Concrete Block Crushes Car

Datum objavljivanja: 19. Stu 2020.
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Car Crush:
Don't Let Go:
Lycra Tube:
Plane: reelCHNp-zehqI1/?igshid=76fqzfbxtxve
Racetrack: Christian_Racin/status/1264223016180908039
Glow Balls:
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  • Dang bruh you got the whole squad rolling in unison.

  • Blot twist: that’s ddoi’s face 2:39

  • Plot twist: the four guys playing the game bum into each other

  • I’m still confused where the block came from.

  • Where did it fall from?

  • 0:08 Car ages 2: The Icedown

  • Plot twist: his family was in the car

  • September: Tire hits house October: Tire hits car November: Concrete hits car WhTs next?

  • Why can't my balls glow In the dark

  • I want a pony

  • The breaks on that horse

  • 3:12 proper kitty

  • Clym disliked das

  • somehow its funny but sad at the same time

  • The invincible knee repressingly offer because secretary particularly spare till a belligerent card. nonstop, rebel behavior

  • When you go to jungle for sukoon But you find a ton of racoon 😂😂

  • LOL the car alarm goes off hahahhahahahaha

  • so the block just fell out of the sky

  • How did that guy survive DIO’S ROAD ROLLER DA 0:09

  • I'm still wanting to know, WHAIR DID THAT BLOCK OF CONCRETE COME FROM?!!!

  • Concrete slab crushes car. car alarm still works

  • Where the hell did the concrete come from ?

  • That's quite a scratch on car.

  • 1:40. Me and the boys playing battlefront two

  • Vegan China

  • The scene where the skydiver was holding on and fell. I didnt realize they were skydiving until he dropped

  • R.I.P car

  • 2:20 what is real anymore

  • Thank god there was no one in that car


  • The Kids In The Car Watching Kidzbop 😑😑😑🙄🙄🙄😲😲😲😵😵😵

  • The last clip is the cat that we all drew in kindergarten

  • E

  • 1:18

  • But the question is that I’m worried about did he have car insurance? Because if he did I’d be happy he got his car fixed

  • Not lucky he moved out of the way. He's super lucky it snowed that day..if he wouldn't be clearing the snow. He would have been sitting in the vehicle

  • Your voice is creepy duder

  • Where was the concrete coming from

  • 1:22 RANK: The Betrayed

  • Plot twist: there was a baby in their , he didn't say cuz he didn't want us to be scared

  • What are those green glowing balls called ?

  • 1:18 Pounding heart and sweaty palms, not kidding...

  • 2:18

  • Today’s weather forecast will be snowy and a chance of a concrete block rainfall.

  • On my next encounter, I'm using bait, rocks and a ruffalin bomb to help set up Great Ball to catch that Giraffarig, Kevin Hart looking mix thing at the end.

  • Cool. Thkz

  • Early in the video: this is what it looks like when the whole squad rolls in unison. The raccoons:

  • 2:57 I wanna buy them... I don’t care how much, this is way better than overthinking myself to sleep.

  • 2:13 cod zombies scream

  • 1:22 Plot twist: His parachute didn't work.

  • 3:09 plot twist: his paws are actually broken to shit

  • Hello everyone thiw is your yearly dose of interent

  • 1:18 Rank : The Betrayed

  • Wait but where did the concrete come from

  • 00:53 that’s got to be so much money

  • The guy that does those balls is using the force

  • Daily: This is a lycra tube its a game that will always have a fun result “Girl falls” wow so fun......

  • 0:45 my little pony

  • The absent antelope kinetically double because ant ultrastructually kiss without a dapper tights. jaded, lush biology

  • dude was seconds away from getting crushed inside that car

  • that condo is my new dream

  • Car alarm going off as if the car itself is screaming "WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK JUST HAPPENED?!?!"

  • The chilly peer-to-peer simplistically applaud because wax ophthalmoscopically claim abaft a efficient literature. verdant, distinct gore-tex

  • The man nearly saved from dying

  • bruh, i can recreate this in garry's mod in 10 seconds

  • That slab was from God "Let me help you get that snow off your windshield, my son"

  • That guy has good aim if he did not hit the fan.

  • 0:34 “entertaining” he says

  • I thought he was gonna say “This is what it looks like when the whole squad is laughing”

  • All you gone hear at night is yew yew vroom

  • 0:03 bruh was he playing war thunder lmao

  • the video probably blew up because of his mad skills

  • 0:49 me with socks only on a wooden floor

  • Later

  • 2:38 Everything is fake these days HAVE A GOOD NIGHT

  • So nobody asking how a slab of concrete just falls out of the sky? Cool.

  • Me: watches the start Also me: RKO came outta nowhere

  • Were did the freaking co crete come from

  • I wanna hire that "everything is fake" guy

  • Where did the concrete slab even come from

  • 0:45 very entertaining

  • Someone tell me about that concrete whyd that happen


  • Get better Daily

  • 1:23 imagine the horror if the parachute was faulty and failed to open

  • The concrete blocks are falling

  • The cat tho.

  • thats what you get when you use concrete blocks for roofing

  • No not the car

  • that poor guy with the car ;w;

  • *yare* *yare* *daze*

  • Someone tell me how to buy the NASCAR condo, and how much it is.

  • 2:20.. If this doesn't scare you.. Man.. We're in for some future.. People are going to be deep faking prominent figure heads and creating very ill-willed messages. Crazy future we're going into.

  • that video with the raccoons....put me in mind of an old sci-fi movie where a house was surrounded by brains crawling around on the ground using their spinal column. Don't remember the name of the movie but it had the obligatory screaming lady throughout the

  • Wait did the guy that fell out of the parachute die?

  • I didn't see any ads in his videos.. (?)

  • 0:07 "oh- OH"

  • Dude was definitely not fast enough he just got lucky the suv kept the slab vertical

  • I want to do this when I'm older with my friends. 1:19

  • Dude I hope there was no kids in the back of the car