Beating Minecraft, But My Friend Tries To Stop Me...

Datum objavljivanja: 26. Pro 2019.
Beating Minecraft, But My Friend Tries To Stop Me from beating the game. This was super intense...
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This is a new Minecraft but, 1.14 challenge that we have decided to try. I try to beat the game, while my friend George tries to prevent me from doing it. It's a race, and it's super intense and we had a lot of laughs, pretty funny. I love doing these challenges.
If this video gets 30,000 likes we'll do it again!
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises.


  • The whole video was basically just George choking on his mic

  • 6.9 Mil views. Nice

  • Dream is good i get that but its unfair how hes lying all the time about his position in this vid while george is being honest and telling dream when he is going for him.

  • Just think about how good dream is now compared to this


  • Clasic

  • Ahh the begining

  • 13:20 Dream: I was looking for gravel and I couldn’t find it 9:16- 🤦‍♀️

  • 21:46 Pause

  • Wow the OG

  • A legendary trend was born

  • Back when george was bad at minecraft

  • marvelous

  • 1 hunter vs Dream AKA dream bullying George

  • Dream: not everyone that is watching this video is subbed Me: you got 6 million something views and you have11 million subs 8 thousand subscribers and climbing !

  • Why does this man have so many views per video

  • When you found those diamonds it felt like Christmas


  • Watching this now is hilarious... dream kills himself (almost twice). Then beats 4 hunters...

  • So this is where it all began...

  • the origins of manhunt

  • Can we appreciate how George tried to kill Dream with a wooden sword when Dream was in full iron.😂

  • Couldnt he just break the portal while george was still inside forcing him to suicide to return to the overworld

  • Dream: Ignores iron, gold, and redstone ores because he doesn't care about it anymore Me: Can't find enough wool to make a bed

  • I want him to react to this so bad!!

  • dream is so fast at making portal in this video *RIGHT*

  • before: "theres no way you can beat the game" now : 4 Of mY FrIEnD WiLL tRy tO hUnT mE eVeN tHo iM gOnNa wiN

  • "That just sounds like Minecraft Manhunt with extra steps."

  • yes, the good old days where you could actually find nether fortresses

  • This video changed the minecraft scene a lot

  • Bruhh

  • 6.9 million views NOICE

  • Dream: finds diamonds *Christmas music intensifies*

  • "Can I beat the game before my friend beats me?" I died right there and then.😂

  • This is the first manhunt

  • 10000000 m plays

  • I would go to the desert temple and get TNT. Blow up the portal with enough TNT to damage it, and remove all the lava and dont leave water behind.

    • Normally the chaser dosent bring flint&steel. And they'll need to have brought a diamond pic cuz u removed all the surface lava.

  • Im gonna watch the manhunts in order

    • Same here. I ignored this phenomenon when it first started, but now my curiosity has gotten big enough that I'm finally checking it out.

  • dream i love your videos because you are a speed runer

  • Where it all started....

  • Дрим: начало

  • Hey Dream! Please can u say, what shaders u use and mods. Please

  • George is so pure lmao

  • Dream is spamming his sword he is dumb that year

  • dream do you now you can live in the maunten because its high

  • dream i wile wash your videos now i love you dream

  • dream you are amazing because you are a pro i wile play minecraft on a laptop

  • 6:53 why u ignore wolfsssss :(((

  • .

  • “Can I beat Minecraft before my friend beats me”

  • You should of broken the portal

  • 2:17 ohh gogy, you had no idea

  • And minecraft manhunt was born

  • You should place a block in the portal!

  • *Origins*

  • You ran right past gold

  • heh, 6.9M views.

  • He once said that speed run vs 4 person manhunt was intense but little did he know he would a speed run vs 4

  • Lol I'm watching this while I'm at my creeper farm afking

  • And thus a legend was born

  • The music that plays is the one meme

  • i absoloutly LOVE how this has gone from this to 4 others your incredible love your vidios

  • 4:55 well, I sure *hope* it is

  • Here the legend begins

  • Sweet Dream is made of this

  • who knows it would take 9 mouths to reach 4 hunters vs 1 speedrunner

  • This is one of the only things that has been keeping me sane during quarantine

  • 22:12 The skeleton made a 360 shot

  • Manhunts are so weird I remember watching this shortly after it came out but I don't remember what specifically happened in it

  • So is this were it all started?

  • Where it all started...

  • How did he die with one person chasing him but survived withe 4 people chasing him

    • Practice makes perfect

  • This is just the other way around

  • Little did the wild dream knew he is gonna deafeat this but 4times the ppl

  • Who else is rewatching the masterpiece of Minecraft man hunt in 2020

  • How to track someone with compas? Pls tell

  • Sick content as always.

  • George: "There is no way you're gonna beat the game before I kill you" Dream, previously: "There is a way" Dream, currently: "You have no idea what is possible." Edit: I've just realised that everyone is commenting this rEEEEE

  • we just gonna ignore the baby zombie on a chicken

  • 22:12 everyone gonna ignore the 360?

  • were it all began, feels like yesterday I saw it in my notifications

  • How to gain more IQ play Minecraft

  • He should be broken the portal

  • This is where it all started.

  • I can't believe I'm doing this but I need to watch this to learn how to escape an oppressive dictator in my minecraft server

    • What's going on?

  • 22:10 That skeleton tried to 360 No Scope dream

  • George’s mic is 10/10

  • That thumbnail tho

  • So is this were it all started?

  • Me in 2040: And this, my kids, is how Minecraft Manhunt, the greatest thing ever, came to light. It dunno how, but now there are 10 hunters against him.

  • 13:26 Bro Dream now would never make that mistake or trying to use water in the nether.

  • Back then, one guy was a challenge.

  • Is no one gonna talk about the fact that dream came across the chicken jokey

  • Where it all begins

  • And thus, a series and Legend is born

  • this series was literally a christmas gift

  • 22:56 where is George

  • 10 months later goes against mrbeast, three hunters, a Diamond juggernaut, and so much more.

  • Dream beware of the Virus. And people that commented like in July. Things are getting better

  • Stolen idea from wilbur