Baelin's Route - Official Trailer

Datum objavljivanja: 24. Tra 2021.
Our Kickstarter backed film Baelin's Route drops on Sunday 9th May 10pm NZT!
Kickstarter Pre-Screening:
Monday the 3rd of May at 1pm NZT
If you're a Kickstarter backer, keep an eye on your email and the Kickstarter page updates for the link to the pre-screening.
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  • I hope this is really is going to be something that comes out

  • Should be a 1h30 film great work

  • The movie finnaly preimered

  • its out

  • Can't wait! xD

  • AWESOME! Nothing more to add...

  • Baelin's Route: The Return of the Princess

  • I've always said it was on my bucket list to visit NZ. The beauty of the mountainous countryside is stunning on film, I can't imagine taking in the glory in person. Now, it's solidified.

  • Yes yes yes yes. this! the world needs more of this!!!

  • better than Hollywood

  • Ah yes, that moment when you start a quest and ends in the next zone.

  • It was great! Very happy to see Ellie and David in this one. But I would have loved to see Britt here.

  • This may as well be a sequel to The Lord of the Rings series! Great work guys!

  • Movie is so Amazing Well done :3 Great Admiration From the Philippines Keep it up :) It makes me Happy..........

  • Preimer

  • Movie just finish,real movie,live preimer

  • Oh my god epic. 👌

  • Imagine if this is the route that Baelin's been walking these past few years everyday and were just seeing him after all this action

  • just 4 mins from the premiere

  • My home cinema was created for this!

  • I already want a part two

  • Just think how epic it would be if the did a collab with dream smp

  • How'd Baelin get his name?

  • I hope you put "you get 2 for the price of "!

  • Not long now people. :-)

  • I thought this was being released today?

    • 10pm NZT 10am GMT 7am EST



  • Oh yeaaahhh

  • no se cuantas personas de habla hispana seguiran este canal, pero una vez me lo encontre de casualidad por el nombre en facebook desde hay hace ya casi 2 años y medio los eh seguido y la verdad me emociona demasiado poder ver lo mucho q crecen dia a dia y el buen contenido q crean, la verdad espero con ansias el short-film pero en si ya viendo el trailer se que va a ser algo extraordinario, todos mis saludos y apoyo a estos grandes creadores de contenido, y espero mi mensaje llegue a ustedes aunque no este en ingles :D

  • Where is this movie

  • Its 12 am here in north east USA and no movie?! I’d like to speak to the manager

  • fishin POWAAAAAA

  • ojala tengo sub al español , va a ser muy buena

  • Where can I watch this?

  • Ive watched this a dozen times now. So ready for it to come out tomorrow!!

  • Holy shiit 😍😍😍😍

  • You guys did an amazing job.

  • Too excited about this!

  • Umm hours or minutes more until it realeased I guess

  • This was originally 20 minutes but the trailer makes it seem like the final product will be way longer

  • Only12 hours left bois

  • @Viva La Dirt League Just asking, is this a movie?

  • OMG! HYPED!!!!

  • Netflix's right behind the corner, guys 😄

  • İsnt this spoused to be a game

  • İs this a movie

  • “Nice day for fishing ain’t it? Huh ha!”

  • Can't wait for tomorrow :D Nice day for fishing ain't it? Huha! :D


  • In a Creative Society, a real superhero is a kind, loving and helping person who does not put himself above others

  • I’m looking forward to this more than I’ve ever have been

  • 10 am tomorrow baby, let's go!

  • 16 hour to go guys!!!!

  • Where is the Epic NPC Man?!

  • Baelin's journey in middle earth


  • Where can we watch this?

    • @Ski in 4 hours it releases 12pm nzt

    • Yeah.. on HRwiki? It’s not on here I see other videos that have links to the movie but they don’t seem legit

    • channelll

  • So How much huha and nice day for fishing ain't,At this movie?

  • Hey Viva, would you say it's family friendly? I know your skits run the gamut of appropriateness.

  • This looks better than anything I saw on fandango just now

  • Has the Lord of The Rings vibe

  • Huh I only discovered these guys tonight. Good to see some funny stuff from NZ. And today’s the day this film comes out. Sweet as!

  • 1 moreee dayyyy

  • this is crazy! im looking forward to it!

  • 24 hours guys only 24 hours

  • Only 24 hours until it lands lets go bois

  • Today is the day

  • So fking Hyped for that So important in this time..hope you geniuses will do more movies...we love u here in germany Thanks for All your soul Support

  • Tick. . Tock. . Tick. . Tock. . Tick. . Tock.

  • I want to play this DLC Route .

  • Is this for real?!

  • Congrats you turned Baelin into Hodoor lol

  • I'm really looking forward to it

  • Two days let's go

  • Omg I'm so keen im frustrated. Looks so damn good. Can't wait for the sequal

  • Is this like 1 hour? Or is it still just 20 min like the old thing said? Because this dam thing even seems better then some Hollywood movie.

  • 3 words for VLDL- Sexist Men Ever! 😍

  • Please don't tease us.

  • my lord I wasn't expecting this when you guys first mentioned the project

  • Please. I need this in my life😭

  • When does it Come out??


  • im really looking forward to seeing this movie.

  • morning nice day for fishing ain't it

  • Will this be on HRwiki or on the baelins thing

  • I keep waiting for Skycraft to drop as a playable game.

  • I really want to see Isaac in this film. Great movies need great acting

  • daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn

  • Fishing never meant fishing (with fish) ain't it?

  • *pathetic cry


  • where's the garlic trader?

  • 00:18 Rohan... is real??

  • Wow Incredible

  • I had no idea about this. I'd have backed it

  • Literally the only film I've been excited for in years

  • Only two days!!! Lets go

  • Freaking New Zealand scenery

  • Holy cow, was not expecting that. Now I have something to look forward to. :)