Dream SMP - The Complete Story: Fall of Dream

Dream SMP: The Complete Story - Fall of Dream!! In this documentary I give a detailed storytelling of the Dream SMP. In this video I retell the New L’manburg Festival, Doomsday War and Disc Saga Finale. In this series I cover everything from the Disc Saga and L'manburg Revolution, to the Election Arc, Tommy’s Exile and the stories and development of many of the players!! This Minecraft Documentary is the next installment in a line of new content I am posting. I’m very excited to test the boundaries with each and every upload!! Make sure you are subscribed for more content of this quality. Let me know your favorite part in the comments!!
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LordKanter (Guy who recreated the entire server): hrwiki.info
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Big thanks to my sister Kaiya, as well as Legacy, Dr Wiggles101, Misteyyy and Alf1es for helping get replay shots!!
Thanks to @Kanaya for the AMAZING song used at the beginning of the video!! (Welcome Home Theseus): hrwiki.info/plane/video/f9lwmLfYnpuKsag
Recap: (00:00)
Theseus: (00:55)
A New Plan: (02:07)
Hiding From Dream: (04:03)
The Festival: (09:17)
A Dark Turn: (13:18)
Preperation For War: (19:41)
Doomsday: (21:08)
It's All Over: (25:54)
Memories: (29:06)
The End Draws Near: (32:50)
The Disc Saga Finale: (36:54)
Free at Last: (51:08)
Credits: (52:52)


  • Make sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE because this took a ridiculous amount of time to make 😂👍 Also this is not the last part (Hence why I said “To be Continued” at the end). Part 6 will cover up to an event that happened a few days before this videos release.

  • manipulative dream is my favorite dream

  • I cryed when thay were sinnging

  • But what happend to tecnoblade

  • He’s on the dream smp!

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  • *i only started this series two days ago but i feel like i’ve lived through it all..*

  • 3:57 Who is that in the background

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  • Thank you sir for giving us this series so new comers can get caught up

  • Tommy: why Wudent I kill you? Dream: cus we have so much fun together .. Me: hmmmmmMmm sounds like the joker Moment of relishing: smile, kills for fun and is a main bad guy :l

  • When you hear him saying how they were so close to peace, you can hear the glee in his voice as they're falling for his trap...

  • im on dreams side

  • Most wasted money ever on building a person and getting stuck in

  • dream disgusts me

  • Ah yes the most common socioeconomic class: Ponk

  • I once ate an orphan

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  • I love how anytime Technoblade is confused he just quacks

  • Tommy is definitely the main character of the dream smp

  • Dream is dealt with next a big ass egg Lmaoo

  • Bruh!!!?? are u serious?? It just a game:P

  • Wait If Wilbur can come back from the dead... Then so can Schlatt

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  • its in order, 1st war ends at the last, 2nd war ends 2nd last and the festival war ended the first

  • i will be on Techno,Ph1lza's and Dreams side because one of us will never die if ypu now what i mean

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  • Hello EvanMCGaming.

  • Moral of the story : Never underestimate Technoblade

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  • I really hope you do the prison and egg arcs, as well as any other future arcs

  • Tommy isn't wrong techno did betray lmanburg after willbur blew it up.

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  • Omg best video of minecraft

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  • My gosh, how he changes sides according to the situations surprises me.

  • whos your favorite member

  • Dream is kind of a b i t c h

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  • Real Minecraft drama 30:50

  • Dream lie

  • Did you cry while watching this? I did

  • i was here when it happend

  • at "its all over" part that song was so good, the name of the song is "its all over but the crying" (just checked). It fit so well with the "its all over" part of the story


  • omg

  • This made me hate Tommyinnit and Tubbo. DREAM WAS MY FAVORITE CHARATER I EVEN TRIED TO DO WHAT DREAM DID IN MANHUNTS, Dream Is my Favorite Character And will always be...

  • Ponk is just ponk 😅

  • I am a huge fan of l,Marburg my l,Marburg

  • 3:57 Callahan on the background do be vibing tho 😂

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  • Damn dream got the info out of techno like the opening scene from inglorious bastards


  • Is it just me who cried for most of this...no? Ok.

  • The part when they lined up to the path just to see tommy and tubbo and say their goidbyes killed me

  • *And then Dream escaped prison...*

  • Why do i hear undertale ost main theme

  • I like the series

  • i love there rp so much but sometimes theyre not acting

  • Well i really can't understand why people fighting for L'Manburg. It's literally hostile rebel thing that WilburSoot (who became mad) created. Without it server lived in peace...

    • @N ICE That is true, can’t argue that lmao

    • @Mediocre Breakdown I don't think that word "revolution" (Read title of Wilbur's first video about this war) = "peacefully". I think that Wilbur and his "unfinished simphony" are only source of all this. The server lived peacefully and BOOM. A group of some criminals, that want to sell drugs (illegal) declared that they now separate country. Of course in order to keep peace and law Dream declared war. Wilbur and his team trew the server in the pit of infinite chaos.

    • Because they gained their rights through war. Remember how it all happend? Wilbur asked peacefully to have independence, and in return Dream declared war- And since they got their independence, they didn’t bother anyone. They won it fair and square, and Dream still wants it back even tho he said it was independent

  • Am I the only one on Dream's side since he's better at minecraft and because he's the antagonist? Well dam.

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  • when they lined the pathway they essentially roleplay rpg npcs during the epilogue

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  • I wonder if Techno would ever loose a canon life.

  • Fun fact: Jschlatt gived dream the book that will make people back to life, But dream didn’t listen to the book.

  • This is a *WAR OF FRIENDS*

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  • hello

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