Dream VS Technoblade (Minecraft Championship)

Datum objavljivanja: 14. Lip 2020.
Dream VS Technoblade.... these are highlights from Minecraft Championship including Dream and Technoblade's perspective. A mighty battle...
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This event was SO much fun! This was my first live stream on HRwiki in a very long time and it was a lot of fun! Technoblade is an awesome guy and it was a lot of fun to have a little "rivalry". I'm sure he'll bounce back and embarrass me at some point. Overall the best Minecraft event I've played in and incredibly well hosted. Thanks to everyone who came and supported me!
Technoblade: @Technoblade
George: @GeorgeNotFound
Mefs: @Mefs
Eret: hrwiki.info
Thumbnail Art: Twitter @datedliquid
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  • This tournament was a lot of fun! Technoblade is an amazing player and can definitely come back and totally embarrass me in the future, but not for today! I'm looking forward to doing a collab with techno and I won't be surprised if he totally wrecks my day. This tournament went in my favor and I had a lot of fun (even though our team didn't win). Hopefully we'll do well in future tournaments too!

  • I love dream

  • battle of the century

  • What' s the name of the pack that dream uses

  • I do jojo punch in boring part i click it like fast like hdhdhddhdhhdhdhbsggffsghsidvdgsgsggsfdhsgsbsgshsbbdjdbgdfdgsthshdndndbd

  • Casi no se ingles pero me gusta ver a dream :)

  • It feels so bad that George is colour blind

  • Hello.

  • How about Dream Vs all people and the smp

  • I really miss mcc. All I've been doing is watching all the old vods and videos of it ;-;

  • alterantive title: dream destroying techoblade

  • Okay good

  • 0:55 george, what are you doing there

  • 14:39 "quem fez?" kkk

  • Goku les gana 😳👌

  • 0:57 I found GeorgeNotFound

  • Oo

  • Dream face reaveal pls

  • noooooo not ren and false

  • Well who is the winner of this mcc

  • Dream is god at parkour me: you have obviously never met popularmmos before

  • I dont know english ,O_O,

  • He’s only good at 1.8 The only good version.....

  • Cartoon Boi with green shurt vs A pig with a Burgerking crown

  • 36:08 me talking about my feelings 😂

  • The last yellow guy at 9:46 was ryguyrocky

  • احه

  • Pretty sure dream would win now

  • I watch smallishbeans and when dream just chucked him over the edge 🥴

  • We eat the bacon - dream 2020

  • 0:57 George ran past him

  • Ur so mean dream 🙄🙄🙄


  • it's gettin' serious when you hear the "speedrun music".

  • Dream! I found someone that have the same skin as yours


  • 1 like 1 dream 1000 likes the world is a dream

    • Lol the world has 7 millions ppl not just 1k

  • “Smooth as butter… no”

  • Sever name?

  • U should of won

  • Me: *sees tommy* Also me: hi Tommy.

  • Your too good at Minecraft 💚

  • Everybody gangsta til the manhunt music starts playing

  • Yes GG Dream

  • The hermits were there too

  • Wow that was so good CLAY

  • At 0:57 u can see George for a split second i had to keep looking 2 make sire it was him and not someone with his skin

  • So dream is Not Good at pop but has good building Stratergies So dream Is not Best :(

  • Жалко свинью;(

  • Face revel

  • Bruh dream chasing the bacon fr

  • 2021?

  • lol

  • Anyone after mrbeast challenge

  • ничего не понятно, но очень интересно )

  • i hate you dream

  • 0:04 I heard that 😏😏😏

  • F to the pig

  • Wtf dream playing minecraft fall guys


  • Pls

  • Why are you flying how do you do that

  • I wanna help the nemo not found pls don't let him see this comment to colour not found armored shadow will be happy to help him ( me) . I just told u have big eyes so u see more far then us the proof got to his channel George not found then check the comments . Pls make texture package for him so he can see like us what we see in minecarft think about it

  • "I need to _absorb_ the clout"

  • if only dream was listening to bass bosted dream manhunt sound he would has won the tournament

  • Jesus died on the cross for your sins Jesus loves you turn from sin and ask for forgivness for your sins Jesus is king


    • It's hard to accept the appearance of a 2 yo stan since it is his channel


  • Есть русский коммент?

  • Sapnap:Let's go Dreeamm

  • Ты больной? За неделю 1 лям...

  • Who else used to watch Ryguyrocky’s daycare video when you were younger

  • Tecno is better than dream in duel fights and dream is better then tecno in speed run

  • Since I watch dream and another of my favorite HRwikirs is Ryguyrocky and dream killed him

  • Where is you face

  • anyone else than me LAGGING

  • Poor tehno blade

  • he still beat u in that 1v1 earning 100k....

  • ERES EL MEJOR DREAM sigue siendo como eres saludos desde México ;b

  • H


  • good job dream.. keep it up more training withouth giving up!

  • The guy that said *copying dream tournament is not cool* got wrecked thats what u get

  • HEIIO Dream i like your videos i from Kazakhstan

  • You are the best Dream

  • Everytime I see dream play I always see a lot of other Minecraft HRwikirs like Smallishbeans Orionsound or Ldshadowlady

  • I like how he said go smallish I don’t think he realized that’s another Mcyt 😂

    • @Shroomz what're u talking about ur fucking confusing it has nothing to do with my reply to ur original comment... Judging from this ur 10

    • @TeknoPedia Ldshadowlady just got a l million views you twat and you gotta be like what 10

    • @Shroomz and also I don't watch dead yters

    • @Shroomz I'm not an idiot...

    • @TeknoPedia I bet you don’t even know abt x life

  • Dream will always be the peoples champion .

  • 2021 anyone?

  • honestly didn’t know who to root for when i watched this live


  • dream is epic

  • When dream killed ry guy rockey I remembered his vids

  • •-•

  • I love how minecraft has got such good content now xD

  • ill go eat beacon now

  • me:*see tommy joined thr game* me whut

  • U know what dream's face looks like I'm his sisters friend

  • we love dream

  • Did anyone else notice that ryguyrocky was in this?

  • I’m going full support.

  • Good heh gooood