Beating Minecraft With Xray Challenge FINALE

Datum objavljivanja: 25. Lis 2019.
this is how to beat Minecraft even though almost everything is invisible including lava and water. No turning XRAY off at all. ever. Series FINALE.
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This is part four/4 to my XRAY always on series. We had a successful ending even though it took us a long time to get there.
Comment down below what challenge series we should do next.
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  • For those of you that don't have twitter, I will also show the world off in an unlisted video on HRwiki that I post on my community page, so everyone can see it. Just stay tuned for that if you want to see it :)

    • What’s the piano song that plays when you guys die in the end? I’m dying to find it

    • Still sad cuz i really wanted to watch how world looks without x-ray.. but still good job Dream :)

    • Thanks, I'm on my school computer and they blocked it

    • Congrats to anyone who scrolled this far

    • Hi dream!

  • I got that same laugh as u... I laugh just like that... I used to think that my laugh was different...😔 But now im happy that it is a good one...

  • “I’m fisting the dragon”

  • 6:19 song?

  • 4:01 im brEAkInG it Autotune lol

  • So funny😂

  • E e.

  • E

  • 5:10 is the best moment

  • He coded that last part

  • If you dont enjoy Dreams Content, your basically doing a try not to laugh

  • Last one in may be a rotten egg, but the first one in is a dead egg.

  • Does anyone know where the song from 6:42 is from I really want to know thanks

  • 3:10 dream hitting a block with a cow under. be like: why cant i kill this cow

  • “Baha look at this I have like a million flint” *has 4*

  • My trap

  • The music when dream lost a manhunt 6:41

  • 14:33 Uhhhhhh, care to rephrase that?

  • I love when Sapnap screams “WHOS PANDA(S)”

  • George is a good sport

  • Lo Pp

  • Sapnap: “Last one in a rotten egg!!!” Sapnap: *jumps in* Sapnap: “WHAT NO DONT JUMP IN!!!!!!” *everyone dies*

  • Minecraft manhunt but you Can't see anything

  • Dream wearing full diamond: well we got stuff, not really good stuff but stuff.

  • Why can’t I see the ground is my phone glitched

  • This is the first time I saw dream die lmao

  • this man mlg watered without being able to see the ground. without knowing when he was going to land. I... what are you?

  • 6:32 song? c:

  • the way sapnap got yeeted by ender dragon off the world LOL edit: for timestamp. 9:27

  • "This is the End"... That pun at the end... Wait did I just end-pun-ception myself?

  • No one: Still no one: Dream: IM FiSTinG Tha DraGOn

  • Since that time sapnap killed animals

  • Still waiting for that finale rematch

  • Why in the world would he make us get tweeter to see the actual world I am not aloud to have tweeter

  • Gorge: *gasp* DRAGON

  • "Im fisting the dragon" - dream 2020

  • watching old dream videos i see welcome

  • 0:10 "only 14 % of people is subscribed" Me: 14? Isn't it 9!??!?

  • 14:52 "OOHHHH YEAHH" 💀

  • Where is the world show off?

  • I almost died when dream said will George finally be found

  • 9:28 Looking for this? 🙋‍♂️

  • 15:14 endermite spawned xD

  • 9:28 wow Sapnap went mock 1 lol

  • Top 10 best karma moments The last one to enter the portal is a rotten egg 2 seconds later WAIT NO DON’T JUMP

  • Jumping to the end SapNap and George:*ABSOLUTE PANIC Dream:*eats steak it might help

  • I am sorry but at 9:28 is so funny

  • i love when sapnap says “let’s go that was juicy”

  • When sapnap got yeeted I almost pissed myself

  • this vid was part 2 of dream dying

  • Minecraft?? Nathan blockman video

  • Hi

  • god i love it when Dream calls him "Pandas"

  • YEET!

  • I’ve watched all the episodes after each other and now I’m reading a book and it feels like the characters are standing in invisible ground... this is so weird... halp.

  • U should do trying to beat Minecraft with no tools

  • 6:29 9:26 14:33 Hey! Don't mind me here

  • 9:28 sapnap went YEET!!!!!!

  • Dream just singing “I’m coming down the mountain” while his friends are fighting a dragon.

  • You're a loser dream loser

  • Dream's skills are sooooo different now

  • When they jump into the end they knew they were gonna die. And then I realized dream was falling... and then just casually started eating his steak....🤔

  • 5:10 Sapnap: u didn't hear it go.. "bNngAn"

  • What is the seed

  • Spoiler: Too bad the seed was broken. At least they did what they did to keep it as legit as possible.

  • 11:12 I love how sapnap just skips around with only a diamond hat 💀🤍 it’s so cute

  • Wow I thought dream was lucky...

  • 14:10 sapnap in the background saying “let’s go that was JiUcY!” Really got me 😂

  • Imagine George making holes in the end and everyone falls on holes like the other episodes🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Dream:Cow i can see you with my x-ray! Cow:Lets go underground to trick him

  • Even 1 year later, I'm still waiting for the FINALE REMATCH.

  • Dream then: Does the Crystal explode??? Dream now: In this video, 4 of my friends hunt me down...

  • No one: The Donkey from Shrek: 14:32

  • How do you delete the end

  • Is this before He got good at videos?

  • :0//

  • Why the heck are they calling the ender dragon a «he» isn’t it a “she”. It does lay a egg... Edit: forget it, pandas says she

  • Whats the name of the song that plays when they go to the end and face off against the ender dragon

  • Dream membersip

  • Remake this 😡😡

  • It was a great video. Dream

  • 7:51 And again... I haven’t realized that Dream actually says Pandas and not Sapnap... Pog?

  • %10 = 15M , %100 = 150M !?


  • I think that's happening because of the X-Ray being on or because you got rid of the lava below it

  • i'm fisting the dragon - Dream

  • **EVERYBODY DIES Me: Checks the time. “Oh still about 9 minutes left.”

  • *Dream: “I have a MILLION flint! *Inventory: Bro you only have 4 flint! *Dream: **does not notice.

  • Does anyone else think that dreams laugh sounds like he is having a,stroke

  • Which fu**ing version of minecraft is this

  • “i’m fisting the dragon” - dream 2019

  • 9:27 YEEET

  • Here he comes! Here She Comes! Here Get It Get It! Sapnap What the fok what are you talking about 2 genders and a Animal in one dragon

  • Did the end not have a platform because the poured water on the lava beneath the portal

  • Did he need to play two gir$ 1 €up?

  • "I'm fisting the dragon"

  • 6:07 epic edit hahahaha


  • When they die OOF

  • Dream: Nooooooooo!!! Me: Lollllllll!!!