is called "Minecraft handbook guide" on page 44. If this help your welcome and your my favorite channel.

  • Hey Matpat, I think it's interesting to point out that both endermen and wither skeletons have similar heights, as in they need at least 3 blocks high to stand. I think it supports your theory of them both being remnants of the ancient builders. Still, I always wondered why zombies had the exact same clothes as steve, and zombies and skeletons are shorter than endermen and wither skeletons so i guess maybe you're right that their the creations of the illagers?

  • Don’t you love eating with yours ears

  • Overworld = over Nether = under End = more over Also overworld =through

  • 1st harvest souls to make freinds 2nd 2 soul sand blocks 3rd PUMPKIN ON TOP

  • 6:30 lol

  • Not really, We don’t know what is up there but it’s not possible to find out that quickly

  • It is just a big cloud above the nether

  • I miss the old intro.

  • Make an episode about whos steve/ours parents and why we survived and not the prher people because it seem like the other humans left for a long time ago so it must have been or are other people because how else could we be born

  • I have theroy why when u have pumpkin on your head and u look at a ender it wont attack u because is thinks your an iron golem.

  • Ok so, because energy and mass can’t be created or destroyed, that doesn’t mean any energy is lost in the cycle. Just converted into alternate forms, but my guess is that other mobs in the nether can use this energy, thus contributing to the cycle. A lot of energy is lost in heat, but blazes and magma cubes both harness heat in their functions. My guess is that magma cubes absorb the heat to function and blazes absorb the energy into their rods to fly. I think ghasts may not just be ghosts, but rather a living being that just has similar properties. Ghasts randomly have the ability to spit fire, which is very different to what you would expect from a ghost. This means ghasts are capable of withstanding fire in their body, and likely absorb and/or eat it too. If you factor this in, the entire system is completely sealed and self functioning.

  • I am obsessed with this Minecraft series. AHHHHHHHH I KEEP REWATCHING THIS SERIES!!! HELP

  • Hey, MatPat, I got a suggestion for ya, another game where the lore has yet to be fully completed, just like Minecraft. The Binding of Isaac. With the latest dlc, we got more info, but every video claiming to have the full story always seems to be missing something, usually the b-side or tainted characters

  • 3:26 And then a Hypercarnivore like a Polar Bear eats the Fox

  • At the end, I thought you would make a smooth transition from the nether and its energy to their music discs (of how pigstep may have been created more specifically) 😂😅

  • Nether us kinda looking like the hell

  • lol the animation

  • Hey, you. yeah you the person thats looking at this Rn. Sscribe to matpat for him to make a Friday night funkin Theory. NOW.

  • mojang: i fear no man but that channel it scar's me

  • Mat pat look at Minecraft story mode you will ser

  • That's a good theory homever there one thing wrong if the nether is working in soul power then why soul valley are so inhabited ? Why if the piglin eat meat wich eat on soul fungi why are they afraid of soul Light ? And as you said the nether would see all of is exploitable energy turn to heat but how is it cooling down ? The answer is simple the crimson forest is not powered by soul (or at least not directly) but by heat ! In irl some micro organism use thermoplast to create glucose with CO2 O2 and water. The crimson forest do the same ! Heat is produced by soul fire and netherrack fire wich then power the crimson forest ! The only forest in the nether using directly soul is the warped forest ! It was not transformed with river water but with soul in the same goal:protect the builders from the nether and that's why no piglin go there ! And it also explain why is it blue ! Because it really is powered by soul ! The nether is build to harvest soul and heat as we can see by the creature like ghast and blaze ! But that's just a theory ! My theory !

    • Ah and sorry for the english error i'm not english soo.... Yeah it must be filled with error 😅

  • Whats your reddit?

  • Dude have you ever thought about making a theory on the zombie giants of minecraft?

  • Just received my 10th anniversary hoodie today , I love it

  • The nether is the core but when you are creative and you go under the bedrock its nothing but The void it doesnt show you its the nether or its so far away from the void that it breaks the barrier that is in the void then you die beacase under the barrier its hell and you cant see the bedrock there!

  • yo matpat. the second law of thermo dynamics says that energy can neither be created or destroyed IN A CLOSED SYSTEM. I just solved your theory in less than 5 min moron. nah jp I love all your channels. but fr tho you were a little off on this one.

  • Can you do a video on enchantment books or the enchantment table