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  • silly nay saying to the side this is a cool thing on its own, living in the shadow of sci-fi nuclear power scaled mind powers (the force) it will always fall short. however I think this kind of project is amazing if we consider what people could make with respect to things like pen wielders and flamethrowers (as opposed to unobtainable fictions).

  • What if you guys made the lightsaber more like a jet engine, (so you don't need the gas) and a carbine fiber battery to power it?

  • Mira...terrible magiclick.

  • Once he got to the car you could tell his inner child came out

  • *You forgot to test it with the younglings*

  • I wonder what would happen if you pointed the handle directly at someone's face and turned it on for just a second. Hmmm

  • Up the nozzle pressure, ups the static pressure around the heat transfer - you can cut things faster. You will get a longer flame extension. Its only so slow because the flames has no serious pressure

  • Beware of the military

  • Its gonna be Halloween, what would be your costume? If you don't have an answer my suggestion is a skaven from total war warhammer 2 and vermintide 2

  • what would you destroy with your lightsaber? I think we all know the answer to that

  • I’m surprised he isn’t working for the government

  • I would cut a 20 google - lego sets

  • They said it couldn't be done

  • not gonna lie, this is super dope. i'm super proud of how far you've come. i have been here for awhile. i have always wanted to do tuff like you do. you're a real big role model for me. Thank you

  • Who else noticed at 2:20 next to the door it said iron man was here? Like if so

  • My ex wife

  • 3:21 please tell me that wasn’t a real Trijicon ACOG on that airsoft gun..

  • I can kill nazis with this !


  • Mhhhh more a mix out of a lightdagger and a flame thrower:P

  • looks fun not gonna lie

  • this is so badass

  • When are these going up for sale

  • Hmm I see you cut everything slowly in the movies you would see them cutting through stuff quickly but they also sometimes did it slow like qui gon with the metal door

  • waiter: “how would you like your steak cooked sir?” me: “with a lightsaber”

  • star wars fans who have died would have loved this

  • The fact he used clips from the sequels disgusts me

  • What will our lightsaber do to meat Crispy

  • Will it go through the Fort Knox vault door? Asking for a friend.

  • Looks like a nice looking flame thrower handle really think about it a light saber needs no hose or require a back pack.lame excuses I say no progress and a f for failure.......

  • It needs to be like double the length thou

  • I can already see anarchy in the future from people using this

  • Your guys channel inspires me to keep all my eventual builds I’d like to do intact so I can build and or create things like this good job on this project

  • this is not plasma based you frigging lying hack!!

  • Pointy flame thrower

  • This man can rob any bank

  • This lightsaber was awesome, but keep working on it to make one that is truly the best humidity can produce.


  • i would love to see how another similar lightsaber would do with impacts between the two.

  • Okay for real, how much would this cost?


  • looks more like the ghostbusters weapon

  • Waiter how would you like your stake weird man um medium rare waiter how about burnt waiter grabbing plasma light sabrer

  • Not a lightsaber...


  • Top 10 Banned weapon in war 1.

  • since we got our first jedi, its only a matter of time before the first sith appears

  • 8:49 he looks like the villain from spy kids 4 lmao

  • What would the Hacksmith crew do if actual government officials came to them and asked to buy some of their stuff? Also, I know it's not really possible but could you try swing cutting things like in the movies? Like try cutting the styrofoam head off like you would with a sword :0

  • Me wondering how much of the sound of it is the actual saber and how much is just sound effects

  • That is awesome but I think it will be a couple of years before we are been able to make a real REAL lightsaber. Unfortunately, as cool as it was, it is still more fire and isn't solid enough.

  • Imagine someone gonna break into ur car while ur in it and he whips out a fucken lightsaber

  • It’s not a light sabers I’m sorry my guy

  • 7:30 Snokes origin story 👀

  • Thermite: "It's about to get hot"

  • 10:35 That’s what she said

  • Brings a car Starts to incinerate part of it Uhm, did I remember to remove the fuel?

