Audi S8 v Audi RS6 - DRAG RACE

Datum objavljivanja: 1. Svi 2021.
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It's time for an almighty Audi showdown! We've brought together the most expensive Audi saloon, the S8, to take on the most expensive Audi estate, the RS6!
These two powerhouses are going head-to-head over the quarter-mile, and we think it's going to be incredibly close! Under the skin there are a number of similarities... They're both powered by a 4-litre twin-turbo V8, they both produce 800Nm of torque, and they both come with Quattro all-wheel-drive!
However, there's one key difference... While the the S8 produces 571hp, the RS6 manages to put down 600hp!
So what do you think, surely the RS6 will edge it, right? Or could the ultra-luxurious (and slightly more expensive) saloon snatch it? There's only one way to find out... LET'S RACE!
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  • Hi Mat here. So which would you chose? S8 or RS6?

    • S8 king

    • Think I'd have the s8 and get missus to drive me everywhere 😂

    • S8

    • I did choose an RS6. C7, the better looking better sounding version 😁 ✌

    • S8

  • Do the V10 S8 vs the V10 RS6!!!

  • Just get a red/green light next time.


  • 2:23 there is a rainbow!! Just look next to the s8.

  • You'd better add the test fuel values ​​of the vehicles

  • kids content

  • Ich nehme beide in gelb 👍

  • Audi, the perfect car for gay's and girls and that's a fact 👌

  • I think wat ever car Mat drives hes gonna win cuz of his reaction time is way better than the other guys

  • This guy is so predictable with his sour puss attitude towards Audi. I have the Audi S8 plus and my wife has the BMW Alpina B7. Best of both worlds. Nothing against Mercedes. Mercedes never really get our attention when it comes to looks and most importantly the drive itself.

  • Another much awaited race. Both are very good. #AudiS8 #AudiRS6

  • The new RS6 has lost every single drag race I've seen on the internet. Disappointing as Audi seems to not care about performance as its sibling company, Porsche for instance with whom it shares the same engines and platforms but less performance. Ughhh

  • The RS6 has 592HP

  • So glad I didn’t go with an RS6. Mercedes and BMW both did a better job in this class.

  • even before i watch the video my first question is why not the s8 plus ?

  • Who else saw that amount of fuel shitted by the S8 at 2:20

  • S8 Is a legend rs6 not legend. S8 isane. Rs6 not isane. S8 all the time is rly true legend and fk beast

  • The driver seems a bit off

  • When drag races are unclear you maybe need to swap cars and sides of the track a bit more to check.

  • Where is Yannii

  • As cool as these are I would buy a 2017 S8 Plus or RS7 Performance. Much cheaper and a large chunk of depreciation is already accounted for. I also think the previous S8 looks much better than the new one, which looks too blingy.

  • He jumps the start in every race.

  • The RS6 has 30 more hp, 200 kg lighter and yet at best it is as fast as the S8 in a drag race, makes me think the S8 power is underrated

  • Anyone noticed he drives the slow car now after everyone mentioned him picking the fastest each time 😂

  • S8

  • Rs6 is better and cooler for me and I choose the rs6

  • please let s8, s63, and m760 have a drag race! My boss is looking for a new vehicle.

  • Mat Transporter version

  • Why doesn’t starter just hold for an extra second to catch out all the jumps?

  • This just makes me mad. If you wanna build a quiet car then go for a fucking hybrid or full electric shit box but don’t Bild an rs6 with stats of a supercar and then give it a fucking SOFTLIMITER. WTF

  • Admit it! Who is the 606 disslike shooter?

  • What if the transmission was in neutral. Would you be able to rev the engine past the soft limiter?

  • Brutal.

  • Canalzinuo safado

  • Well the s8 also wins in luxury

  • S8 Sound ❤️‍🔥

  • When S8 2021 vs RS7 2021 !??

  • 2:20. You're welcome.

  • Seems like it often the car on the left that wins the races. Better tracking on that side?

  • That S8 😍

  • Greasy steering wheel I see you got there

  • yay! car waow! Cardi b spec

  • S8 4.0 vs A8 w12

  • I really like the RS6, but it seems the S8 is just plain faster. No other way to spin it.

