Beating Minecraft With Xray Challenge FINALE

Datum objavljivanja: 25. Lis 2019.
this is how to beat Minecraft even though almost everything is invisible including lava and water. No turning XRAY off at all. ever. Series FINALE.
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This is part four/4 to my XRAY always on series. We had a successful ending even though it took us a long time to get there.
Comment down below what challenge series we should do next.
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  • For those of you that don't have twitter, I will also show the world off in an unlisted video on HRwiki that I post on my community page, so everyone can see it. Just stay tuned for that if you want to see it :)

    • 🙄

    • And what if I can’t look at community posts..?

    • K

    • Wait dream if u went to check ur seed in survival world doesn't that mean u already saw Ur world??!!

    • Dream never thought i would hear, “IM FISTING THE DRAGON”

  • I just- (sigh) they’ve come so far...

  • 14:33 you're doing WHAT

  • Lmaoo I didn’t even notice Sapnap spawned an endermite.. 15:16

  • "im fisting the dragon"

  • George and SapNap: fighting the Enderdragon with intense music Dream: *singing* I'm coming down the mountain... XD!!

  • what's the song that plays after they fall into the void

  • why isnt anyone talking about the rick and morty song playing as they fell into the void

  • 9:28 poor sapnap

  • 14:11 sapnap "let's GO THAT WAS JuIcY also sapnap at 14:50 "OOOOH YA"

  • BROOOOO I'm watching this in 2020 and I can't see the fkn world without x ray

  • perfect music drop 6:06

  • Dream: *PaNdAs*

  • 7:50 can we appreciate Dream calling Sapnap Pandas like omg my heart

  • I literally thought the second time Sapnap screamed, "DON'T JUMP IN!" he was lying.

  • Did Anyone Else Notice That Dream was Calling Sapnap "Pandas" That Was His Old name I believe But can we take a second to Listen To How Adorable It is💚💚💚💚💚💚

  • Dream: I see it, I see it! Sapnap: Where is it? Dream: it's here. I don't know why I think this is funny, lol.

  • 7:51 dream calls Sapnap pandas again 🥺🥺

  • The manic laughter at 6:30 LMAO

  • I spiye my lovely I something red It's the subscribe button

  • 14:33 “I’m fisting the dragon”

  • 6:25 the best and most tragic part of the series

  • The YEET got me..

  • Watching dream take down the towers shows me how much he really has improved GG

  • *They finally get into the end* That Ender-Dragon really did say YEET to Sapnap! 😂

  • oof i forgot george cant tell the difference between diamond and iron and i was wondering why he was wearing an iron helmet when he had a diamond one in a chest lmao

  • Dream: ‘Were going to have our little test dummy go in-’ *punches sapnap into the portal* Me: omg- 😂

  • 14:33 "IM FISTING THE DRAGON!!" -dream, 2019

  • At 5:45 did anyone else hear the enderman say “look for the eye”?

  • This series made me miss the old "shield", the old boats, the old netherrrack, the old Minecraft

  • 14:34 well that doesn't sound good....

  • 0:10 Possibly the very first video of what soon identifys all the rest of them

  • Watch church Sunday/Wednesday to learn about the one true God.

  • I missed this. Dream just having fun with friends. No pressure to be the best player, to win. He's just laughing, carefree. This video makes me happy

  • Dream: The whole series has led to this moment. Dream Team: Enters to notice themselves falling out of the world Me: Is that what you were leading yourselves to? OOF

  • Wtf

  • 1:35 with captions Apparently that’s music

  • Dream: My sounds are so low! *moves sound like 2 percent*


  • Dream asks if the end cystals explode Says the man who holds the word record for beating mincraft

  • Saphal was so evil



  • Dragon) food YEET food MY FooOOOOoOoOOOd

  • When people spawn not next to the plate

  • dream: *dies* sapnap: *it's my time>:)*

  • Georges new name is legoloss

  • BRUH THAT SUCKS RIP Dream, Sapnap, and Georgenotfound

  • why you don't do "Minecraft, but the world is round"

  • Sapnap: **starts building a bridge to the ender island** Ender dragon: *YEET*

  • Do one X-ray 2 blind

  • 9:28 YEET

  • The portal wasn’t working because there wasn’t lava under the portal

  • I'm in love with a man who hasn't shown his face

  • Dream sounds like a teakettle

  • Dream dosent know to GOD BRIDGE in cumputer i know how to GOD BRIGE ib cellphone i know is impossible but is sooo easy

  • I think that maybe there was no platform because there was no lava i have never tried it without the lava so i don't know if that was it

  • 9:27 LMAOOOO

  • 8:28 *jumps in anyway*

  • ten million people are subbed to dream, 14 percent are subscribed, how many people watch dream??!?!?!?!?!?

  • 14:32 Dream: I'm fisting the dragon! Why does their wordings sound so dirty

  • I love how dream keeps constantly standing on crafting table the “incident” didn’t happen yet😭

  • It's amazing to see how much they've progressed

  • poor u

  • 3:14

  • 😂😂😂

  • 6:36 xray is off

  • 7:50 *pandas*

  • 'I'm fisting the dragon' - Dream, 2019 14:33 by the way

  • "The whole series has led up to this." Literally 5 seconds later: "HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?" (basically, if there's no context it sounds hillarious)

  • Sapnap went FLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYIN!!!!! Best part of the video!

  • 14:34 *dream minecrafts only 11 years old-*

  • At 7:32 dream opens one of the chests why do you guys have so many Diamond shovels

  • oop tea 🍵

  • @Dream 14:32 *now* you are demonized

  • Thats why

  • He took out the lava

  • O

  • 6:27 can anyone just not stop watching? Like it was tragic but its so... perfect. The music fits so well tbh and like im simping for Sap when he screams xD and then dream eating the steak... lol its all so good. George's "OHH what"and then their laughs oml ahah.

  • the one time they say last one in is a rotten egg the platform dont spawn 😅💀

  • Dream: The only gamer that does something really good and calls himself lucky instead of good.

  • Didn't you take away the lava underneath the portal? Isn't it the lave that spawns a platform?

  • George has an iron helmet when there's a diamond helmet in the chest and Dream doesn't tell George

  • Will George finally be found, will sap finally nap, and will dream finally have a nightmare


  • Lolololololo hahahahaha you kill him jast shovol lol

  • Snap nap fell out the world so many times

  • It’s insane realising this video is less than a year old, and comparing it to something like the manhunts, Asking for 20k likes on part one, Wanting potions and enchantments on top of full diamond armour and tools, Dream saying he has “only fourteen arrows” for destroying the end crystals, “These are explosive right?”

  • Kill snap nap

  • I just love how dream is so shocked that he did mlg water twice- *few months later mlg horse*

  • Guys I'm new here, so can someone explain why is Dream calling Sapnap a Panda?

  • Jim? That's his name? Not rlly fitting Josh would be better you know, just fits with his voice.

  • Sapnap and George when one of them dies: *"YOU IDIOT!!"* Sapnap and George when Dream dies: "Dreaaam nooo :("

  • 9:28 sapnap gets yeeted by the ender dragon me: * dies of laughter * LMAOO PLEASEEE😭🤣

  • The tp death will be a meme

  • Does anyone know what the piano song they used when they died in the end for the first time is called?


  • Imagine the end actually looked like that

  • 5:09 i liked that airplane noise

  • They be so happy when they mlg water