EVERYTHING in Minecraft 1.16 was LEAKED

Datum objavljivanja: 9. Stu 2019.
EVERYTHING in Minecraft 1.16 was LEAKED. Soulstone? Lava boat? Check this out. It's crazy. Mojang's newest update.
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Minecraft Nether forests, Minecraft Piglins, Minecraft Hoglins, and much more were shown at Minecon. A bunch of nether biomes including the soulsand valley. Hope you enjoy the video :)


  • i literally thought this was a beta version of 1.16 because of how accurate it was.... HOW DID HE EVEN THINK ABOUT THAT WITHER SKELETON THING?!?!

  • Dream sounds there like a trump 🤣

  • He did get some block that worked right except the name

  • It fooled me

  • Minecraft 1.16 be like:This is normal

  • In this video 4 of my friends trying hunt me down and stop me for beating minecraft this is minecraft manhunt also only a small percent that watch my videos are acctually subscribe so if u watch my videos pls keep subscribing its free u can also change ur mind enjoy the video

  • The piglin ears was so ugly than now

  • HoW dId YoU kNoW wHaT tHe UpDaTe LoOkS lIkE?!?!?!?!? 🤯😖🙃

  • Dream: i fooled you:) me: i'm playing in 1.17?

  • How you get this

  • If you didn’t know Dream is owner of mojang.😳

  • Who else is watching this when soul stone is soul soil and soul stone spgychgfvhh is basalt

  • The piglins are disturbing....

  • lol, literally everything in this video it's different then now

  • I want the magma blocks to clear lava!

  • Pls make one like this one of 1.17 update plssssss🥺🥺🥺


  • I first watched this in 2021 and since I've seen your other troll vids I was cautious but then the boat that's when u knew for sure

  • The temple And blaze spawner Are not real wish they where


  • I actually thought these things were real lmao

  • My guy has 15.6m half of u are not subscribed bro u get payed hella

  • Its funny watching this when the 2nd snapshot for 1.17 is out 🤣😂

  • Oh wait im on beta


  • wow troll worked on me

  • Who is watching this during quarantine

  • That’s why your mama dead

  • W

  • he fooled us

  • I was so freaking confused when u saw the nether pyramid i was actually so confused because it wasn't on 1.16 at all

  • Well, im surprised they added blue fire, but this comment wasn't made on 2019

  • Draem you can evoid pigeln with blue fire torc

  • LOL I was curious as to the release and wanted to see what it was about even though it was months ago. You were pretty convincing and all that work the team did was fantastic. I enjoy watching your vids. Especially the manhunt vids where you go against your friends.

  • yeah

  • what song did he use at 13:02

  • U didn't fool me, but I just laughed and said are you serious!:()

  • Dream: this is the red netherlog Me: THAT IS CRIMSON WOOD!!!!

  • in this update video, I wonder what he is going to do

  • Wtf

  • WARNING: Very Long Comment. It's really interesting to see a prototype of 1.16 after living in it for so long. I mean like, "Soul Stone?" Well now that's soul soil. And also, "Soul Stone Speleothem Block"? That block's name has changes DRASTICALLY from that thing to just Basalt. Red and blue netherlogs are now crimson and warped stems, "Shmoobalizer," (whatever that was supposed to mean) is just a crimson mushroom now, and blueshroom is warped mushroom. "Puffed glowstone" is now different as well. There's also a Nether Temple, which was probably taken out in place of the bastion remnant, and (lol) at 7:40 when Dream mined the block and the pigmen all just appeared SO shockingly fast, I was NOT prepared despite him saying to prepare. I just *Jumped* so suddenly! I did NOT expect that! XD 9:37 Also, in this prototype the MAGMA blocks work like a LAVA SPONGE! I think it kind of makes sense that they removed this, but once again, it's very cool to look at it's past. 10:10 wat. It's also interesting to see that they removed netherwood boats and instead, put striders. 12:30 Well I'm glad they changed that to just give double the damage. Are. You. *KIDDING ME?!* I GOT THIS ENTIRE LONG COMMENT ALL READY ABOUT HOW IT WAS COOL LOOKING AT ALL THE PROTOTYPES, AND THEY'RE NOT EVEN PROTOTYPES?! MAN YOU GOT ME GOOD! I DISLIKE THAT I DID ALL THIS THOUGH, LIKE DURING THE VIDEO AND NOT AFTER. THAT'S JUST REDICULOUS. Edit: I'm gonna show my sisters this.

