Beating Minecraft With Xray Challenge #3

Datum objavljivanja: 20. Lis 2019.
Beating Minecraft without taking XRAY off at ALL.. I can't see trees... or the ground... only ores. A world where WOOD is rarer than DIAMONDS.
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how to beat Minecraft without taking xray off, courtesy of yours truly, dream.


  • Dreams choices for laughing... 1: kettle is boiling 2: PHYCO laugh 3: I pitch laugh

  • 15:58 Lmao

  • I’ve never heard dream laugh his ass off this much and frankly it really entertaining

  • Dream has such a contagious laugh

  • This dude literally was wheezing and "the trap" for like 6 minutes 😂

  • On the day this video uploaded I turned 11 And recently speedrunner vs 4 hunters rematch I turned 12

  • Someone should make a compilation of dream laughing named "Dream laughing hysterically for 10 minutes straight"

  • 3:11 "Wait, can you not say heck??"" I died

  • dont mind dream hes just dying of a laugh attack

  • 0:46 ✨ This was a bad idea✨ 👌👍😂

  • 9:43 let’s go outside and chunk it

  • 8:53

  • "This was a ✨BAD IDEA✨" everything you do is a bad idea, dream. you're a hazard to society, DREAM.

  • Oh Minecraft manhunt with X-ray

  • fun fact: pandas spelt backwards is sadnap. remind you of anyone?

  • I was laughing for hours i am dyiing XD

  • this was the day dream realized he couldnt record while high no more

  • 0:28 first ever "aCcOrDiNg To YoUtIbe kblah blah blah

  • Dream: we need the pumpkins for the end, get them George: for snowmen?


  • - S T R U G G L I N G T O B R E A T H E -

  • 7:20 just saving my spot :)

  • i can tell this is from a year ago just by how they talk and the intro it seems sooo old

  • broo what s so funny about my trap?

  • What sounds do rabbits makes? nnnrrAAAA

  • The joke is not even that funny ....its just the wheezes being so contagious. I literally coughed up a lung.

  • I’m planning on becoming a streamer but I don’t know what my name should be so I wanted to ask you (My name is Autumn if you need it)

  • as soon as dream falls into the lava below the end portal there was an add and it was like light as a feather stiff as a board- 😭😭

  • I oh Most peed on my self

  • Welcome to another episode of Wheezing Dream.

  • dream literally keeps calling sapnap pandas and I love it because that was his name before lmao (I think)

  • dreams cackle-wheeze gives me serotonin

  • panda

  • Dream is a tea kettle confirmed

  • Dream showcase his many laughs

  • George: I going to "bone" you Me: WHAT! Lmao

  • when he was laughing even i was lauging

  • i remember that u saw water before

  • when dream was concerned about snapnap saying heck lol

  • When he laughs i laugh

  • 4:39 is a whole new level of memories.

  • 4:29 this foreshadows when sapnap burns the forest near l'manberg in the dream smp

  • 1 year ago lol

  • The litteral add played when r fell into the portal’s lava

  • Looking at this is driving me nuts

  • this video carries all my will to live

  • George: My trap Dream: *WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE*


  • woa perfect I found this video exactly one year later :D

  • one whole year ;(

  • Dream is wheezing and then I get get an ad for asthma what are the odds🤣

  • happy 1 year to this gem

  • Also dream's laugh sounds so forced and it hurts to listen to lol

  • Dream: *WHEEEEEEEZE* HRwiki Captions: ah yes beautiful music

  • Lol dream is like me when I life to a funny less joke and can't stop laughing hmmmm lol

  • I'm literally dying coz dream is in mass hysteria mode

  • Omg it’s 12 am and I’m trying so hard not laugh. My dad is literally right next door and I’m plugging my nose so he doesn’t hear me omg 💀

  • This is One of the Only Reasons I want Dream to have a facecam.... To see Him when he laughs And Wheezes Really💚💚

  • dream uploaded this in oct 2019 and im at Oct 2020 and dream is at 11 million subscribers

  • 8:40 dreams calm down to my trap To 8:50 dream laugh again

  • My trap

  • I was rewatching this series and I was like "wow a lot of things arent updated" then I realised that this was made exactly a year ago-

  • exactly one year ago!!!!!

  • George: Thats what you get for falling into my trap. Dream: 💫W H E E Z E💫

  • Dream first vidio?


  • Legends still he’s still laughing to this day xD

  • 8:48 Man laughing like Woody the Cowboy from ToyStory 😭😂

  • Lol falling to his death twice

  • Legit got an add for asthma information while dream was laughing XD

  • You know what would have been better if during the moments they were being stupid it had a can where X-ray wasn’t on and showed how dum they looked

  • Sapnap = Pandas

  • Dreams laughing is the cutest thing😍

  • Aw he called sapnap panda

  • "I made some shovels" *drops 15 diamond shovels onto the ground*

  • **something happens** Dream: **starts wheezing out both of his damn lungs**


  • oh looks like the stronghold is normal

  • Dream: Maniac/smart one George: Funny one Snapnap: Cool one

  • ‘’Ok then where gonna go outside and chunck it” Snapnap 2019

  • No one gonna talk about that spider on the bottom left 9:29

  • 8:50 is where George fell down the whole and dream couldn’t stop laughing 😂

  • When dream laughs it makes me laugh like crazzzzy!

  • R.i.p dream's lungs

  • I think Dream needs an inhaler-

  • Dream’s laugh is so amazing! I haven’t laughed so hard because of a Minecraft video before 😂😂😂😂👏👏

  • Dream: WHEEEEEZE captions: Music

  • I think the tea is ready the kettle definitely sounds done

  • I can’t believe George made over 20 diamond shovels

  • Dude dream has the cutest laugh. Found these guys about a month ago And idk why I didn’t find them earlier. Someone lmk if Dream dates fans😂

  • i love this so much, currently watching all of his content

  • Idk if it's just me or does Sapnap mc skin have 2 little buns on his hair

  • im having a ✨b r e a k d o w n✨

  • I feel like dream was high while recording this lol

  • dream: its a desert! sapnap: splash

  • 😂😂😂

  • how do you get the xray mod without hacks??

  • It’s not even that funny dream is such a crazy guy. I miss this stuff, back when dream was tiny and he was just him. I miss these videos

  • This video is better than every "Try not to laugh"-compilation I'v ever watched in my entire life! 😂😂

  • im watching this all over the time OuO and i almost die typing and watching this video i feel like im in a clown show XuX