  • start at 2:21

  • S8 конечно выглядит шикарно)

  • Matt's reaction time was so on point...

  • i want see vw arteon R Line drag race vs merc amg n renault mgane rs n bmw m3 comption

  • probably softer suspention on s8 is what gives bit better traction with this much hp. and faster gearbox setup

  • I really like the S8 Plus - easily upgradable to 800 to 900 hp.

  • The S8 exhaust wobble is not good.

  • Love much

  • Do a Mercedes 550 cls 2008

  • 0:28 I like how you now started to sync up our modern taste of humor

  • No hate , but the new rs6 is kinda a dissapointment , looks are there but performance not so

  • Anyone with an auto audi must get the gearbox turned. It's a necessity

  • Officially the boriest carwow drag race, who agrees ?

  • 3:35 look the exhaust😂😂

  • 11 seconds in and you can clearly see the S8 has non standard air filters fitted, so maybe had a mild tune?

  • S

  • 5:45 why does that horse in the background have red daytime lights on it's head?

  • Where’s yanni

  • Hi Mat Can you do a drag race between the S8,S63 AMG and the 760M???

  • 2:07 A drag race S8 vs RS6 vs Airplane 😂

  • S8 is the KING! ( or QUEEN)

  • I dont know how to feel about this, the A8 is what made me start liking Audi, but the wagon has my heart.

  • That audi rs6 is useless, it 's been beaten by everyone

    • Yet I'd give anything for one

  • You could dragrace the 2020 C43AMG against some other 400hp cars like Audi rs3, or you dragrace the fastest 1/4 mile car from carwow against a 1000ccm motorbike

  • Matt are u okayy ?? u have been missing for two days now

  • Hey Matt would you make a video with a Mercedes CL class

  • Rs7 vs s8

    • RS7 is the same thing as the RS6

  • I’d choose The S8 it’s faster surprisingly faster than the Audi RS6

  • Can you make a video s8 d4 vs s8 d5

  • s8 is tink it's faster den rs6


  • S8 forever baby

  • I would say, it was to close to blame the car for anything. In this case the drivers are the factors. What I don't like, you do things 3 times, but the drivers wont swap the cars.

  • Я так люблю цей канал шо дивлюсь в україні хотя я трошки понімаю

  • 3:26 RS6 says ' your going before his handdrops ' All i hear is a womens voice

  • Why don’t you put a clock in each car to measure the quarter mile time and if someone starts too early you can look up the real winner?

    • Because maybe the rs6 has a better time but just started later

  • The RS6 has 30 more hp, 200 kg lighter and yet at best it is as fast as the S8 in a drag race, makes me think the S8 power is underrated

  • Who else is waiting for mat vs Yanni running race 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • 2021 nissan gtr vs yianni liberty walk nissan gtr

  • Nothing in it reli

    • Really enjoyed this video Matt

  • Is it only me that watches Matt’s vidoes just because the car sound check

  • Hi Mat, can you please do a drag race between a BMW X5 Comp, Porsche Cayenne and a Lamborghini Urus??

  • I think the Rainbow at 2:37 won the entire competition. Thanks for playing.

  • I wonder why is it most people aren't happy with the RS6 ?

  • Hi Mat, what kind of gopros do u use i want to get myself one and i dont know which is the best option for someone who doesnt want to spend a fortune any recommendation? Thanks

  • Are they DCT?

  • It’s been two whole days.. where is Mat?! We miss him!

  • RS6 Bad

  • Ok just saw the second run The S8 is wow unbelievable

  • WTF!!!! No way come Haven’t heard any of the audio so I don’t know if the RS6 missed a gear shift or not

  • Ok haven’t even watched this yet but come on no way the S8 has a whiff of a chance

  • Mr. Mat Watson and Carwow, I want to suggest you a car for review that is Jaguar XJ a full luxuary car. Please review this car if possible. Thank You.

  • Never expected an s version to be quicker than rs

  • Really enjoyed this video Matt

  • Audi is gonna make these guys pay for all the brakes lol