Delivering a USB - Overpackaged

Datum objavljivanja: 3. Svi 2021.
Sometimes online orders are just a little too overpackaged... delivered in a MASSIVE box
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  • It’s all ending up in the same place anyway. .

  • That is the worst packaging I have ever seen in my life but surely nothings gonna happen even if that packaging fell of a plane

  • Just Take it to the Dump like what you did for 6 years of doing this job

  • must be getting shipped international with all that packing, yet it's missing the labels for that kind of ship....

  • Anything from Amazon. ANYTHING.

  • Who ever allows updating the number of items in the order after it's finalized?

  • This is just an ASMR video *box*

  • Byron is the man xD

  • lets get a Bryon's Route - A bored adventure!

  • When customers complain about orders not being packaged properly, even though it was packed well. Gotta wrap it extra-well, yesyes. Source: I have an internship in a warehouse Really good video, made me chuckle

  • He is just wasting time just to prove a point which is an incredibly annoying moved to pull

  • this litteraly happened to me with two usb sticks. Sent in two separate cardboard enveloppes (way too big for the usb), but arrived at the same time. Jeez

  • At least he’s not bringing it to the dump anymore

  • Doesn't matter. No address on them. Going to rubbish anyway.

  • 3:52 this movement has bad meanings in Turkey :D

  • You can hear the hate in that innocent "two". What an actor hahah

  • He didn't use anti-static packaging.

  • From a software developers perspective: This is what it feels like when you have a functional bug fix that urgently needs to go out, but it keeps coming back to you because of some additional tiny style or wording issues which no user will ever pay attention to.

  • When the packaging is actually more expensive than the item itself.

  • That's some heavy passive-aggressive shit there. Lol

  • Hey its... Uhmm who again? Oh yeah now i remember! Brian! Its been so long brian!

  • I actually understand Byron in this skit, it has happened to me multiple of times

  • Byron needs his own show!

  • somewhat lame, thanks either way.

  • Still didn't use enough boxes

  • You can just tell it just pure anger.

  • For a split second i actually thought that was The man who played Kano 😂😂

  • How is it that so many people working for or with Playtech are on the verge of a collapse? :o

  • There is no way that Byron's cap coming off wasn't an accident!!

  • Just the same way HPE and Cisco packages software licenses.

  • We need more of Byron and Hamish 👍

  • 2

  • xD

  • The freight guy is my absolute favorite. The white shirt saga is a close second. This man is just so relatable.

  • I can do his job twice as faster than he do, I'm open for offers. Where should I apply?

  • Just started watching "Shadow in the Cloud", and had my mind blown when Byron showed up. :O

  • At least they got his name right now

  • Oh he snapped!

  • It's probably a good thing I don't work in a shipping warehouse, because I'd be packing stuff like that just for fun. lol

  • Reminds me of mr Bean in Love actually

  • Basically Amazon.

  • Just spotted Byron today on a tv commercial in Northern Ireland and then I spotted him in Shadow on the cloud! So jealous I would kill to work alongside Chloe Grace Moretz!

  • This is why nobody remembers he works there.

  • *and the ground shook with utter force, his face turned red, his eyes glowed with the burning desire to torture them all! This world surely hath not seen such fury since the birth of the universe, and now , it was all about to burn down, completely devoid of existence and being*

  • Funny to see the Kiwis have the same problems as us Yanks

  • Byron would take a ABC Suit to work if he'd work in a COVID area, "just to be sure". Love his character.

  • did not know playtech has hired Zach Galafanakis....

  • At least they remember your name Byron remember your last birthday party?

  • This is exactly how Amazon packages the customer orders 😂😂😂

  • This has happened to me when ordering from Amazon. A small object they put it into a box and then into another box! It's very rare but whoever did it to me that day it was a pain in the ass to open both lol.

  • Pfffft, where is the tier 3 armor plated box?

  • I'll feel so bad and cancel it saying, okay tomorrow is still okay, sorry okay, sorry

  • I mean its just going to the trash anyway.

  • Two seconds before I beat u up

  • HAH! I hit the like button BEFORE he said to hit it. ...I have no soul, please release me from my mortal coil. Because I work in a shipping centre.

  • When your pay is by hour not by efficiency!

  • Happened to me before, after boxing the product: So where's the delivery address? On the paper attached to the back of the item.


  • "hey honey did my two usb arrived" "yea and something else" "Waht else?" "a head"


  • This is extra fun for me as we do get packages like this from time to time at work.

  • Should have ended it with the box going into a shipping container lol..

  • waste so many material to package a USB :)

  • Byron reminds me a lot of Zach Galifianakis

  • He went postal after this.

  • 3:55 a serial killer is born at that moment

  • You know, suddenly I don't feel so bad about the skit where Byron tried to take an entire train of packages on a bike.

  • Every Amazon package ever.

  • Plot twist, the 2 USB sticks were ordered by hamish

  • 2:48 When did Byron put the small box into de big one?

  • My son is watching Power Rangers and Byron is in the episode right Now , a same moment im watching this video. WTF xD what is the chances

  • I think he either killed everybody or just walked away without saying anything

  • My airpods came in like this from Costco 😂

  • yes! missed Byron!!! 💯

  • I think he single handedly destroyed the environment with plastic boxes over the course of a week.

  • Awesomeness I had a day like that today 🤣🤣🤣

  • It probably is ending in the neer dumpster.

  • Hey congrats Byron on the new movie Shadow in the Cloud. I can always spot you. Just watched it last night.

  • The gangs all here!

  • 0:20 i got a mousepad once that came in a package equal to the one in the middle of those he's holding. It wasn't even a big mousepad.

  • This explains about half the shipments I receive.

  • What was in the smaller boxes if he had to do all that for a USB? Sd card?

  • Ahh byron is one of the best characters

  • Hahahaha I hope to see more of this guy

  • r/maliciouscompliance

  • He never placed the other box in the big box

  • Byron, you are definitely amazon certified. They would be so proud.

  • I ordered a 10tb hard drive that was maybe 6 inches long and a inch thick and it came in a box making me think I ordered another PC with it by accident.

  • Jesus, dude, put a little more effort into your work or those packages will be damaged in transit. You know how the customers love to have their boxes arrive in tip top condition.

  • r/maliciouscompliance in action.

  • Could you imagine that customer complaint?

  • Really missed Byron, best deliver ever ahahahahah!

  • Bet this was the last episode ever...Tomorrows head line " HRwikir killed by storage employee!!"

  • hes my fav xd

  • REAL QUESTION HERE: Do these guys actually have a store? Can we go and buy some headphones and flat-clicker from 'em?

  • I see Byron moon lights at Amazon.

  • I need so much more Byron in my life

  • Box...

  • r/maliciouscompliance

  • At this moment they knew they f'd up