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  • Bring back the draft challenges

  • Yes

  • respect from slovenia for taking kampl

  • That second draft was so annoying, surely take Mendy!!!!

  • He should of put walker in for Bruno at the end

  • cant watch these when you pick the standard card of players who have a TOTS, do it every time you do one

  • He moans every 10 seconds


  • Buy moments maradonna and moments pele


  • Why didn’t he put salah instead of sancho and Walker rcb as the guy upfront would’ve still been on 3 anyway

    • Miniminter actually can’t build drafts

  • this is how you know harry is a goat at drafts he’s different gravy

  • =

  • If he would have taken bernardeschi and then he should have taken chiellini instead of Pogba. Simon just isn’t good at building drafts, but I still watch because his personality is enjoyable

  • Should do the draft challenges he did back in fifa 16 like “ players with the most shooting”

    • @Edit Name oooo

    • @Martin McMahon ooo

    • @Connors Sim ya he’s good. But it’s for the nostalgia

    • Danny Aarons does those if you are really looking for content

    • Fax. Bring back baldest player draft

  • when he took gomez i clicked off the video. what a triggering choice

  • Some of these viewers clearly don’t play fifa, chemistry is such a basic feature😂😭

  • PEOPLE! I sincerely apologize for the spam, but I want to recommend my channel to you, i have no money for advertising, because I am a student, but I have a strong desire to create content, but HRwiki is killing young channels, I will be glad to everyone! :)Recently I started making cuts of funny moments from games

  • Bruh the chat weren’t saying that would help

  • goes for ney instead of rash or pog

  • This guy got 20m coins bro

  • Man City coming in clutch

  • hrwiki.info/plane/video/ZK-apqinhG-bvYY

  • I started a new account yesturday just Cus I’m bored of my main one ... just done 84+ player pick tots de bruyne

  • It's so painful watching Simon make those dumb decisions in drafts..

    • @razen haiboss different acc, he actually plays the game on his other accounts

    • @Hehe xd so he spent thousands 😂😂😂😂 just to get players and not do shit

    • @razen haiboss he insta quits the drafts mate, he doesn’t play out the games. waste of time

    • You saw his record?? Is he not good at the game??

  • is it just me or predictions in HRwiki videos are boring while on twitch is way fun and suitable

  • I’m sorry but you do not know how to build drafts

  • Simon:"We'll sort out the chem later Few Minutes later Simon:"Im struggling for chem rn

  • Petition for simon to do the "Complete my draft" challenge again

  • This man is the worst drafter ever

  • "Should we take Bernardeschi? We take Bernardeschi? I'm gonna take Gomez."

    • @Heym.__._.____ stfu

    • Could you please check out @wutis_ on insta

  • Yo is there gonna be another video of labyrinthine or not or is it just dead 😂

  • I got a 193 today with moment garrincha, zidane, and tots rashford Kane mount and de bruyne

  • My guy I helped u out I got team of the season Bamford objective

  • he threw the draft at 14 minutes because he didnt take that mendy, yikes...

  • Yess

  • ayo you know this is a clips channel right? and not for full on 15 min videos? Lmao

    • No, clips means clips from his streams, this is a clip from his stream. Go watch the shorts channel if you want shorter content. Don’t really know what your expecting

  • My team in fifa 21 in ultimate team is a 192 squad

  • Gomez over bernadeschi lol, when you can tell fifa ain’t his game🥴

  • I got Gundogan in a pack in a 25,000 coins pack

  • He's so bad at building drafts

  • 11:46

  • simon only picks prem league players lmao

  • Hi Again ,Its me

  • Miniminter would take 1 overall rating rather than 3 additional chem 1:10

  • Who else was pissed off he took Gomez over Bernadeschi because of 1 rating that didn't affect anything

  • i appreciate the effort but i don’t understand how you keep playing FIFA it’s such a shite game now, it’s slowly dying

  • 2:55 people wanted to switch Laporte and Mendy for the perfect link

  • Yes more fifa 21 videos the goat

  • if he took mendy .. swapped him for alaba then switched him with ruben dias and ederson for neuer he would've had full chem

    • Also realised that

  • We just want more streamer life simulator. Is it too much?

  • Wooo

  • The first draft was pain to watch

  • More pes fifa is lowkey becoming boring

  • Yo simon, pin me pls 🥶

  • Work rate is insane

  • 6301st

  • Simon the GOAT 🐐

  • Man I missed the draft videos so much man.

  • every time alaba pops out from minters vids, my brain : alaba alaba alaba alaba alaba alaba

  • Why do I feel that all the fifa HRwikirs are from the uk

    • @Rzfi yeah

    • @Qusai Shaban are you really this stupid?

    • @Qusai Shaban yh

    • @Joshg 704 thanks

    • @Rzfi is there really American HRwikirs that play fifaw


  • Noti gang where are ya?

  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • mini minter is such an underrated youtuber 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • simon pls upload a streamer life simulator video today, it makes me so happy 😁

  • I got son and 98 pele in my draft 😁

    • Yea but i cant use son since its a 4-2-2-2

    • Did you actually?

  • It hurts my head wen I see him build drafts

    • @Qasprrr And looking at his spelling it proves his typing is trash.

    • @Walker Zizou do you see him type? Are you stalking him? that's weird

    • It hurts my head when I see you type.

  • Hey simon can you pls play (ARK: survival evolved) its an amazing game to play with friends and I hope you make a series out of it TIP: just A tip (hopefully) if you are planning to play with you're friends pls make your own server and play because if you join a random server it will be very chaotic

  • E

  • I love how the way he says 4_2_2_2

  • Hi Simon I'm a big fan and I was just wondering if u could say hi to me and my brother also could u follow me on Instagram?

  • Hi

  • The sidemen should do brown and maybe even be but like horror I suggest the excisist its scary I’ve tried it I’m mean yeah it’s a lot of money for the vr and the games but like plsss

  • mini minter is such an underrated youtuber

  • REACT TO D-LOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I'm Early

  • pog

  • early🙂

  • It took all of Simon’s willpower to not title it BPL

    • @Rick Lopez Nah that would not make sense because Scotland have their own league. The premier league used to be called Barclays premier league a few years ago

    • @YNWA 212 or British premier league

    • @YNWA 212 low key miss that

    • @Nate Gamer Barclays premier league

    • What does that mean

  • hi

  • Early

  • 100th like

  • Play Labrinth please...

  • 16 seconds ago incase anyone wanted

  • too good

  • Early

  • I hate to do it but first person to dislike but I like the vid

  • This was cracked as Justin 😂😂🔥🔥

  • Simon’s workrate is under appreciated.

  • jo wassup

  • e

  • First one here

  • hrwiki.info/key/gtgRXARqKvd7_lvLvT62Vg

  • let’s gooooooooo

  • 3

  • Another click bait title who’s surprised I’m not

  • 1 view 47 likes hi Simon

  • Goated 🐐

  • Hi