Beating Minecraft, But It Rains Lava...

Datum objavljivanja: 24. Sij 2020.
Beating Minecraft, But It Rains Lava... This was INSANE!
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This video is a new Minecraft, But, 1.14 challenge. We try and beat the enderdragon (beat the game) in Minecraft, while the sky rains lava. Like, actual lava rain. This was extremely fun and challenging. Messing with the way the game/blocks/weather works is always fun.
If this video gets 150,000 likes we'll upload part 2! NO LESS!! This was so hard.
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises.


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  • It's sad that we can't see his face when he's becoming a tea kettle I'd be fuckin' curious to see scenes like that

  • 22:21 im lovin' it

  • I keep rewatching the part where Dream becomes a tea pot

  • It’s been almost a year and they share the video has been made so what video was it

  • 12:56 (pause) and the plot thickens 20:50 and the plot thickens even more

  • Me: Mom Can We Get I Tea Kettle? Mom: No We Have A Tea Kettle At Home. Tea Kettle: 1:56

  • It's been 11 months and u haven't made a pt 2

  • George: glavle Dream: I READY GOT GLAVLOLUKA

  • 1:18 should w e ?

  • Katie Price

  • Dream: *Laughing* Captions (Auto): [Music]

  • George: fights skeleton Dream: WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE! You guys are funny... =w=

  • dreams screech in the start of it reminded me of the dragon screech from lord of the rings

  • *rain lava in minecraft* Dream/George: I guess we are cavehumans now...

  • 1:56 Dream starts choking Subtitles: *music*

  • 'its like a married couple fight...tsk tsk.

  • do you meen something with 'It's like a married couple (fighting)'? is it true you love him? I think that is realy cute

  • 21:22 let me what

  • Dream can you make a water rain that mean water fell down and water everywhere

  • that was the longest wheeze i've ever heard


  • 1:57 Me starting the kettle

  • 1:56 I think my tea is ready

  • dream wheezing is literally my favourite noise ever

  • 1:56 guys my tea’s ready! Who wants some?

  • Me trying to get up in the mornings and my dad turning the lights on 1:52

  • 1:55 that is THE MOST intense dream wheeze I have ever heard

  • I just realised watching this a year later that Dream donated to Australia when we were in trouble. Thank you Dream

  • 22:20 Me: *only at McDonalds.* Dream: *ha ha ha ha ha* Me: *I'm lovin' it*

  • How did you code it??

  • 12:56 I love the text above lol 😂

  • 4:56 pretty good beat

  • Dreams wheeze at 1:56 tho

  • Dream:hey look lava George: are you dumb it’s lava DREAM


  • Powerball winning numbers

  • heart and fire

  • wasd wasd wasd w as sd w w as ds ad a dasd as da

  • Flyers

  • im alive but im dead lol

  • George: I have an idea Dream: just like last night George: that sounds weird Dream: starts wheezing Me: 😂😂😂😭

  • 12:56 It's like a married couple fighting... tsk tsk

  • Im getting triggered seeing dream pass through water like 15 times

  • The wheezing lmao

  • That classic, "i'm on one heart!"

  • 3:45 Dream Use Dig!

  • No one: Dream: deflates like a balloon

  • 1:51

  • 1:57 *My ps4 running during the night*

  • Did anyone else hear the demon that came out of dreams body?

  • Pause it on minute 12:56 In case you couldnt read it, it was a sign that said "its like a married couple figthing...tsk tsk" 😏😏😏

  • 20:47:I heard that!! "A game theory!...."

  • Me: Wait, ZombiPIgMen??? How'd they get those???? Ohh!... This was posted 11 months ago!... (Kinda miss em!...😅😅😐😥)

  • Like 1T

  • 1:56 it was helium XD


  • 20:50

  • I like this sound: Ts ts ts ts ts ts ts ts ts ts ts ts ts

  • The Minecraft burning sounds now haunt their dreams

  • 1:55 Dream's Laugh ;)

  • The elfin structure seemingly inject because bull distinctively cross onto a miscreant consonant. unequal, tall century

  • i think my water is done boiling 1:56

  • Same as beating mine craft in the neather

  • 1:56 Play in ×0.25 speed Dream becomes a tea kettle

  • It got more then 150 k likes 😂😂

  • 1:46

  • in this worst case finding ocean is best and if u find ocean and no animals least u can get kelp at the worst case xD

  • 1:56 *wither scream*

  • Liz Cheney


  • What if they went to the ocean and the ate fish? 😐

    • Idk

    • They would be safe from the fire then and they would have lots of food

  • That wheeze tho XD Made me crack up laughing and then wheezing as well XD 👏👌

  • this is actually the greatest dream wheeze of all his videos

  • @Dream Wheres the new video? You said 150k likes for the next video right???

  • No one: Dream: 1:57

  • If you need flint fast equip the stick it had 34 or 54 percent of getting flint

  • 9:24 Dream: We’re gonna win, we’re gonna beat this challenge George: **screams**

  • Oh no my kettle is burning

  • 1:56 bruh I love dreams laugh XD

  • 1:53 dreams lungs- 😭

  • 1:57😂😂🤣

  • It's just minecraft for enderman

  • dream almost died of laughter ;-;

  • Dream: Just like last night Nobody: The entire fandom: I’m listening. 👂


  • 1:50 best wheeze ever

  • Nuclear bomb

  • 1:57 the kettle is boiling

  • Who saw this? "It like a married couple fight... tsk tsk" Time stamp: 12:55

  • gang peng 1:50

  • why did I think he made a crafting table with dirt-

  • 1:56

  • Is that the Andy Griffith Show song?! :) Around 9:40

  • George: kills a skeleton Dream at 1:56: T E A P O T M O D E: O N

  • You know dream i like pigs

  • George: Him or her.. or it. Dream: *a single toad trying to consume a fire truck*

  • Basically they are mc zombies

  • Where's part 2?

  • Dream laugh LOL he sounds like a whole tea pot LMFAO