Beating Minecraft With Xray Challenge #3

Datum objavljivanja: 20. Lis 2019.
Beating Minecraft without taking XRAY off at ALL.. I can't see trees... or the ground... only ores. A world where WOOD is rarer than DIAMONDS.
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how to beat Minecraft without taking xray off, courtesy of yours truly, dream.


  • 10:55 George you just WHAT?!

  • “PANDAS”

  • Don Sutton

  • 16 minutes of a green screen having a metal break down

  • I think ur playing old version cause the nether rock looks difrrent

  • Dream was lauhing to much in this video

  • Dream'i love books sound terkutuk😱😱

  • Yep. Just three, Mature men. who sometimes wet themselves and trap each other. Yyeeppp.

  • dream calling sapnap pandas feels so nostalgic 😭 this whole video does even tho i’m just now watching it and not just the clip of dream wheezing

  • 9:00 George:Where am i? Lets jump forward to find out

  • Lmao dream 😂💛

  • Dream:Stop the fire! George:Stops fire while critical hitting Dream🤣🤣🤣

  • We just gonna ignore George saying "Dream i'm gonna bone you"

  • dreams laughs makes this video 100x more funny haha. I'm dying

  • How are you not in the aquatic update? It came out in 2017 and this was made 1 year ago🤨

    • the mod was only for 1.8

  • Jesus died on the cross for your sins Jesus loves you turn from sin and ask for forgivness for your sins Jesus is king l

  • OMG "my trap" you laughed soooo much

  • Bald gang

  • PLSSS his laughing is making me cry laughing

  • Dream lost it here 😂 7:35


  • it would be funny if we could see the world normally and they had x-ray

  • I laughed so hard when dream said come to my hole panda and snap screams WHO,S PANDA!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • Me trying to count how much you're laughing....48477363737

  • Try do Hunters vs SpeedRuner with this. GOODLUCK

  • 7:37 tea kettle activate

  • Myles Garrett

  • Who’s watching in 2021

  • In case you were wondering why dream called sapnap “panda” it’s bc his old user was “pandascanpvp” I think (Or at least it had panda in it)

  • I love this laugh I can’t stop laughing when dream started laugh in the first place but then this happen so I just suffer by laugh ness 8:57

  • wut I thought you could see lava and water

  • “You fell into my trap”

  • Every time I'm sad I just come back to this video and I can't stop laughing now.

  • 8:04 is adorable ❤ lol

  • You are stupid why did you turn off water and lava

  • Me at the begining with subtitles on 😳

  • Do a death swap in X-ray mode

  • DREAM WAS IN SUCH A GOOD MOOD THIS STREAM. this is my comfort video.

  • Dream: we need more endermen Subtitles: we need more immigrants

  • for anyone wondering why dream called sapnap "pandas" sapnaps old username when dream first met him was pandascanPVP

  • This episode was just a massive meme, Dream is just wheezing thru the Whole thing

  • ,,Dream is in mass hysteria right now, george is trapping people, i dont want to live like this!" -Sapnap 2019

  • George: crafts 83 shovels Everyone: *mines dirt with pickaxe*

  • ur garbage

  • Dream: That’s what you get for falling in my TRRRRAAAWSPPLPPP🫖🫖🫖🫖

  • George says something: Dream: deflates

  • 10/10 Laugh for dream!

  • Kan gw Dah bilang Kalo lu habis boker itu disiram ngentoodd Tai nya beleberan

  • Packers

  • dream calling spanap panda cuz sapnaps old user waus panda can pvp i think

  • Beating minecraft with normal client* challenge #3

  • OMG AHAHHSHAHH it’s actually was uploaded on my b-day LOLOLOLOLOL

  • “Chunk It” that’s actually a Texas thing. people in Texas say Chunk instead of chuck

  • George: “That’s what happens when you fall down my trap” Dream: “MY TRAP” Dream: “THIS IS A TEAM GAME YOU KNOW THAT RIGHT GEORGE” Dream: *wheezing for the next 5 mins*

  • 0:46 when dream used to use iMovie to edit

  • You should get another account and use it as a 3rd person perspective for us

  • the trap thing wasn't funny at all but dreams laugh makes it so funny, like damn tea is ready

  • Who else watching this in 2021?

  • His laugh his soo contagious 😂😂❤️

  • 😂lol

  • I’ve never heard dream laugh that much. Lmfao

  • 7:35 it's the way he says it

  • Recommended video in 2021

  • 3:43 ArsonNap

  • sapnap drinks sap then naps

  • This whole thing is a vibe

  • 8:45 the Dream tea kettle wheeze starts up again


  • Dream's laugh is contagious

  • I realized that when I laugh I sound like a female version of dream

  • Never give up bro love 💘 ❤ from India

  • If the trap was that funny there’s no way this wasn’t record at “that point” in the night

  • DUDE how to x-ray

  • Video starts at 9:39 nevermind doesn‘t 😂

  • its official wood is harder to get than diamonds

  • This is amazing i died so many times especially when like the my trap thing happened. I think dream was high on sumthin

  • Dream how are you so good at Minecraft can you play Minecraft all of the time

  • Dreams Laugh Is the best thing I heard today 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 and hopefully you guys too 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 LMAO!!!!

  • 8:59

  • What is the 25th Amendment

  • Dream hacks confirmed

  • Hackers be like:

  • Everyone: Dream laughing Me: old boat nostalgia

  • lets admit the entire point of this video is "my trap"

  • Warriors

  • This is so frustrating for me to watch somehow😂

  • So sapnaps cape says OF, does that mean he has only fans? Haha im just kidding ... unless

  • Mega Millions

  • Hi

  • I just love the way dream laughs it just makes me crack up! 😂

  • ת

  • The laugh is so funny LOL

  • 6:04, why does that zombie sound like hes saying 'here, here, here' its frickin cursed and scary bro

  • Who else got this recommended 1 year later

  • 15:35....thats it

  • I always come back to this video when I wanna laugh because dream laughs so much and it's so goddamn contagious that I've never not laughed at it

  • *wheeze*

  • This is sooo fun to watch tho pls make more we love yall

  • the "my trap" laughing gives me so much serotonin ahahaha

  • Dream: stop it, your not funny Also dream: spends the entire video laughing at what George said