    • @FierceToast I did after watching the video, but I wrote the comment while watching

    • You know this was a troll right.

  • bro this update is sooooo CoOl

  • as soon as he expressed his excitment for the nether update....... *i knew*

  • Dream: its all a joke me: wait most of this is true and it actually happened in 1.16 how is this a troll wait what

  • I raged at this and especially with the. Boat

  • 2:44 god halp thes man

  • Good job Dream u got me :D lolll

  • I'm not able to play 1.16 and I haven't watched anyone playing in neather with the new features so I had no clue about anything in the new updates for neather, so I got totally trolled, thanks dream, that's shocked and made my day

  • U see I haven’t played minecraft in a while ( like at least 4 years ) and recently I started again and I was like WHAT??!! Then realize I got fooled

  • Me :Im a 2021 person and 1.17 is coming out this summer lol


  • 2:42 that is called basalt

  • lol 1.16 bang lol the same thing

  • I just got recommend this video and I realized that I had watched this before and actually thought that he leaked the update and I got really mad when he said that it was a prank but now I just realize that I was just being salty

  • Dream I thought the pig man ride...... I really loved it

  • When I heard the music playing. I knew what was up

  • The flying piglin at the end made me wheeze louder than dream himself

  • There’s a NETHER TEMPLE... WHAT

  • People watching this in 2021

  • XD

  • Pog

  • Hey dream i watched it right now ahahha

  • good troll



  • 15mln sub and only 2mln views XDDDDDDDDDD "only 16% who watching my vidios are subsricbing my channel" XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • This video is now kinda boring cuse 1.17 is upcoming

  • idk how you this but it was really cool and got me

  • everyone:talks about how dream loved 1.16 before it existed an after it was released he hated it me: soul stone

  • Wow this update looks AMAZING!!!

  • I didn't know why I bursted out laughing at the thumbnail HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • no im no foled cause im from the future that pigmen can fly! too op mom! sick! jk but two blocks! diamond pic broak! people will be mad if thats the real update!

  • The pigmen are retextured as piglins. Piglins ears are missing LMAO 🤣 lol

  • 7:43 thats the first time something besides my pickaxe breaking scared me in a long time

    • pickaxes breaking scare me because you expect it, but you dont expect it when it happens

  • At first when he said that you could ride the pigmin and that it was like a glitch I believed him but when he showed me that they added your mom to Minecraft I was like in my head “It was at that moment that he realized that he fricked up”.

  • Well he was close

  • wait... dream.... DID YOU PREDICT THE NETHER UPDATE???

  • those piglens... they are players... The outline doesn't exist like the outer lining wait nvm I'm dum

  • Dream : You fool it was just a joke. Me watching this right now : hol up wha? whatchu talking about

  • Soul stone xD

  • Why did I get fooled by this-

  • Go to the mediafire to download the latest version of minecraft

  • Actually that is a basalt

  • This is me in 2020 thinking that this was the beta

  • Puffed glowstone sounds cool

  • I love the names lol 😂

  • Get edited

  • 👁👄👁 🤚👕👎 👖 👟👟

  • i come from the future



  • Mojang we need a desert update

  • When u don't realize this is a troll until he says, "They added your mom to mine craft"

  • Why am I getting dream videos that where a year ago?

  • Accept me friend request on discord

  • So this it the one and only dream.

  • Where did the 1.15 version go

  • Some of the stuff now is in this-

  • whos wacthing when were a few months from 1.17

  • so op!!!!!