FUNNY Things You Do WHEN NO ONE IS WATCHING! Skipping School with Best Friend and La la Life Musical

Datum objavljivanja: 20. Sij 2021.
Lizzy and her BFF skip school to have the best day in her life...home alone!🤩 Without parents I mean! Can you imagine a sleepover with your bestie, making tiktoks, eating pizza, dancing and having all these things we do when we're home alone!🍕
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00:00 Bad dream
00:45 How to skip school
01:33 Home Alone
02:38 Bad singer
03:02 Cleaning time
03:30 Cooking
04:19 No secrets from your BFF
04:49 Sleepover!
05:24 Yummy challenge
06:32 Lizzy has a crush!
07:23 Trying beauty hacks
08:27 Best way to eat pizza
09:07 Partying with your BFF
10:09 Shouldn’t have skipped school!
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