Beating Minecraft, But It Rains Lava...

Datum objavljivanja: 24. Sij 2020.
Beating Minecraft, But It Rains Lava... This was INSANE!
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This video is a new Minecraft, But, 1.14 challenge. We try and beat the enderdragon (beat the game) in Minecraft, while the sky rains lava. Like, actual lava rain. This was extremely fun and challenging. Messing with the way the game/blocks/weather works is always fun.
If this video gets 150,000 likes we'll upload part 2! NO LESS!! This was so hard.
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises.


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  • I don't care what dream looks like all I care is how he looks when he wheezes

  • 1:55 when the witch king in lotr was killed in the third movie

  • *1 minute passes after Dream dies* Dream: I have to go back quick or else my stuff will despawn! Me in Wii U edition: *Finds my old wooden sword on the summit of a mountain on the ground even after hundreds of hours of in-game play time*

  • Well as Adele said Set fire to the rain

  • 12:50

  • That Wheeze though 1:56

  • 21:23 subtitles are different than what he said

  • Y’all not talking abt the 13:57 “it’s like a married couple fight...tsk tsk” that was epic

  • 9:27 undernoticed reference to that one challenge of Dream trying to kill Notch whilst GeorgeNotFound defended him. “doing a notch” *(Spoilers for that video i’m talking about ahead)* In the video, at the end, Notch drops his sword right as George enters the nether portal (without Notch) and Dream takes that moment to ambush him, killing him whilst Notch says “I just threw away my sword!” and George reappearing through the portal a bit too late.

  • anyone know how much times dream said "im at half a heart" lol

  • damn dream must really love tea

  • 9:27 "I DID A NOTCH!" That got me dying

  • "It's like a old married couple fighting... tks tks 😅"

  • a car normally: *nothing* a car the second you have to go somewhere important: *1:56*

  • do it again...

  • Minecraft but it rains anvils

  • 12:56 Nice little note right there.

  • How did it take you guys more than 5 minutes (outside video time) to figure out that you can beat this by just staying under ground?

  • 0 through 4 is Australia literally burning by acid rain


  • 1:55 When I sit on a yoga ball and it pops. ;-;

  • 1:54 the meaning of life

  • Smokey the bear would disapprove

  • what's the background song?

  • Are we not gonna talk about dreams demon coming out at 1:55

  • Heres a joke, Australia

  • 1:57 * MOM THE TEA!!!*

  • Sooo crazy

  • this is how its like to be a zombie

  • Ik i am late and all but rewatching this i noticed 12:56 BAHAHAHAHAH

  • *wheezing

  • 7:46 that laugh

  • someone should make an edit of all the times he died in this video

  • 1:56 The sound my sleep paralysis demons make

  • 1:50 pure gold

  • What even is unknown ?

  • Just play it like skyblock and get a sapling and a dirt and go underground

  • When your mom makes u tea 1:56

  • 1:56 omg he is just deflating 🤣😂🤣😂

  • my kettle be like: 1:56

  • So, This is how it feels like to be a undead mob in minecraft....

  • 1:50 my kettle or teapot on the morning

  • You should do minecraft but it rains constantly and the rain is slowly flooding the world.

  • 9:24 "We're gonna beat this challenge" George gets exploded

  • 1:56 His lungs really said Ms. Keisha

  • Gorge: Get him or her or it Dream: WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEX

  • 1:56 Hardest WHEEZE ever oml

  • I was genuinely concerned that dream might've died at 1:55

  • Dream how the HELL did you make the wheeze without just collapsing

  • We coded it so lava rains from the sky The nether: am I a joke to you?

  • Nobody California, Oregon, Washington state, Utah and nevada: 1:07

  • we need a wheeze counter

  • 1:56 me when the teacher tells a joke and I wanna get A+

  • 1:56 is dreams wheeze even a wheeze-

  • 1:56 lmao

  • I don't want to set the world on fire I just want to start a flame in your heart

  • Unknown subscribers??? What lmao

  • 1:58 The tea is ready guys 🤣

  • 1:54 There is the WHEEEEEZE we were waiting for.

  • 1:55

  • 1:52 don’t mind this I need it

  • 😀

  • 7:47 *dream's soul has left the chat*

  • Here you go: 1:51

  • 23:18 " GeOOOOooorGGggGGgggGGGEEeeeEEEEeEeEEE"

  • 1:54 get him!.... or her..... or it... 1:56 *tea kettle noises* teas ready!

  • 1:48 :) ngjnkjeh,ahf,WELIfh

  • पानी watet

  • 1:56 Me: Dream dying Subtitles: Music...

  • how to make it rain lava ?

  • Did dream deflate??????

  • Dream get memed at 1:56 lol

  • Anyone knows what’s the idea?

  • 22:20

  • 22:22

  • 1:56 you know im here for

  • 9:08 lol dream

  • 12:56 DREAM- LOL

  • 7:47 perfectly cut wheeze xD

  • This would be so easy with fire resistance potion.

  • I was doing a kettle wheeze when dream confused piranha with piraha

  • Dreeeeeaaamm this video got a lot more likes than 150.000, u know what u have to do

  • 1:51 sounds like a start from a beautiful song😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😲😮😲😮😲😮😲😮😲😮😲😮😲😮😲😮😲

  • You could have just make a fire resistance

  • 1:52 time stamp for myself lol

  • pause the vid and go to 12:56 and unpause and pause the vid... lmao 😂

  • Me: squeezing a tiny bird with my hands Tiny bird: 1:56

  • "I Dropped my sword, i did a Notch" AWESOME

  • 12:56 u rite

  • Dream Wheezes: Subtitles: [Music]

  • 12:56 it’s like a married couple fighting... tsk tsk

  • the ultimate wheeze

  • He gasped for air for 6 sec

  • 1:51 George: Using correct terminology Dream: *W H E E Z E* you're such an idiot

  • 8:30 dream: **wheezeeee**

  • if this video gets 150k likes, we'll both do this again video: 350k likes me: wheres part 2

  • It’s so weird watching home not doing the speed run portal

  • Wait dreams gay

  • 1:56 dream wheezed so surprised he still has a voice