Beating Minecraft, But All Blocks Have Gravity...

Datum objavljivanja: 18. Sij 2020.
Beating Minecraft, But All Blocks Have Gravity... Just like sand...
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This video is a new Minecraft, But, 1.14 challenge. We try and beat the enderdragon (beat the game) in Minecraft, while every block has gravity like sand. This was extremely fun and challenging. Messing with block physics is always fun.
If this video gets 50,000 likes we'll upload part 2 :)
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises.


  • I read Gravy at first...

  • Do this on an amplified world

  • LOL!!!!!!

  • 15:27 George- “tHe sQuId JuSt RuInEd EvErYtHiNg” The squid- *gets hit in the head with the boat*

  • dang those trees got down syndrome

  • Bedrock fall??

  • A world without caves

  • George was closer

  • 10:58 did he just float

  • Since George's parrot video, I've been noticing Dream calling a wolf "woff" in all their videos haha

  • tittle should’ve been dream and george get amazed for 18:55

  • george was right at the 6:22-ish mark of the video

  • So satisfying man...

  • ;-;

  • 6:43 AHHHHHH....BOOOOOOOOOOM🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Dream: 50,000 likes Viewers: How about 10+ times that.

  • Minecraft but there's a huge earthquake

  • So we’re not gonna talk about how george was right about guessing the time of the recording

  • _✨falls like butter ✨_

  • 10:26 dream: *falls* an ad: DO YOU OVER USE YOUR PHONE?- 😐

  • Me in the first five mins of the video: What about going into caves . . . .

  • Omg lol it was 6 minutes and18 seconds

  • I don think dream breathed in this video because the fact that laughed so hard

  • What happens when they are playing in the caves and cliffs update

  • YEP Book YEP Jail YEP Hold

  • Dream: we made it to where every block had gravity not just sand Gravel: YOU FORGOT ABOUT ME!!!

  • Failing*


  • 6:57 tf is that demon acc laugh. immahave nightmares also who layghs like that

  • OMG hahahaha

  • Dream: *falls in ravine* Ad: Yea I’m stressed seems right

  • Imagine using this plugin with the new cave update

  • Leaves and caves: well then,this doesnt make sense

  • Hi DreamNotFound

  • Guys did anyone else notice this cause last time I checked he had 1mill subs now he has 11mil

  • When did you beat Minecraft

  • Part two!

  • 👍🎮😊

  • You see there’s Minecraft then there’s this then in between there’s realism. Minecraft: no gravity on blocks with exeptions for the ones that don’t connect like: sand gravel etc. This: nothing has frictions and can’t stick together Realism: every block has gravity but there’s friction and things are together

  • Umm realistically I think we’re 6:30 in the vid rn Vid: 6:12

  • Does anyone know how to replicate the gamemode?

  • Those leafless trees looks like works of Herobrine, in 2013.

  • I wonder if the torch trick works

  • i like rats as you can see by my pic

  • Manhunt, but every block has gravity

  • *Why when Dream laugh it sounds like a kettle-* lol

  • George: “I think we’re like 6 minutes and 30 seconds in” Dream: “No way, we’re like 4 minutes and 40 seconds in” George ends up being 10 seconds off


  • California simulator 2020

  • 5:27 cooked iron??!

  • 0:17 pause there GEORGES EYES REVEALED

  • You should if placed torches under the block

  • It's 500K+ ✨✨

  • La falla de san andreas

  • hey dream I subscribe and turn on the notifications

  • just think about the end its all just gonna falll

  • Itw would be impossible because the end would fall

  • Use torches to mine

  • 9:09 George eyes

  • Wouldnt this literally be impossible beacuse the whole end is floating? So it would all fall down.....

  • Spoon not a shovel Dream,2020

  • The dislikes are from the cientists I cant type and this is very funny.......

  • Before watching this. Wont the end just fall?

  • This video made me realise how many ravines there really are in minecraft

  • what this is so weird at 5:59 he puts pork chop in his inventory puts down furnace and then its in the furnace instead of his inventory

  • When dream said sponsor i immediately thought of raid shadow legends

  • so this is how they came up with extreme biomes

  • 50,000 thousand like ??? why didnt oyu make another

  • Sorry dream i don't have twiter be happy on the vidio i like it

  • They made the movie 2012 into a mod in mincraft XD

  • George: look at all those- Me: LoOk At AlL tHoSe ChIcKeNs George: look bellow us! This is so relaxing Me seeing everything falling: :l

  • Sad dubs

  • 7:20 Tree do be doing nice beats

  • You should try and reduce the radius a little bit (so you have less time to react)

  • What if you use a torch or a sign to break all the falling blocks like sand and gravel

  • bruh

  • Me: *Places torch in cave Cave: imma end this mans whole career

  • imagine this with the caves update

  • Yo imagine if they did this after the caves and cliffs update

  • anyone thought about how the end is going to work lmao the whole thing is just gonna fall into the void

  • 4:00 lol

  • when is was 6 minutesn= in

  • 17:23 made my day :D

  • This is basically Minecraft in real life lmao

  • Soo everything is gravel?

  • George was right it was 6 and a half mins Into the vid

  • "not just sand" gravel: am i a joke to you?

  • "less than 4 percent of my subscribers are subscribed"

  • 5/5000 pass seed pls dream

  • Other peoples satisfaction: Sliding your keycard 1st try in among us My satisfaction: Haha let the world die

  • a bucket of water would had solved the problem at the end.

  • Fall like butter best sentence in 2020

  • All blocks fall Me:digs to bedrock

  • -100 iQ moment: Why did you not use the torch on the falling blocks?

  • 6:45 idk why this made me laugh so hard

  • He said 50K likes

  • Dream confirmed Earth-Bender

  • They fall like that, because george and dream smell like poop!!!!!!!

  • "All blocks have gravity" Well except for Obsidian. Which is fine since it seems more like a failsafe since not even being abke to get to the nether would have been pretty anticlimatic.

  • This was the Chad dream when he didn’t have stans 😔