EVERYTHING in Minecraft 1.16 was LEAKED

Datum objavljivanja: 9. Stu 2019.
EVERYTHING in Minecraft 1.16 was LEAKED. Soulstone? Lava boat? Check this out. It's crazy. Mojang's newest update.
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Minecraft Nether forests, Minecraft Piglins, Minecraft Hoglins, and much more were shown at Minecon. A bunch of nether biomes including the soulsand valley. Hope you enjoy the video :)


  • Who’s here when 1.17 is announced?🤠

  • damn the beginning of the update looked so different then the actual release of the update, its kinda cool to see how much stuff can change

  • 1.16 has been out for months and it took me 10 mins to realize this was a troll im so slow wth

  • This looks so cool!

  • Bruh most of this was accurate tho

  • i thought he was just makeing real leak vid bruh

  • wow amazing

  • I had a feeling

  • Who is watching this while waiting for 1.17 snapshots???

  • Is this a troll

  • you know those giant ribs are going to be featured on Film Theory

  • Me confused at 13:25 because everything in this video got added in 1.16

  • How did he do that?

  • Dream: This is the best video on my channel Me: **cough** **cough** *speed runner vs hunters*

  • ngl but I am watching this in 2020 and I still thought this was the "undeveloped" version of 1.16... ya got me there Dream

  • I am from the future cave update is coming 2021

  • watching these cursed things makes me lose braincells

  • someone lost their job to bring you this

  • Leak 1.17!

  • Sub to my channel

  • blue fire is the hotest fire

  • Hi dream

  • watching this in 1.16.2 be like : ;-;

  • Of course it was a prank

  • I fell for it. hehe( ͡• ͜ʖ ͡• )

  • Its true

  • But it was after it was realised

  • I got trolled

  • 10:00 this is something out of Fundy’s impossible challenge if u ask me

  • Piglins with no brim 👁👄👁

  • Am I colored blind because that grass look green

  • 5:11 how he knew at that time you needed gold for bartaring (sorry if it was said in minecon 2019 cause we are getting CAVE UPDATE BOIIISSS)mind blown and the piglins look funny lol

  • I'm like is this a scam?

  • whyyyyyyyyyyy

  • This is the new update

  • I getting angry but the last one... I can't breathe 🤣


  • tfw you cant pronounce speleothem

  • Soul stone-soul soul Soul stone spelecthen- basalt red nether log-Crimson stem Shmoobalizer-Crimson Fungi Blueshroom-Warped fungi Puffed glowstone-Shroom light Blue nether grass-Warped roots Blue Nether log-Warped stems Blue nether wood planks-warped planks Red nether wood planks-Crimson planks That is almost all the blocks that is added to the 1.16 nether update that had a different name then what Dream said. Also please like this vidio and subscribe to dream :)

  • i think this was made before the names were updated but just for people that don't know this... Soul stone is soul soul and soul stone spelecthen block is basalt

  • and ur minecraft is cursed....

  • and ur minecraft is cursed....

  • i know everything about the New Update

  • Oh dream this is not a troll

  • it’s the piglins with no ears and the nether fortress temple for me😳


  • most of the names in the leaked version was very different from the 1.16 update

  • the funny thing is this was an update lol

  • what happend to teh 1.15 leaked

  • who is this we???

  • Omg 100000000% real

  • You can’t fool me I’m from the future

  • hi mr 9999 iq man

  • is that smooth mcgroove music in the backround???? omg

  • hehehe lol you got me there even though this is after the official relese some of it triggered me too lol

  • Bruh....

  • I was actually confused at first because of the name of the blocks but I told myself "Then again Mojang does changes names of their added blocks and mobs everytime." So even if I already played 1.16...I got fooled xD

  • They coded it

  • Its real dream, ahhhhh

  • I hate dream

  • Heobrine can spawn in the nether now GOOD LUCK!

  • What about nether rite


    • Oh

    • This was before netherite was announced

  • Dream please heart my comment😥

  • 1.16 is awesome! other people make sure to watch until the end for a suprise!

  • when he said "only 15 percent of ppl are subscribed" i realized i wasnt an i was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo surprised

  • blue shroom is a better name than warped fungus ;-;

  • The Actual Update Is So Different Than This Video xD

  • When you watch this after the update came out, you feel incredibly confused

  • Me here after the update has been here for like 10 months: this is NOT what they are called Lmaooo

  • bruh 1.16 is out and i still thought this was real

  • Bruh

  • How is this not the update. Wow

    • It is...

  • You 100% have to do this for 1.17

  • Wait 1.16 was about a year ago?! It felt like 4 months

    • @livelyy ah ok I was wondering

    • no they announced the update and released snapshots a year ago they fully released it a few months ago

  • All of this is true lol

  • is this a joke? lol

  • i just watched one of dreams old lets play and he sounded so depressing ;-;

  • Dream introducing 1.16 Me from future: oh ok pretty accurate 5 mins later Me from future: WHAT THE-----

  • omg all the games are wrong

  • good texture pack becuase the soul sand is netherack

  • Wait. The 1.16 snapshot was released ALMOST A YEAR AGO!!!!!!!! And everything is called something different????!!!!!! My life is a lie Random fact: I have the hiccups.....

    • This vid was 11 months ago dumbass

  • Now: Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Update LEAKED

  • no its not the best now 0:13

  • 😂😂😂😂

  • Dream please like this also like this if you like to watch dream

  • This is such an awesome replication of the actual update.

  • I feel like I was ripped off, we wanted a cave update dhdhdhhdhdhdhdhdh

  • Bro this is funny af! OH EVEN YOUR MOM?!?!

  • how???

  • *Where am I*

  • how did he know

  • when I saw you break the spawner, I knew it was a troll.

  • If my mom WAS added to minecraft then the nether would finally have it's own boss

  • im in octobeter 2020 rn

  • BRO

  • This is the first video I ever saw from Dream lol

  • Is this supposed to be one of your cursed videos? I'm confused

  • He should do this for the caves and cliffs update

  • Waiting until he does this with the 1.17 update

  • No joke I thought it was real for the first couple minutes 😂