Best 3D Pen Art Wins $5,000 Challenge! | ZHC Crafts

Datum objavljivanja: 21. Vel 2021.
I can't believe we made art using 3d pens and the best one won $5,000 for them and a subscriber! Subscribe if you want to be in our videos!
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  • Subscribe if you want to be in our videos :))

  • I know why those two pick jake to win, they have a crush on him

  • ZAC:5000 dollars! Mrbeast:only a little I would give 50,000 grand!

  • I subscribed 👍🏻

  • Im left handed

  • I want Michelle to win!!!!!!!!!!!! You are amazing everyone!!!**

  • By the way Michelle i llllllove minecraft sssssssooo much!!!** if you can maybe you could make the creeper exploding!!!!!!!**

  • So far I am trying to be a good subscriber! Normally I have known the 3d jell pens but not using!!!**

  • So you can get a new 3D picture

  • Hi I am Filipino 😊😊😊😊😁😁😁❤️

  • 0:24 "% GRANS?!" lol

  • Bruh Zach be like the Mrbeast of art 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • What do you mean no I love swimming

  • I liked Ivy’s dragon

  • Wait but if they think that someone will win if that person will win how does that person get 100 extra dollars if they did not win

  • I would love to be in a video


  • Jack is obsessed with spiders I see

  • THANK YOU!!!ITS NOT BABY YODA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Please can I be Nvidia

  • I follow your tik tok

  • zack what will you give us if we subscribe

  • I love you Jaz

  • I think that jazz has a crush on jake idrk but I ship the both😅🥰

  • nachos be nice

  • just on statistics boasts jake

  • I’m sorry to say this but I made a free depend of a superhero and I didn’t make him yet but I did made some problem first listening to Star Wars and are use a Freezy blaster gun plasma ray beam ray lasers humans it’s sculptor sculptor for the 3-D pen A lot of money but it’s from Star Wars but I need a pistol ray gun plasma ray beam on creating it five 3-D pen creative 3d pen carve a gun and swords A double blade swords diss like Captain America it’s not American it’s police really it galaxy police in space police warrior boy swords kid boy but that’s why I made it on the 3-D pen have a plasma blessed gun are we done not for real it’s a toy plastic one for creative it for creative 3d pen for the 3-D printer stringer

  • Mesalle

  • I love all your videos

  • It's yoda

  • I subscribed

  • me imagining if 3D SANAGO was there

  • I know how to use a 3D pen

  • I wanted jaz

  • It's baby yoda not grugo grugo sucksssss

  • Where did you get those pens

  • Try the Arts American Barbie

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  • I’m subscribed

  • 5:24 im left hand

  • I'm subscribed and backhanded that notification bell

  • Czść

  • When mom lets you buy thing you wanted from the store1:28

  • Hi

  • Amazing

  • This is the worst art i have ever seen....🙄🙄

  • macenzi

  • skipted

  • I think McKenzie will win

  • 2:05 Philippine

  • I subscribe to your video

  • 1:34 lol I'm dying for that face. 🤣

  • Hi zhc your a great artist

  • Can you please Shout me out

  • wow

  • zach DONT TOUCH THE TIP mackenzie touches the tip zach I JUST SAID DONT TOUCH THE TIP

  • Why do they not like swimming lol

  • At 10:42 Jaz said she felt like a polar bear but polar bears don’t get cold because they have so much fur and she is cold

  • How can I send you a dragon pic I made?

  • mr.beast is the best

  • Love the merch

  • please bring back VIV 😓😓

  • hey im left handed and a potato ;)

  • why are Jack and Jaz always attacking Mckenzie??? Poor her :'(

  • It was funny when he said “even Jake”

  • I subbed 🌷💕

  • How I don't have HRwiki channel but I love your singing I'm a little kid butt I love watching your videos are so funny so Arctic stick

  • lol Michele try to be cute every video

  • Zach: first person to make a cube gets to break a piece off of anyone art Michelle: done Zach: k... needs to be a new one

  • Michle

  • Could you draw attack on titan, which is eren Yeager

  • I love to be in your videos

  • art+3d printing wow

  • I would have of voted Mickenzie

  • Can you make them to do the more into it baby the but they can anything to it like a mustache and whoever looks you and are you tell me to it whatever 1 million can you do that to them

  • When your already left handed. ~_~

  • My name is Jd

  • Nice bro nice

  • McKenzie is like a pro bruh

  • what the hell. the subscriber from the Philippines is named richmond and thats where i live. (Philippines and also this place is called Richmond)

  • im 10 years old ;/

  • i dont have that much money

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  • your so talented

  • Need more funny people on the channel it’s a little lame

  • hey ZHC you look like zoro tgink about making zoro or naruto

  • If you Like me or not I Don't thing but you don't no me But I No you man But this time I want to win

  • how many time is jake going to use paper god

  • Hi I love your videos

  • Your pen is so nice

  • Mitchell

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  • 7:54 Michelle, laughed cute

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