Everything Emma Chamberlain Eats in a Day | Food Diaries: Bite Size | Harper’s BAZAAR

Datum objavljivanja: 19. Stu 2020.
With nearly 10 million subscribers, @emma chamberlain needs no introduction. The HRwiki star and coffee connoisseur dropped by to fill us in on a typical day in the life. In this episode of #FoodDiaries, Emma walks us through some of her vegetarian-friendly favorites-from burnt eggs and avocado, to every kind of nut butter, and the requisite trip to Erewhon, this is everything Emma eats in a day.
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  • How do you take your coffee?

    • Honey, I have IBS. We can’t drink coffee in this household.

    • Brew coffee with milk and sugar

    • I do 1 cup black coffe over ice in a mason jar with half a tablespoon of cream with a pinch of sugar and a metal straw

    • Coffee almond milk hot or cold if you drink iced coffee add cinnamon and agave it’s a life changer

    • Black

  • finally someone who doesn't really like desserts LOL everyone always looks at me like im crazy! HAHA

  • She eats so healthy

  • I have a question. When she says coffee, what does she mean by that? What type of coffee? Cream milk coffee? I'm confused really, bc what I know by coffee is always black, with little sugar, almost none, no cream, no nothing and it's meant to keep you up and give u a little energy.

  • yaas overhard eggs yaas

  • Love you Emma

  • She is so healthy

  • Wait she doesn’t brush her teeth before eating?

  • more celebs(more female celebs)should DO THISSS

  • Chamberlain

  • yEEEEEEAAHHHH this is the content i live for even if it is the same exact thing she eats on her channel jUUUUUPPP


  • Kim kardashian saw this video 😀wow

  • Wait how is she a vegetarian if she eats eggs? I’m confused someone educate me😭

  • she’s so insanely gorgeous

  • that one time i forced myself to eat cottage cheese for 3 day diet😭🤣🤢🤮🤮

  • This editing is horrible.

  • Oh, i want it! :)

  • i forgot shes vegan lol

  • Love Emma so much


  • She’s giving me very much AOC, all love

  • Thanks Emma, I'm starving!!

  • I’m not really a fan of her but I feel kind of proud of how far she’s come 🤷‍♀️

  • i love how she said sub to harpers bazaar. she was like “gurl they need it i dont”

  • Emba is queen

  • where is her jumper from?

  • 🍿🍿

  • When everything she doesn’t like is what you like- like how can u eat burnt eggs theres no flavor😭

  • why did I think Emma was vegan

  • 8:18 “so random with the seasonings, salt, pepper.. sesame seeds” Hmm yeah so random.. and since when was sesame seeds a seasoning? 😂

  • she eats a lot of greasy food, this affects the digestion duhhh

  • That Taylor swift gif! How come I’ve never seen that before 😂

  • Bro does she even sugar?

  • we love a healthy queen

  • i’m confused i thkight she was vegan. i’ve probably just been under a rock lmao

  • I love this girl omg

  • The sparkling water and apple cider vinegar sounds like if LaCroix made Kombucha 😂

  • when she went off about all those meals around the dinner section I felt that-- alll my favs!! vegan

  • I really like Emma Chamberlain. She seems very down to earth

  • Emma - I m vegetarian but I eat eggs in breakfast ....

  • When did she stop being vegan

  • Yo do Americans consider eggs as a vegetable?

  • Get to the point please. We're asking what you eat!

  • Literally hate everything she hates too like wow😂😂😂

  • LA people are a different breed lol love you Emma!!😂😂❤️

  • This was awesome, I love Emma so much

  • the editing was everything, it caught my attention the whole time

  • “I’m not really a breakfast person, I don’t care too much about lunch..” Girl! Do you even eat? Lol😂

  • I wanna eat food with her

  • Imagine being this healthy

  • david and alexis rose AND emma in one video? thank you.

  • ❤️❤️

  • Damn she lost hella weight

  • This poor girls digestion and diet

    • she literally eats healthy?

  • love the schitts creek gifs

  • الللهم صل و سلم على نبينا محمد وعلى آله الطيبين الطاهرين وعجل فرجهم الشريف

  • lmaoooo i never heard of this girl but wow i love her. lol shes f amazing. I understood her love for food.

  • i love how this video is edited lol

  • you’re supposed to brush your teeth before you eat or else plaque builds

  • She forgot the cheese it’s

  • How do You make your coffee

  • Now who eats pita breads with hummus for dinner? All the middle Eastern people and Indian must be laughing.

  • this would've been a lot more interesting if she was actually making/eating the foods in the vid lol

  • She says shes a picky eater but I love that she still has lots of different foods

  • Wait, she doesn’t wash her face or brush her teeth and then she goes out and gets coffee with someone?

  • I’m tired of white girls saying hummus, khubez and falafel wrong every arab knows how I feel...

  • Never heard of this girl 🤷

  • She said “now that I’m getting older” girl you’re 19 😑

  • Whats the brand of the sweater?

  • Beauty queen 👸

  • my soy intolerance is speaking hahaha

  • I could neve ear runny eggs either lol.. i dont know why

  • emma chamberlain, the original anti influencer, influencer 🥰 i love her sm lol


  • Can you get billie eilish??

  • Do billie eilish please

  • I love apple cider vinager seltzer and lemon! I drink that in Liu of cocktails 😂

  • Just realizing me and Emma are the same person.

  • feels like she's matured so much

  • Freelee is typing...

  • Hi

  • Can’t get passed how she doesn’t brush her teeth first thing in the morning.

    • You brush your teeth before eating? 🤪😅

  • I wish I didn’t have to wake up to an alarm in the mornings

  • Gr8 👍👍

  • Cutie

  • So boring. Waking up, drinking coffe, having breakfast, taking a shower... Wow! Mindblowing.

  • been subbed to her since about 8k and now she's on harpers bazaar omg GO BESTIE

  • I can’t start my day without washing the sleep off my body. Using the toilet, brushing my teeth and having a shower before I can even go downstairs.

  • Can we all appreciate how good the editing is here

  • God she looks so depressed

  • i love that salad from zinc omg!!!

  • “My favourite snack for the past year has been these flax crackers” Her ritz phase in 2018 : 😔🧍‍♂️


  • Italian sausage??? I thought she is vegetarian.

  • as a fan of Emma its so nice seeing her on other platforms, sharing her own journey & stories and also nodding along to her food diaries - if you know you know

  • she eats a very varied and healthy diet

  • She doesn't brush her teeth or her face first thing in the morning... not only the people she goes out for coffee with will have to endure the smell, but she's not putting on SPF...

    • i’m pretty sure she brushes her teeth before going out lmao she meant she doesn’t brush her teeth before she makes her coffee at home in the morning

  • she said cold brew with almond milk omg that's what rolemodel said on his live, he likes to get that as his coffee too

  • Seeing Emma on the left and all the stock footage on the right takes this video to a whole new level!