Beating Minecraft Without Leaving The Nether...

Datum objavljivanja: 6. Srp 2020.
Beating Minecraft Without Leaving The Nether... we can't leave the nether AT ALL. We are stuck.
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This is a custom coded 1.16 survival challenge. My friends and I try and beat the game before the new nether destroys us. This was super intense. We can't leave the nether at all, not even once.
Can we beat the enderdragon?
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  • "We coded it so that you can beat the game without ever leaving the nether, so now let's find out if you can beat the game without ever leaving the nether"

  • you coudd've used a campfire or a fire place I forgot how its called

  • This guys (lava boats with legs) so cute :3

  • 🔥

  • They should have added nether strongholds

  • HAHAHAH gold pick. Yeah hmmmmm

  • WOOW


  • What does the end city look like in this minecraft?

  • This is sick

  • Dream: *laughs* Captions: *tea kettle noises* Me: well its confirmed then

  • Dream have 1b1 with meeee please

  • dream : this enderman mad at me for no reason also dream in past : *hit em with diamond sword*

  • You coded it or FUNDY coded it

  • Lol 9:05

  • a dream please tell me how to download a ender dragon i can pet please tell me in gmail dream im your big fan i subscribed all your video please tell me in gmail ok dream im sad :(

  • Your videos are the best I love you and minecraft I like to play on my ps4

  • How do you get Nether iet

  • Dream : plays on half heart for 5 minutes Aslo dream : has watermelons in inventory

  • Wtf why was the pigglyn dancing at 9:15 minute

  • Me falls in lava have 3 fire resistance potion panic and dies dream left 3 hearts In lava I'm fine

  • that piglin.....

  • 6:21 a

  • Should’ve made it so the overworld was like the nether so it’s completely reversed

  • 11:09 Hmmmmmmmmm

  • Dream:this Enderman is mad at me for no reason me:you looked at him

  • Those mobs are probably like HOW IS DREAM DOING THAT WE CAND PIGGING GETEM

  • “They don’t drop pork” Also dream: they drop a lot

  • Dream hits an enderman “Now he’s mad at me for no reason”

  • 9:07 Fortnite dance piglin victory leakage

  • Imagine finding this stronghold in manhunt 😂

  • What the piano music in the background?????

  • i love how excited the get when killing the enderdragon even when theyve already done like a 1 million times

  • They technally they left the nether to go to then end

  • Dream: does this Me: I wonder if u create a nether portal...


  • Dream says gorge'Come here goooooorge come hereeeeee!!!!!'

  • Dream definitely killed it

  • 9:10 someone explain

  • Piglin are The Cutest Villain Mobs Ever In minecraft,They have wiggle Dance and Bouncing Hairs And Act kinda like NPCs. Villager are flat personality but Piglin are Strange yet Cute personality

  • Netherite

  • The pig Lin was t posing the dead hoglin

  • *Next up: Beating minecraft without leave the caves.*

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  • It’s so weird to see these three playing together without screaming about trying to kill Dream. At least George still blames SapNap for everything

  • I can't believe that dream cannot got bridge

  • Dream: hits endermen Also Dream: o my god this endermen is mad at me 4 no reason

  • "This fortress is like, bad" Great observation

  • " Hit the Babies " - Dream 2020

  • It's kinda funny that Dream killed a hoglin while eating porkchop

  • Dream place one of those blue things the mushroom oh do you mean a warp fungi

  • That's called a victory dance dream when a piglin killed a hoglin as a 10% to dance

  • nether dragon maybe?

  • 9:05

  • @abra nether is end?

  • Fun fact: You are Dreaming about Dream

  • Estoy suscrito me gusta tus videos

  • Omg at 9:18 omg

  • 7:58 what that eaven mean what he just say ablopabsnskso

  • :))

  • I love how dream stays on half heart for 5+ minutes

  • Imagine george and sapnap cant kill the ghasts they have powers lol

  • dreams laugh is fuckin hillarious

  • That is called a strider that creature is Called a strider it can walk on lava

  • Get The agent to really use that for another light year

  • it will never burn

  • it cald victory dance

  • geroge every video THERES A STUPID ENDERMEN ON ME

  • 9:05: Everybody gangsta til da pig man be T P O S I N G

  • Dream-Is an expert speedrunner. Also Dream-Hit the babies hit the babies!

  • чаво...

  • why you dont take the ancient debris?

    • @Plushie Dimension oh i dont know cuz i never found netherite in survival, thanks

    • You need to mine it with a diamond picaxe

  • the t posing piglin was so funny

  • 9:05 queue come fly with me by frank sinatra

  • 13:07

  • is nobody talking about how he played with HALF A HEART for a couple minutes

  • 9:05 that piglin took the adynaton “when pigs fly” too far

  • Dream:finds ancient debris while not looking for it. Me: takes five days to find 1.

  • Dream *kills enderman* Also dream: this enderman is mad at me for no reason

  • Dream: This is default minecraft! Me: Then why is the whole game in the nether??

  • Smacks the ender man "He's mad at me for no reason"

  • In jawa Edison piglin dance when netherpig dies

  • Its there victory dance

  • 18:00 That laugh though. O.O

  • They should've built a staircase so the zombie pigmen could kill the dragon for them


  • The thing the piglin was doing a victory dance after they defeated the nether boar. They have a 1/10 chance of doing a dance after a victory.

  • This should be a new speedrunning category.

  • fav part 9:03

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  • George: tries to kill hoglin Also George: why is he mad at me? WHY IS HE MAD AT ME?!

  • dream hit an ender man and says this ender man is now mad at me for no reason 😂

  • If the baby pigs in the nether dropped brown wool on occasion you could build beds there too.

  • 3:43 reminds of the animated nether update trailer

  • they should do this but man hunt

  • 9:05 everybody do the mario dance


  • You should’ve used lava to cook

  • IM 598K LIKE! :D

  • who heard how innocent sapnap was when he asked for food