Exposing Our Big Secret

Datum objavljivanja: 26. Tra 2021.
Someone asked Lauren Alexis to reveal our secret...
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Song Name: Fire
Artists: Shystie feat. Jme & Double S
Album: Shystie: Blue Magic
Producer: Elicit
Shystie: iamshystie
Jme: JmeBBK
Double S : doubleSmusician
Elicit: ThisIsElicit
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  • Charity Game Seven Sidemen ChrisMD Chunkz Filly Harry Niko Stephen Tries WillNE Joe Weller Malfoy Spencer Callux Freezy Randolph Gib JME TommyInnit Wilbur Plus US reps MrBeast and a few of his crew Logan Paul Mike

  • Eboys? Who's that?

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • Pewdiepie or jacksepticeye in next charity match?

  • Sidemen and the troops vs E boys and Beta squad for charity match ???

  • Niko should be in the match

  • How to get poplar - make the sidemen become lords lol

  • Make a video with all the sidemen “reacting to my Reddit”

  • Phil’s gotta be in the charity match

  • Why not show us the whole bathroom, hhhhmmmmmm seems sus

  • Sp33dy always says he wants to play in your charity match if you do another!!

  • ollie ball in the next sidemen charity match

  • Bruh if dude perfect are gunna play they will be throwing the ball from the top of the stands and bicycle kicking it to the goal


  • The Ethan’s revenge I think his hand is in his pocket

  • Ollie ball has to play in the next charity match.

  • Jesus is the only lord

  • Sidemen vs beta squad

  • Ravens at 30k now

  • Do a go cart sidemen video

  • Josh should do a collab with zerka. Would be insane

  • Tommyinnit but put him with jj the whole time

  • Reddit huh

  • Never thought I'd see DashieGames in a Zerkaa Thursday vid

  • josh's reaction when he said "i always forget" to freya saying "it's like he cant do it" is so cute and pure!!! love. so cute I rewatched his facial expression so many times (18:11)

  • sheesh


  • How does josh know Lauren alexis?

  • I wanna give more than this... Give him an award

    • oh don't worry, he sent around 5k people to my channel. But to me, the biggest award is simply his reaction. I actually love to see people reacting to my stuff, doesn't matter how big they are

  • Anyone else notice Kons face in the mountain at 3:32 with the headset haircut lmao

  • Harry Hesketh needs to be in the next charity match

  • HRwiki vs tiktok charity football match w. Ollie Ball, Cal the dragon, etc...

  • Get everyone to get the XIX tatted on... a legacy like no other it has becomed 🙌🏼 GOATssss

  • BIG JOSHER - IF YOU SEE THIS - SOME IDEAS FOR GETTING MORE SUBS - 1) Dont have a scheduled type of vid on monday and thursday. like post on monday and thursday but dont guarantee it will be a reddit or a zerkaa thursday. try to hit us with the unexpected. 2) when you make reddit vids, make them like this. 3) do outdoors challenges - like even just crossbar challenge or smth new like idk Snowboarding. those would be fun and you would be able to do it even during covid im p sure

  • This reddit vid hit different than Josh's past ones! Enjoyed it a lot this time!!

  • All 7 of you should become lords, try to get the land that you buy next to each others and put a XIX statue there

  • Get some ZRK hats out there and then it would be a literal ZRK on ya head top🤷‍♀️😂

  • Dude Perfect don't play football

  • Get Jake Paul in the charity match, so Willne can do the tackle that he did to Ricegum and break Jakes leg

  • We will know Josh will have more of a buzz on each recording We will know

  • at 8:40 i thought that was randolph haha

  • Now i am unsubscribing from you, one or 4 clickbaits are understandable but all the videos? Thats cheap from a youtuber who has 4 million subs 😡

  • 4:15 😂😂😂 instead of a dnf Vikk got a tbfho 🤣 aka 'to be fair though'

  • lady freya lookin' kinda peng innit

  • Faze clan should be in the charity match

  • Click vs sdmn charity match would be fire.

  • Queen Elizabeth in the next match

  • You screaming MIIIIIIIIILL and a sound box to match when she squeezes it!!!

  • I didn’t even know the sidemen knew about dashie

  • Behz lookin Hella sus after this video

  • Ethans revenge was funny

  • If you get on of the stuffed toys with your face on it for Freya you should use the meme face that is everywhere on your reddit instead of a picture of your face

  • More sidemen mario kart would bang


  • Pewdiepie should be in the next Sidemen football charity match!

  • I think the F2 should play In the charity match

  • Wtf is with the sidemen and lauren alexis

  • can someone who’s wasted they’re time and watched the whole video let me know in which minute is the “secret”

  • ollie ball has to play in the charity mstch

  • Zektric is amazing highlight of the video

  • Mr beast on left wing

  • Your mom

  • Have a great day


  • lol

  • 3:32

  • Josh acting like a kid is cute lol

  • Get spencer in the charity match he’s an og legend and started the Wembley cup

  • For the charity match, if you want VIEWS and a new audience, try to do tiktokers vs youtubers

  • ollie ball sidemen charity match

  • Sidemen Vs Faze charity match

  • Harry's spell was " I got touched as a kid"

  • The only white lorde

  • Get logan paul in the charity match

  • I love the fact that JJ boost noise was his laugh

  • josh should get that XIX tattoo once he hits 5 million, that'll be the goal, maybe?

  • Poet and Vuj have to play in the charity match. All the OG dons.

  • Lol trending for gaming

  • Haven’t watched it but ik it’s a Reddit Monday , am I right?

  • 15:21 for lauren part

  • Schrodinger's threesome: until confirmation is given, the threesome both did and didn't happen

  • Sidemen becoming lords. Class

  • i wanna be in the next match :(

  • Pieface has to play in the charity match

  • Beta squad for charity match

  • Does anyone know where zerkka got his weights from ? Be good to get some which isn’t a dodgy place from online hope someone can help

  • where the fuck is the secret (WTF) clickbait is not cool 5 videos with clickbait a not cool i will watch video without clickbait there a better than this stop with the clickbait no offence

  • REEV has to play, he was immense in the second game. He'd make it interesting

  • Use whiteboard drawing for pillow

  • Tiktok vs HRwikirs charity match have ollie ball in it

  • Imagine Tommyinit at a charity match

  • 12:22 to be fair tho- we can’t understand half the words Josh says cause he speaks so quickly lmao

  • Didnt see you at the josh fight.

  • Will josh participate in the josh fight?

  • If you do another charity match you have to invite KYR SPEEDY!!!!!!

  • he missed raven TL's easter egg of kons shaved head

  • im actually gonna unsuscribe because his clickbait has become so cringe

  • If you're reading the comments and you've not liked the video , I think you need to go back and try again

  • Sidemen vs FaZe charity match

  • This guy wants to overtake Ethan and Tobi yet barely scraped 300k views😂😂he’s finished