  • Can you try slashing things in the lightsaber

  • Wouldn’t mind to have that lightsaber and or the stormtrooper helmet 😂😂😂

  • Next you should try to make a real life plasma kamehameha

  • The military could legitimitly use this as a breaching tool

  • How are you not afraid of that thing, thats dangerous af and you wear almost no protection

  • its a lightshort sword short sword

  • This is too beautiful

  • Will you make another one and test the lightsabers against each other, or is that too dangerous? While getting through blast doors is neat, the actual ultimate test would be if two lightsabers could be used in combat.

  • Imagine what will we will be able to build in 100 years, I believe we will make it completely real

  • Imagine the bill he had to pay the fire marshal 😂

  • James how do you read literally all of the comments

  • The only thing missing is the force-field which grants the lightsaber its defensive capabilities. You guys do some great work.

  • technically its a proto saber, but i don't care, its still awesome


  • Just a fancy welding machine with added sound effects

  • 3:40 I like my steak medium rare.

  • Why he hit the bottom door 🚪 n is split in 2 n he when tru the top side of the door!??.. lol

  • thermite go brrrrrrrrr

  • Cool !!! :D ddddd

  • I would destroy a toilet

  • Hat a light saber do to flesh ? Me: a nicely cooked beef it would

  • Challenge for rusty cage: play the knife game with this

  • 😯🤐🥶😶😶😶

  • Now make it hotter

  • Robber:give me all ur money: the hacksmith *lightsaber activates* robber:😅 i was just leaving

  • Now all I need you need is to make a lightsaber 10 times more powerful than your current one and you'll have one that works just like in the movies! Please do it I'd love to see it!

    • @J.P he had to use a giant ass backpack to use the lightsaber for 5 minutes. A true lightsaber from the movies that's handheld won't be done for another couple of decades.

    • @Maniac Ninja the same way you are saying my request is impossible Star wars said that a lightsaber is impossible, if the proto saber he made is as good as the one Star wars would predict would happen light years in the future then my idea no longer sounds too insane anymore, does it? I just phrased that in the worst way I possibly could didn't I lol

    • @Bruh Lit he can't just increase the power of it?

    • I would say to get an actual movie like lightsaber then we would need another 40 years. Or maybe 30

    • I don't think your realizing what your asking. 10x would be almost impossible, unless Tesla sponsored him, or he gets a million dollar budget. This is amazing for our times! HE MADE A PROTO SABER! That's light years ahead of Star Wars' actual prediction.

  • "cutting" the ribs reminds me of the cookie tumblr post "I WILL HARNESS THE POWER OF THE SUN TO BAKE THESE COOKIES" Btw, it's less of a light"saber" and more of a light"shortsword"

  • its just a flame thrower

    • If you want an actual lightsaber from the movies your gonna have to wait another 50 years. And considering our limiting technology currently they did an amazing job at creating a proto saber.

    • You kidding? the fact they can channel a plasma beam of that magnitude into a hand held device? It's a plasma blade at the worst at the least!

  • Ok so you made a flame flower that has a focus beam ?

    • If you want an actual lightsaber from the movies your gonna have to wait another 50 years. And considering our limiting technology currently they did an amazing job at creating a proto saber.

  • 2:14 When Jedi lose their keys

  • Why is the burning actually scarier than an actual lightsaber

  • Imagen breaking into that place and then the lights are off and you just see a guy with that

  • Hey hack smith go check out shield labs on Instagram they have shields for more of your vids

  • 2:58 LOL

  • What happens if you swing it

    • Proabably not that much, if you swing it fast against your friend they would get a severe burn but as long as it's just a swing they should be fine.

  • WHAT ? You guys are in Kitchener? I'm right around the corner! haha Awesome

  • Dry Ice

  • 6:52 the lightsaber is breaking all the backboards - rename it the ShaqSaber

  • Hacksmith: Internet: They are still getting through... Internet: This is impossible!

  • Use the force my son 🧔

  • why did you chose propane over something like oxy-acetylene?

  • You NEED to team up with Slo Mo Guys to see some of the destruction in super slow motion! O_O Window shattering by light saber? Yes please!

  • Thaf lightsaber is like Kylo rens lightsaber Becuz it’s so unstable